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Afternoon Notebook: More Evan Turner Lunacy, Mike Moser, More

I’m on record as being less-than-enthused about Evan Turner (maybe even way less than enthused), so at the risk of going overboard once again on my dislike, I bring you this, from Turner’s agent David Falk and Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe on Sunday:

According to Falk, Pacers president Larry Bird told him if Turner gets into the right environment, he could average 17 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists.

“If you would have told me you could sign a free agent that could average 17, 6, and 5 who was a wing player, I’d probably tell you you’re talking about a max player,” Falk said. “I’m not giving you my opinion because I’m a little bit biased because of how I feel about Evan but Larry Bird is a pretty astute observer of NBA basketball, pretty tough critic, and he has said publicly that’s who he thinks Evan Turner is. He’s always been a big Evan Turner fan and it’s unfortunate the situation didn’t work out in Indiana.”

There’s so much to work with here, so let’s start with broad strokes: David Falk can spin information better than anyone in the game. I don’t doubt that Larry Bird told Falk that Turner could average 17/6/5 in the right environment. In today’s market, I don’t even doubt that some players — hyper-athletic young stars with tons of upside, or hyper-efficient ones who demonstrably help their team — might be able to wrangle a max deal off of those numbers. Evan Turner is neither hyper-efficient nor hyper-athletic. What’s more, the “right environment” for him is Philadelphia — a tanking team where mediocre players can try to up their free-agent value by inflating their stats wildly in a super fast-paced system. What Bird (and Falk) conveniently forgot to mention is that there probably isn’t a GOOD environment in which Turner is a 17/6/5 player.

I’m aware that Falk is just doing his job — pumping up his player as much as possible while he is grabbing headlines. That’s fine. The disingenuity involved, however, is a little hilarious. I would make a terrible agent.

Mike Moser evaluates his options

Once again, we are a couple days late on this, but according to A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE, Boston’s Summer League power forward Mike Moser has been extended training camp invitations by several teams, including the Celtics. In most scenarios, Moser would try to earn his way onto the team that employed him for Summer League. But Boston already has a roster jam-packed with power forwards who can do what Moser can do.

There’s no denying what Moser did in Orlando, however. Here’s Blakely:

Moser had moments when his lack of size clearly hurt him defensively. But his ability to make shots from the perimeter against bigger defenders, was pleasant sight for the Celtics coaching staff.

“Mike’s a little undersized for the position,” Austin Ainge, Boston’s director of player personnel, told CSNNE.com. “If he were a little taller or a little stronger, he’d have the prototypical power forward size for the NBA.”

Although he’s 6-foot-8, Moser weighs 210 pounds which is light for a power forward. And while Moser is a good rebounder who can stretch the floor from beyond 3-point range, his lack of heft led to a healthy dose of skepticism about his game translating at the next level.

Say what you want about Jared Sullinger, but nobody will ever question his “heft.”

Moser almost certainly won’t play for a spot on Boston’s roster, but he was fun to watch in Summer League. Here’s hoping he finds a profitable place to play, whether in the NBA or overseas.

Sullinger dominates a pro-am

Speaking of Sully, let’s end this notebook with a video of Jared Sullinger dunking and dropping 3-pointers from what appears to be 40 feet from the hoop.

Still likes long jumpers? Check. Still looks large (probably too large)? Check. Still moves pretty well, despite all the extra “heft”? Check.

Yep, Sully is still Sully. I leave it to you whether that’s a good thing or not.

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  • hax

    He actually averaged 17-6-4 in Philly last year. Shot 42% FG total, last season. All of those numbers are better than what JG8 gave us. And he hasn’t hit his prime yet, while JG8 is in his prime. For the low price, really no reason to complain.

    I really want to see that Rondo-Bradley-Turner-Green-Olynyk line-up. I think our offense would actually be good, but Brad would have to work overtime to make the team defense better.

  • dasein

    Young cleared to practice according to Forsberg. So there’s that…

    • hax

      Too bad Thornton will demand the back-up SG job. :(
      But James turns 19 in August, so I guess it’s fine to give him low minutes as he develops.