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The likely has happened; Greg Monroe is officially a Boston Celtic. Monroe has tormented the Cs over the years and now he is a part of the gang. Choosing Boston over New Orleans, Monroe got more money and a chance to be a part of serious playoff contender. He may have gotten more playing time with the Pelicans, but he smartly decided to go with quality over quantity in Boston and bask in the glow of the Brad Stevens’ shine. Monroe needs to remind the basketball world that he is a talented and skilled big man who is more than just a low post tree stump. Yes, his low post isolation scoring and rebounding will come in handy, but what I’m really excited about is the rejuvenation we will see as he eases into a ball movement offense. Monroe played in the Princeton offense at Georgetown under John Thompson III and thrived. Do these actions look familiar?





























Split screens, back screens, hand-offs, back cuts and hi-lows. All the good stuff! The Princeton offense and it’s interchangeable parts is the forefather of positionless basketball and it’s DNA is on display every night the Celtics take the court. We have spent the last 1.5 years marveling at Al Horford’s passing and offensive IQ when he’s on the court and often cringing at what we see when he’s on the bench. I think Greg Monroe will not only provide some bench scoring and rebounding, but he will also be able to fill some of the play-making void when Horford is off the court. And when he is on the court with Horford the Celtics will have a real 4/5 combination that is both traditional and modern. Monroe is not some Jahlil Okafor, basketball dinosaur-type. Need a reminder? Here.









































There’s no down-side to adding Greg Monroe to this roster and I actually think it’s going to be even better than were can imagine. The Moose is loose!




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