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Morning Notebook: Rondo’s Return, Walter McCarty Charged, More

Whether or not Rajon Rondo is the starting point guard for the Celtics on opening night, it’s looking more and more like the time he’ll miss with his broken left hand is going to be extremely limited.

On Thursday, Brad Stevens told media that Rondo is “more ready to go than not.”

From Chris Forsberg over at ESPN Boston:

Rondo is ramping up his contact activities this week and the team has not ruled out the potential that their All-Star point guard could be ready for the start of the 2014-15 season. Ultimately, that call lies with the team’s medical staff, who are expected to reevaluate how the bone in Rondo’s left hand is healing early next week.

“It’s not my call, that’s the way I look at it,” said Stevens. “When [team trainer] Ed [Lacerte] tells me that someone is ready to play, that’s the go-ahead to let them play. And I wouldn’t rush it. I would not be up here and say, ‘We really need this person on Tuesday night.’ It’s just the way it goes. I’m the son of a doctor, I get it. I realize I don’t know a lot when it comes to medicine. I let them do their job and they do a great job.”

Again, I’m not sure how much the exact timing matters here, except that it would be really nice to see Rondo in action on opening night. If he isn’t back against Brooklyn on Wednesday, he might be back next Saturday against the Rockets or Monday against the Mavericks. No matter when he comes back, it’s clearly going to be a huge boost for Boston’s lineup, and it’s excellent to hear that his recovery is progressing quickly.

Not that’s it’s news that Rondo is a tough guy. This is the same point guard who once bent his elbow entirely the wrong way and finished a high-pressure postseason game playing with one arm. A broken non-shooting hand? I’m surprised he even sat out the preseason.

Walter McCarty arraigned on a larceny charge

Um. Oh? Read the rest of this entry »

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Marcus Smart, Boston Celtics Are Moving The Ball Much Better

Jared Sullinger has been arguably the biggest story of the preseason, with his perfect balance of rebounding, banging around the rim and 3-point shooting, but Jay King of MassLive has an interesting story up about Boston’s massively improved ball movement — a less-obvious but perhaps equally encouraging development.

“I just thought we played as individuals (last year),” (Sullinger) told MassLive.com last week after a practice in Brooklyn. “Everybody was out there trying to get theirs.”


Sullinger goes on to say that Boston’s preseason play has been a big upgrade. There’s a lot in that story worth checking out, and toward the end, Gerald Wallace gets in on the action.

“I just see growth,” (Wallace) said. “I think growth with the coaching staff, growth with the players and the team we have.”

Boston’s locker room always looked remarkably upbeat and positive last season, given the team’s struggles, but it’s fascinating to hear that Sullinger was frustrated with last year’s ball movement especially when you see the way this year’s team has been passing and running the floor.

Last night’s game against Brooklyn featured several sequences that demonstrated this nicely, but perhaps none were more indicative than midway through the second quarter when the Celtics really began to play the way Brad Stevens seems to be planning for the 2014-15 season.

Start at 2:00 mark in the video below. Read the rest of this entry »

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Three Things We Liked/Disliked From Boston’s 100-86 Preseason Win Over Brooklyn

As we bid the 2014-15 preseason farewell, let’s take a look back at yet another entertaining win.

Three Things We Liked

1. Jared Sullinger: Who are you?

I have a request from Celtics fans as the season approaches: Can we avoid comparisons?

See, it’s really easy to laugh at overly optimistic fans, especially overly optimistic fans of teams with massive, nationwide fan bases. Search “Kelly Olynyk is the next Dirk Nowitzki!” on Twitter, and you’ll find results. Search “Ryan Kelly is the next Dirk Nowitzki!” on Twitter, and you’ll find results. These are ridiculous, half-baked comparisons with little-to-no basis in reality and a lot of basis in absurd optimism.

The biggest problem with these comparisons is that they raise expectations completely unrealistically. For instance, if I said “Wow, Jared Sullinger’s ceiling is Kevin Love!”, basketball Twitter as a whole would (correctly) scoff at me and click away from this recap. PLEASE DON’T CLICK AWAY FROM MY RECAP. Read the rest of this entry »

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Draft Lottery Reform Does Not Pass; Boston Celtics Voted In Favor


At today’s Board of Governors meeting, owners voted down NBA draft lottery reform. Proponents of changing the system to discourage losing as much as possible got just 17 votes — more than half, but not enough to meet the required 23 necessary to make the switch midseason.

This was a shocker.

Yesterday, both Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe — arguably the two most reliable reporters in the game at the moment — both had sources telling them that the lottery reform was a done deal. The only teams who were allegedly supporting the current system weren’t much of a surprise: Philadelphia and Oklahoma City. Philadelphia, of course, wants to keep its draft lottery odds in the short term as high as possible. Oklahoma City, meanwhile, has had a ton of success tanking and is potentially looking ahead to a future without Kevin Durant.

Everyone else, it seemed, was fed up with Philadelphia’s crap. Apparently, though, they weren’t fed up enough to make such a quick decision on the change. Read the rest of this entry »

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Celtics Rank 24th in NBA League Pass Rankings

1200_brad_stevens-9971Get excited boys and girls…the Celtics rank 24th in NBA League Pass rankings! That’s the “honor” old friend and CelticsHub alumnus Zach Lowe joined forces with Bill Simmons on Tuesday to hand to Boston as they released Part I of their annual League Pass column on Grantland where they decipher the most enjoyable teams to watch on a regular basis throughout the season. Seeing as both are very informed Celtic observers, the back-and-forth on Boston is certainly worth our attention. Here’s the exchange:

Simmons: Our most shocking League Pass Rankings moment other than us nearly getting into an online fistfight about Charlotte — you gave the Celts more League Pass points than I did! I gave them 21, you gave them 23. I lost some major homer cred here.

