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The Celtics extended their league best winning streak to six against the Kings, who are very bad and have no good players and traded the runner-up for 1/10th of the season MVP for a player who now comes off the bench. The Celtics own the Kings pick next season if they don’t get the Lakers pick this season, which seems good.

Quick thoughts from my first game at the Garden this season:


  • Jaylen Brown had a great night making basically everything and also grabbing some rebounds. Catch-and-shoot corner threes are very much Jaylen’s friend. He’s also threw down a dunk where it looked like he was going to lay it in and then realized he was at the rim so just dunked it.
  • Semi Ojeleye continued to impress expanding his game from defending like a brick house and missing threes to defending like a brick house and making threes.
  • Marcus Morris is going to bounce someone from the rotation who probably deserves to be playing. Thankfully Brad Stevens is good at managing these things. Where other coaches get so stuck in a rotation that they bury players and then their team doesn’t pick up their rookie options, Brad finds a way to keep everyone involved.
  • Jayson Tatum had his second consecutive quiet game after a nice start. He never looks out of place, though.
  • Kyrie and Al did Kyrie and Al things but they were playing the Kings so it seems unfair to bring them up too much.
  • Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier have to be one of the best bench back courts in the league. They got sloppy in extended garbage time but both are playing with confidence and have such versatile games.
  • Daniel Theis is going to have a nice NBA career and getting him for the minimum is good this year but may be legitimately important next year when the luxury tax will add up.


  • Seeing Z-Bo in purple is weird but seeing Z-Bo at all is always a treat. He couldn’t maintain it for a whole game, but his old school bully game gave Horford more problems on a few possessions than basically anyone has this year.
  • I was impressed by literally no one on the Kings.
  • The Kings signed some veterans to get better this season and it hasn’t worked. That means they won’t do it next season. They’re going to be bad. If the Celtics don’t get the Lakers pick this year, next season I’ll be more worried about the Kings landing at the #1 pick and the Sixers keeping it than the Kings being good and sending a middling pick.

This game was a walk in the park (Garden?) but moving on from the Hayward injury this quickly was not. It’s a tenth of the season, but the Celtics have the best record in the NBA.

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Ryan Bernardoni

Ryan Bernardoni came to Celtics Hub following a bloody coup that ousted him from his previous position as overlord of Celtics Reddit. His blogging focuses on the salary cap and team planning but every once in a while he lets it slip that he actually freaks out during every game.
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  • David Anthopoulos

    “I was impressed by literally no one on the Kings.” The quick De’Aaron Fox looked good stripping the quick Rozier on a steal. Fox continues to look like a player with a future to me, and at least I was impressed. Surprised I am the first commenter here–there are a good 150 comments on the Celticsblog game summary…

    • Ryan Bernardoni

      Fox has potential, but he wasn’t good in this game. Hield made some shots too, but was getting burned on defense every trip before the 4th quarter.

      CelticsBlog is much bigger… I don’t think that’s a secret.

      • David Anthopoulos

        It was a secret to me, as I’m ‘stranded’ here in LA. You write great articles, and I don’t think that their blog is 1 or 2 hundred times better, to say the least. More frequent and varied articles on their site, though.