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Report: Rajon Rondo Wanting To Be Traded “Doesn’t Matter”

As a blogger/writer who covers the Celtics extensively, I want to give Jackie MacMullan (and MassLive’s Jay King, who unearthed the video clip) a big thank you for giving us something to write about on September 2 with the Rajon Rondo news. A search for Celtics news other than Rajon Rondo at the moment turns up results such as realignment updates for the Keizer Celtics of Oregon and football preseason stories about the Trinity Celtics of Hutchinson, Kansas. It’s a dead time of year.

Unfortunately, the Rondo rumors — as juicy as they are for bloggers who cover the team in all of its minutiae — aren’t likely to amount to anything. Not unlike, for example, every other Rondo trade rumor that’s ever existed.


“It doesn’t matter if he wants to be traded,” said Ryan. “They’re not trading him. He’s not tradable right now.  Nobody’s seen him play and that’s that.  If he is traded, it will be at the trading deadline.”

“You can’t trade him until somebody has looked at him and see what you’re getting. Because it certainly was inconclusive based on what we saw at the end of last year.”

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Rajon Rondo and His Agent Deny Report of Trade Request

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 11.21.04 PMJust hours after a video report surfaced that claimed Rajon Rondo wanted a trade out of Boston, the Celtics star point guard and his representatives reached out to reporters to dispute that report.

Mark Murphy of The Boston Herald has the statement from Rondo’s reps late Sunday night:

A spokeswoman for Duffy’s agency said that both men have discussed the reports, and publicly deny that any such request was made.

“Neither Bill nor Rajon know where this has come from, but it didn’t come from them,” Alyson Furch said in a text tonight. “They want this on the record. Neither has spoken to anyone about this.”

The video of Jackie MacMullan’s comments on Around The Horn about Rondo “wanting out” of Boston has been removed from YouTube.

In what should be an interesting season of twists and turns surrounding the fate of Rondo as a member of the Celtics, the point guard’s statement Sunday should be an indication that he will be on the Celtics for at least the start of the 2014-15 season.

What happens from there will largely depend on how Danny Ainge wants to map out the rest of the team’s rebuild.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops in the coming days.



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Rajon Rondo Wants Out of Boston, According to Jackie MacMullan

Rajon-Rondo-Annual-Salary-and-His-Net-WorthNothing like a little trade report at the end of August to shake things up on the Rajon Rondo front. This latest tidbit is from an edition of Around The Horn on Wednesday afternoon. On the preshow, Jackie MacMullan and Frank Isola were discussing who would be the next star to be moved now that Kevin Love has been dealt. MacMullan, as was pointed out first by our friend Jay King over at MassLive.com, dropped a big nugget about Rondo’s wishes.

“Oh, I hope so,” MacMullan said of whether Rondo would be next to move. “Just get it done. And it will happen because [Rondo’s] told them he wants out. And no one believes me, but that’s the truth. I don’t see how you get 80 cents on the dollar for him. Tell me where.”

You can watch the full video clip after the jump. We’ll have plenty of more analysis on the impact of the rumor later today, but as you might imagine this might have a drastic impact on Boston’s rebuilding plans, if true. Read the rest of this entry »

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What Are The Celtics Going to Do With Keith Bogans?

imgresLast year, Keith Bogans was one of the highest paid bench warmers in the NBA, earning $5 million dollars for the season to sit on the end of the Celtics’ bench. C’s fans should harbor no ill will towards him for this. His agreement to a sign-and-trade deal enabled the Celtics to go through with the blockbuster deal involving Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett that helped them land three first round picks.

Nearly eight months after being sent home by Danny Ainge in the middle of the season, Bogans is still somewhat surprisingly on the roster. What do the Celtics plan on doing with the veteran swingman? I explored the likely possibilities in a column for CBS Boston:

Even though Ainge sent Bogans away from the team, he was still kept on the roster for one distinct reason: the former Kentucky star was signed to a three-year deal last summer, but the final two years on the deal were fully non-guaranteed. Thanks to those terms, starting on July 1st (the start of the NBA calendar) Bogans became a $5.3 million trade chip for Boston.

In essence, Bogans could be used in any deal as salary filler/relief, allowing any potential new team to waive him at no cost to their salary cap once Boston traded him away. Read the rest of this entry »

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Could Boston Celtics afford to give Rajon Rondo a max contract?

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 11.21.04 PM

After reports surfaced that Rajon Rondo wanted a five-year, $100 million deal, it was widely assumed that the Celtics would decline to re-sign him if he wanted the mega-max contract he would be eligible for. At first glance, Rondo’s prime doesn’t seem to mesh very well with Boston’s rebuilding window. Why sign a max-contract player if you won’t be able to field a competitive team?

I gave it some consideration over at MassLive, where I’ve been filling in for the vacationing Jay King:

“It’s unlikely the Celtics will have to give Rondo the super-max five-year, $100 million deal he reportedly asked for earlier this year. But for the sake of argument, let’s examine what would happen if they did. How capped out would they be long-term?

It’s actually not as bad as one might think. Giving Rondo the super-max would essentially end Boston’s summer of 2015, but Rondo is a top free agent in that class. As mouth-watering as Marc Gasol’s two-way scoring and rim-protecting talents would be on Boston’s center-deprived roster, he’s not coming to Boston anyway.

Per Shamsports.com, Boston could pay Rondo his $100 million deal and get itself down to $66.694 million (before signing its 2015 rookies). That’s assuming Rondo’s deal isn’t back-loaded, which it very well might be — Boston would much rather pay him $23 million in the first year before the cap rises, as it’s projected to do wildly over the next few years.

