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Current Roster

Brian Robb
Brian Robb (@BrianTRobb) is the co-founder of CelticsHub. He’s currently the Celtics beat reporter at the Boston Sports Journal, a new startup subscription based site.

bioClover2Ryan Bernardoni
Ryan Bernardoni (@dangercart) came to CelticsHub after four years as a moderator on Celtics Reddit. He took over as Editor-in-chief of CelticsHub in 2017. He also maintains an NBA cap tool at roster-builder.com and might be a cat.

Brendan Jackson
Senior Editor
Brendan Jackson (@jacksobd) has been writing at CelticsHub since April of 2009. He has also written for Elle.com, ESPN.com, and SI.com. He was the starting shooting guard for the National University of Ireland, Galway men’s basketball team in 2007. He played in one preseason game: a loss to Limerick.

bioClover2Graham Allen
Staff Writer
Graham joined Celtics Hub at the end of the 2016-17 season. His writing focuses on the statistical side of basketball, though shockingly he enjoys watching it as well. You can follow him on twitter (@grrraaahhhaaamm).

bioClover2Jesse Alling
Staff Writer
Jesse Alling (@JesseAlling) has been a contributor and staff writer for CelticsHub since 2014. He started watching during the Chris Ford and ML Carr eras, so you know he’s seen some things.

nickNick Altschuller
Staff Writer
Nick Altschuller (@altschuller) is a freelance writer and editor. His work has appeared in Esquire, Men’s Journal and Maxim. He has contributed to CelticsHub for 3 years

Griffin Connolly
Staff Writer
Griffin Connolly (@griffinconnolly) covers the U.S. Congress for Roll Call in Washington, D.C. He’s desperately trying to avoid becoming a boring person, so he’s writing for Celtics Hub, too.


Christopher Covey
Staff Writer
Christopher grew up just north of Boston but now lives in enemy territory in Brooklyn, NY, with his cat, Fenway. His short stories are published in several other places online, and he’s on twitter from time to time @cecovey_.

Dustin Lewis 
Staff Writer
Dustin Lewis (@Dussttin) is a student at Florida State University who is majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media. He has an unhealthy obsession with Marcus Smart’s FG% and Terry Rozier’s inability to connect on alley-oops. Lewis is  also the lead writer for NoleGameday and contributes to the FSView with a focus on sports.


Ryan Mahanna 
Deputy Editor
Ryan Mahanna (@RyanMahannaNBA) has been staff writer for CelticsHub since 2017. He will be covering a little bit of everything, with a focus on the NBA draft. Ryan once played blackjack at a table with Ricky Davis, he hasn’t been the same since.


Daniel Poarch 
Staff Writer
Daniel (@DanielfromSport) joined CelticsHub in 2017 and also covers the Red Sox for Baseball Prospectus Boston. He owns shirts for Daniel Nava and Guerschon Yabusele, because if there are two things he loves, it’s Boston sports and obscure athletes. He will never buy into the Wizards.


Bryan Rafferty 
Staff Writer
Bryan (@Ralfzilla) joined the CelticsHub staff during the 2016-17 regular season.


Sam Sheehan 
Staff Writer
Sam (@SamSheehan) is a self-proclaimed expert of floor stats and salary cap enthusiast. Former teenager. Co-Host of The Scorching Shamrocks Podcast on CLNS Radio. Regular on the Celtics Roundtable.


Cameron Tabatabaie
Staff Writer
Cameron (@CTabatabaie) has been covering the Celtics since 2014, and is a native to Boston. His favorite NBA player of all-time is Rasheed Wallace, and his favorite play is the base line cut.

Notable Alumni

Zach Lowe

Michael Pina
(Vice Sports)

Hayes Davenport
(TV Writer)

Ryan DeGama

Tom Westerholm

Jordan Greer
(Sporting News)

Griffin Connolly (Politico)