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Why The Celtics Might Not Regret Missing out on Kevin Love After All

lovebeardThe Kevin Love dream has been on life support for weeks for Celtics fans. We don’t know whether he is going to Cleveland, Chicago, Golden State, or some other mystery suitor, but unless Danny Ainge comes up with a miracle Hail Mary, he’s not coming to Boston.

The idea of Love coming to Boston was an appealing prospect for several legitimate reasons. It speeds up the rebuild, Love is an exciting player to watch, and it would have enhance Boston’s chances of landing a third star right away. With that said, there were potential drawbacks of any Love acquisition. Nothing that was enough to keep the C’s from trying to acquire the big man, but big picture, down the line issues. In a piece for Boston.com this week, I flipped the script and took a look at a few reasons the Celtics may not regret missing out on Love down the line.

1) The Celtics would have had to overpay for Kevin Love in a trade

Could the Celtics have upped their offer enough before the NBA Draft (and Cleveland’s emergence as a suitor)? It’s possible, but it likely would have taken an absurd number of first rounders (think four or five) to make Saunders an offer he couldn’t refuse. An offer like that would have been an overpay, and that’s something Danny Ainge isn’t in the business of doing. Retaining those assets could be just as pivotal to building a contender long term, especially when the possibility of serious salary cap room is on the horizon.

2) A core of Love and Rondo wouldn’t have necessarily made the Celtics long-term contenders

It’s not a direct knock on either player, but a Rondo/Love led team not being a contender is a possibility. The fact that the Celtics would have had to sacrifice several young players and picks for Love would complicate things from a team-building standpoint for Ainge.

Look at it this way: In order to satisfy Love’s demands of being on a competitive team, both he and Rondo would likely need to be re-signed to long term deals when their contracts run out together next summer. The Celtics couldn’t afford to let Rondo walk and expect Love to still sign an extension. Max deals for both players would be worth five years and somewhere close to the $110 million mark, according to Larry Coon’s CBA FAQ, when you factor in estimates for the salary cap next season.

You can check out the full piece over at Boston.com including one more reason the Celtics may not regret missing out on Love. In the meantime, curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on this in the comments.

  • Thomas Graham

    i felt this way all along the celtics would give up way too much for love. future draft picks and young players, is kevin looking to go to a contending team or just satisfy his ego because boston would be in no position to rebuild it would pretty much be an Minnesota deja vu and trust me danny is not going to put himself in position to get screwed honestly look at danny real good he has the face of a crook but hes far from a dummy if danny cant get the upper hand its a no dealer.

  • hax

    lol @ 76’ers trying to stop the league from changing the lottery to more equal odds for all 14 teams. They have money to go get Monroe and Bledsoe.
    Pretty sure Bledsoe-MCW-Richardson-Young-Monroe would make the playoffs in the East.
    Screw them.

  • jtwover50

    Totally agree with any sentiment about too much for Love. I have always believed the priority is to either get Monroe or a suitable starting center – with Zeller/Favarani as backup – then allowing Sully to play his natural position at the 4. Last season Monroe was quoted as believing Sully will be the Love of the East, no small praise coming from an established player. Danny is collecting a lot of talent and with next year’s draft and a possibly bringing in a good FA – albeit on Aldrich is worth chasing and I don’t believe he will leave Portland – or getting a better player at the 3 although who knows what Green might do this year with Young backing him up, this could be a very good team.

  • Joe

    I’m just curious how Kevin love would have given us “a third star”…?

    Monroe sounds good to me but I doubt we get him.

    • Joe

      Oh nevermind. I misread. “Enhance the chance of landing a third star.”

  • skeeds
  • hax

    Timberwolves owner doesn’t want to make a deal because of how they failed after the Garnett trade. What he has to keep in mind is…

    1) Their team was complete junk back then. This one has some pieces in place.
    2) Khannnnnn. They made horrible draft picks and trades for a few years. What do you expect toh appen? A championship?
    3) They could have kept KG and he would be loyal and re-sign because he’s a beast. Love isn’t. He’s this new breed of ‘team up with 20 all-stars and get a free ring; or get embarassed by a Spurs team with 1-2 all-stars. This dude is gone if you don’t trade him!