Keith Bogans’ $5.5 million deal is extremely unlikely to last the length of this year, and by waiving Vitor Faverani’s non-guaranteed contract, the Celtics could get themselves down to roughly $41.7 million before signing Rondo. Jeff Green can opt out of his contract next summer ($9.2 million), but it’s not wise to bank on that possibility. The projected cap is $66.5 million for 2015-16, with a tax level of $81.0 million. Since the Celtics would be re-signing Rondo with Bird rights, and since they would be under the $81 million tax level even if Jeff Green didn’t opt out, they would be able to avoid paying the luxury tax. That’s important — when Boston gets good again, it would rather avoid paying the hefty repeater tax. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sunday Notebook: Rajon Rondo Visits China, Avery Bradley Opens Up


A few odds and ends to tide you over here as we deal with the dog days of the NBA offseason here.

We’ll to start with the travels of Rajon Rondo. Our friends at Red’s Army pointed out that the point guard has made the trek over to China for a week’s worth of activities starting today:

Rajon will spend nine days in China. While there, he’ll hold “Control Camp”-a point guard driven clinic sponsored by Anta. It will be attended by boys & girls who qualified by going through a series of competitions that measured their hoops skills. He’ll also visit Yao Ming’s camp, check in on the development of his second signature shoe at Anta’s Chinese headquarters and see the Great Wall.

You can check out more about Rondo’s trip over at Red’s Army

Over at the Boston Globe today, Gary Washburn had a nice piece on Avery Bradley reflecting on his new contract, taking on more of a leadership role with the Celtics and much more. Here is one of the more interesting excerpts with Bradley talking about the possibility of making the postseason for the Celtics next year: Read the rest of this entry »

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Who Will Be The Celtics’ Biggest Underachiever Next Season?

Over at ESPN Boston, Celtics Hub’s writers have been participating in the Summer Forecast series hosted every year by our good friend Chris Forsberg. Forsberg’s questions are generally a fun glimpse into how the Celtics’ blogosphere projects the upcoming season to go.

Here are my thoughts on the Celtics’ biggest underachiever next season:

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 1.22.13 PMThere are a lot of other options here. I mentioned Jeff Green, who underachieved so hard last season it’s hard to imagine him continuing to fall. Similarly, Evan Turner is likely to disappoint, at least to the people who expect 18-points-per-game-with-Philly Evan Turner to show up in a much slower offensive system that focuses on other players. Marcus Smart is a dark-horse candidate, if only because we’ve built up our expectations pretty high — perhaps unfairly so. Tyler Zeller, who averaged 15 minutes per game last year, is somehow being hailed as a potential starter. Kelly Olynyk and Jared Sullinger both took steps last year, but there’s no guarantee they’ll continue to do so as teams improve their scouting reports. There’s all kinds of potential disappointment on the 2014-15 Celtics. Read the rest of this entry »

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Marcus Smart Throws Out First Pitch at Fenway Park

r620-dccde96bdfad7f33cd227b95a0e03722Marcus Smart has seemingly done it all this summer. Playing in Orlando Summer League. Playing with the US Select Team in Las Vegas. Now he can add another impressive item to his resume. First pitch honors at Fenway Park.

The no. 6 overall draft pick got the call from the bullpen to take in the honors during Saturday night’s game at Fenway Park. Our buddy Jimmy Toscano from CSNNE.com was on the scene and gave us a full rundown of the evening.

Smart and Patriots rookie Dominique Easley threw out the ceremonial first pitch before Saturday night’s game between the Red Sox and Houston Astros.

Smart fired the pitch in without a problem, but chances are he’s going to stick to his current day job.

“I used to play [baseball] just to play,” Smart told CSNNE.com while sitting in the Red Sox dugout. “I was a baseball fan when I was little growing up, but obviously as you grow older, things change. I still like baseball, I still watch it, I’m just not a diehard fan.”

This was his first trip to Fenway Park, and one of the only real landmarks he’s seen in Boston so far.

“First time. This is incredible,’ Smart said. “First time, there’s nothing like it.”

Smart also talked about his experience playing with the US Select Team with Toscano: Read the rest of this entry »

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CelticsHub Podcast: How’s your rebuild?

nba_g_grouspagli_600It’s August.

Are you still thinking about basketball? We are.

Brendan and I kicked off a new edition of the CelticsHub podcast with this look at the state of the Celtics rebuild, with digressions into LeBron James’ move to Cleveland, Paul Pierce’s jump to the Washington Wizards, gratuitous references to Canada, and why Brendan owes Michael Olowakandi an apology. We actually recorded this last week so you’ll also hear a little in-the-moment commentary about Vitor Faverani’s brush with the law.

We’ll have future episodes of the podcast up on Itunes, but for now check out this Soundcloud link.



Spanish tomato festival

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Boston Celtics 2014-15 Schedule Released

The Celtics’ 2014-15 regular season schedule has been released, and it looks…largely like every other member of the Atlantic Conference’s regular season schedule. There will be some back-to-backs, there will be a lot of games against the Knicks, Nets, Raptors and 76ers, and it’s likely there will be a lot of losses.

If you are interested in a PDF version of the schedule, you can find that here. A few highlights are broken down below:

Opening Day: Brooklyn. 

When the Celtics are this bad, the only team that holds any real significance for them is Brooklyn, so it’s not a surprise that Boston will open up against the Nets on October 29. It certainly won’t hold the same emotional weight — Paul Pierce has moved on to Washington, and Boston is one year away from getting Brooklyn’s lottery pick, so the only thing tying the Nets to the Celtics is KG. Don’t get me wrong; Garnett was a huge part of this organization, and I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping only for the best for him going forward, but after seeing him play in Brooklyn for an entire season, it’s not quite as impactful when he returns to Boston as an opponent.

November 14: Cleveland (in Boston). Read the rest of this entry »

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