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Boston Celtics 2014-15 Schedule Released

The Celtics’ 2014-15 regular season schedule has been released, and it looks…largely like every other member of the Atlantic Conference’s regular season schedule. There will be some back-to-backs, there will be a lot of games against the Knicks, Nets, Raptors and 76ers, and it’s likely there will be a lot of losses.

If you are interested in a PDF version of the schedule, you can find that here. A few highlights are broken down below:

Opening Day: Brooklyn. 

When the Celtics are this bad, the only team that holds any real significance for them is Brooklyn, so it’s not a surprise that Boston will open up against the Nets on October 29. It certainly won’t hold the same emotional weight — Paul Pierce has moved on to Washington, and Boston is one year away from getting Brooklyn’s lottery pick, so the only thing tying the Nets to the Celtics is KG. Don’t get me wrong; Garnett was a huge part of this organization, and I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping only for the best for him going forward, but after seeing him play in Brooklyn for an entire season, it’s not quite as impactful when he returns to Boston as an opponent.

November 14: Cleveland (in Boston).

LeBron James, (probably) Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving make a trip to Boston pretty early in the season. That should be a blowout something. At very least, the reaction to Kevin Love’s return to Boston will be interesting. Somehow, I doubt Rondo daps him up.

December 5: Los Angeles Lakers (in Boston).

I duno, do you still like booing? If so, here’s your chance to boo Julius Randle for skipping his second Boston workout in favor of a GQ photoshoot and also for being a Laker!

Christmas Day: Hahaha, no. Marcus Smart, Jared Sullinger and company can enjoy their Christmas in peace.

January 12: New Orleans Pelicans (in Boston).

Grasping for straws here, but Anthony Davis is always worth watching.

February 20: Sacramento Kings (in Sacramento)

The 2014-15 trade deadline is February 19. Will Rondo still be on the team? Will any big names be traveling to Boston before then? We’ll know when the Celtics meet DeMarcus Cousins for the second time in the season.

February 22-April 11: Exile

The initial two months of the season are going to be fun and exciting. We’ll be seeing Marcus Smart play regular season basketball for the first time, and James Young play any kind of Celtics basketball for the first time. We’ll revel in their successes and talk ourselves out of worrying about their failures. In short, it will be a very fun time to be cheering for a basketball team.

Then January will come, and it will probably get hard to watch again. Smart and Young will run into the rookie wall, Rondo trade rumors will sweep the team and just make everything less fun to deal with. The team will likely lose frequently, but the 2015 draft class doesn’t look as promising as the 2014 one, making prospect prognostication less entertaining.

In short, the season will grind to a crawl for a while. When it rolls around, try to remember that March 16’s match-up with Philly (Boston’s third meeting with the Sixers) is infinitely better than August 13’s utter lack of basketball.

April 14: Toronto Raptors (in Boston)

The final home game is always notable. In this case, the Celtics will be taking on a likely contender for the Atlantic Division crown.

All snark aside, October 29 looks a long ways away from where we are currently standing. Hope you guys enjoy the Team USA’s JV squad!

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  • Jon Munitz

    The Celtics have an interesting year ahead of them determining who will be their core of the future, continuing to institute Brad Stevens coaching system, and possibly contending for a surprise 8 seed. We at Uncontested Shots answer why you should or shouldn’t follow the Celtics, http://uncontestedshots.com/2014/08/13/get-to-know-the-boston-celtics/

    • Jags

      It will be interesting.

  • hax

    The main thing is we’re stacked with young talent. We don’t have room to keep drafting loads of rookies and actually giving them good minutes.

    So after the 2015 draft, we really have to start trading assets into a contending roster.

    • Nicholas Magliozzi

      I completely agree. The celtics can beat anyone in their division. The nets I think are the favorites because they will be getting Lopez back, but I am not counting the Celtics out of anything.

      • Jags

        How can we beat anyone in our divisions.

    • Jags

      Knicks are better than us with there new offense.

    • Janos

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  • Janos

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