Lowe: This is called “Bill comes to his senses.” You rated Boston above the Spurs last year.

Simmons: You promised me you’d never bring that up again.

Lowe: Honestly, it was hard to forgive you. But, hey, Boston looks kind of feisty in the preseason, with all the perimeter defense, Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk gunning 3s, and some other fun things! Add Rondo, a great court, and the right dose of Tommy Heinsohn, and they could be watchable, right? Read the rest of this entry »

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Celtics Waive Tim Frazier, Christian Watford, Erik Murphy and Rodney McGruder

The Celtics locker room just got a little bit less crowded ahead of the team’s opener next week. Brad Stevens told reporters today in Waltham that the team will let go Tim Frazier, Christian Watford, Erik Murphy and Rodney McGruder.

Frazier might actually be sticking around for an extra day to play some minutes since Stevens plans on holding back the starters from a full night of work against Brooklyn.

“We’re going to keep Tim through tomorrow night,” Stevens explained, “And he knows that, because of potential minutes tomorrow night. But all four of those guys will be waived and they’ve been great. I wish I didn’t have to waive them, they’ve been great teammates, they’ve put in extra work, they’ve come back in small groups and worked. But a couple of them had made mention that they’ve gotten better and that makes me feel good. They were all real professionals about it. I will root for them for sure.”

That brings the Celtics roster down to 16 players. With Will Bynum likely to be the odd man out in an upcoming trade this week, rookie Dwight Powell’s roster spot appears to be safe for the time being.

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Brad Stevens Says Rajon Rondo Could Return For Opening Night

We’ve pretty well established here on Celtics Hub that our hopes are not high for Boston being a playoff team in 2014-15, but as fans and writers, we are still going to have to suffer through 82 games, no matter how many are wins and losses.

For those of you who, like me, plan to watch every minute of the Celtics season, the news out of practice today was fantastic: Rajon Rondo is progressing well and might even be ready to go on opening night.

Here’s CSNNE’s A. Sherrod Blakely:

There’s a legitimate possibility that the four-time All-Star will be healed in time to play in the Celtics’ season opener against Brooklyn on Oct. 29.

Rondo recently had additional tests taken on his hand, with the results showing the broken bone was continuing to heal properly.

“He won’t do any contact before the end of the week, but there’s a chance he could be cleared to do some stuff by the end of the week,” said coach Brad Stevens.

This would be awesome. Read the rest of this entry »

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Three (Abbreviated) Things We Liked/Disliked from Boston’s 95-90 Preseason Win Over Brooklyn

In honor of the 44-minute game experiment Boston and Brooklyn participated in on Sunday, this recap has been adjusted accordingly.

Three Things We Liked

1. Jared Sullinger was DESTRUCTIVE around the.

We know that if Sully can knock down 3-pointers this season, opposing defenses will struggle to guard. If he can continue to mix in his penchant for offensive rebounds with long-range shooting, he’ll be deadly both in the paint and behind the 3-point. That kind of versatility will be.

2. Can Brandon Bass hit corner?

Okay, so the sample size (one 3-pointer with the clock winding down) is limited, to say the. But at media day, Bass said he worked on corner 3-pointers over the summer, and if he can knock them down with any kind of consistency, a contender would really benefit from acquiring. Nobody is going to offer up a first-round pick, but perhaps the Celtics could wrangle something else of value while simultaneously giving Bass a chance to succeed on a better. Read the rest of this entry »

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Takeaways From A 44 Minute Win for the Celtics

Jared-Sullinger-600x354[1]I had a great plan to title this post “44 minutes of Hell” based upon the name of Nolan Richardson’s vaunted full-court press, which doubles as the name my intramural basketball team with fellow contributor Brendan Jackson. However the Celtics had to ruin that bulletproof plan by coming back from a 17-point second half deficit Sunday after night and taking home a 95-90 win over the Brooklyn Nets.

Beyond that mild personal disappointment, there was plenty to like in this affair from a Celtics standpoint after an ugly first half where the visitors failed to show up on the offensive end. From that point, a combination of Jared Sullinger (21 points, 19 rebounds), Marcus Smart (impressive defense and some outside shooting off the bench), and Brandon Bass (hello, corner three-pointer) help the Celtics put together their second straight preseason win.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Report: Boston Celtics “Likely” To Waive Will Bynum

Update: Steve Bulpett says Bynum is the odd man out, but that the Celtics will explore a couple of options in an effort to keep him.

The Celtics were never likely to keep Will Bynum, given their massive logjam at the guard positions. Even if they waived Phil Pressey (which would have cost less money in the short term) to keep him, Bynum was going to be gone sooner or later.

Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe is reporting that Bynum is likely to be gone sooner.

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge and guard Will Bynum are expected to meet on Saturday, according to two NBA sources, and the team is likely to waive Bynum, who was acquired Friday from the Detroit Pistons.

Bynum, 31, is in Boston and will take his physical before he and his representatives meet with Ainge. NBA sources said the Celtics are content with their point guard lineup of Rajon Rondo, Marcus Smart, and Phil Pressey, leaving Bynum out of the equation.

No surprises here. The Celtics got themselves more comfortably under the tax with the deal that sent Joel Anthony to Detroit, but Bynum has absolutely no practical use for the Celtics. He’s certainly not going to earn a new contract sitting on the bench for the Celtics, so for both parties, it makes a lot of sense for this waiver to happen. Read the rest of this entry »

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