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Sunday Notebook: Rajon Rondo Visits China, Avery Bradley Opens Up


A few odds and ends to tide you over here as we deal with the dog days of the NBA offseason here.

We’ll to start with the travels of Rajon Rondo. Our friends at Red’s Army pointed out that the point guard has made the trek over to China for a week’s worth of activities starting today:

Rajon will spend nine days in China. While there, he’ll hold “Control Camp”-a point guard driven clinic sponsored by Anta. It will be attended by boys & girls who qualified by going through a series of competitions that measured their hoops skills. He’ll also visit Yao Ming’s camp, check in on the development of his second signature shoe at Anta’s Chinese headquarters and see the Great Wall.

You can check out more about Rondo’s trip over at Red’s Army

Over at the Boston Globe today, Gary Washburn had a nice piece on Avery Bradley reflecting on his new contract, taking on more of a leadership role with the Celtics and much more. Here is one of the more interesting excerpts with Bradley talking about the possibility of making the postseason for the Celtics next year:

“I just remember I had a decision to stay in my second home, really,” he said. “I’ve been living here for four years and I love playing under [president of basketball operations] Danny Ainge and [coach] BradStevens. It was a no-brainer. They were the first team that called. We had other calls but Boston, I knew I was coming back here.”

And the thought of sharing the backcourt with Rondo — now that both players are completely healthy, with Rondo spending much of last season recovering from a torn right ACL — is exciting to Bradley.

“A lot of people might say we can’t be this or we can’t be that but I feel like with the coach we have, we can be anything we want to be,” Bradley said. “We all just have to listen to him and buy into what he’s trying to do, his plan for us. I feel like we have a chance to make the playoffs and to make a lot of noise this year, if we listen to Brad.

“I feel like we have a chance to be a top-10 defensive team in the NBA this year. We’re all fired up. Jeff Green as well. We’re all excited about this season. We have a lot of good additions.”

Finally, our very own Tom Westerholm is doing some fine work over at MassLive this week covering the C’s for a vacationing Jay King. Here’s an excerpt of a great interview he had with Celtics assistant coach Walter McCarty over the weekend.

MassLive: Avery Bradley told reporters yesterday he thinks the team can make the playoffs. Is that a realistic goal for next year?

McCarty: It’s definitely a realistic goal. We have really good pieces, and if we can come together early and get our beginning stuff, our foundation, how we want to play, I think it’s a very achievable goal.

MassLive: What specifically needs to come together right away?

McCarty: We have to turn the ball over less. We have to be more successful on our fast breaks. We have to be better at defending the fast break, and we have to shoot the ball better. It sounds easy, but it’s not. But if we can get better in all those areas, we could be a playoff team.

MassLive: You were in Orlando for Summer League. What were your impressions of Marcus Smart?

McCarty: I thought he did a really good job. It gave us an opportunity to see what he can do, what he needs to grow into, but he did some real nice things, and we were very happy with him. He’s a worker, and I think he’s going to have a tremendous first season.

You can check out the full interview at MassLive by clicking here

  • hax

    Even with the expected improvement of everyone under 30, I have them 11th in the East.

    But may as well be optimistic. Brad is like Pop in keeping guys fresh. We have depth at every position except Center. But even then, we could work a Zeller-Sully front court, with KO-Bass off the bench. We can keep guys fresh and healthy all year, and play hard while other teams are slacking off waiting for the playoffs, or just down that they’re out of contention already. A consistent JG8, consistent Bradley, and improved shooting Rondo are all ‘all-star’ caliber players. A coach who got his ‘learning’ year out of the way.


    • Robert

      Regarding rim protection: It’s not so much the centers I worry about when it comes to offense at the rim, it’s all the perimeter guys slashing into the lane. This is where the investment in Smart, Young, and Bradley hopefully pays off. We’re not going to stop teams at the rim, so we’re going to have to stop opposing guards from beating us off the dribble.

      • hax

        Good point :)

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