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Everybody can thank me for not making this headline “Report: Celtics could be involved in Kevin Love deal?” Anti-clickbait for life.

According to Sean Deveney of Sporting News, Boston would still like Kevin Love (of course), but the Celtics would also be willing to help facilitate a deal if they could pick up a player who could contribute immediately.

Here’s the report:

Boston, another source said, would like to acquire Love, but would be willing to include some part of its trove of draft picks if they would help bring in a player who can contribute immediately.

Much like aftermath of the Tyler Zeller/Marcus Thornton deal, Danny Ainge would take some heat for this from the internet (which, I’m sure, he cares deeply about). After all, he would not only be letting Kevin Love slip away, but he would also be greasing the tracks to make it happen.

This, once again, would be stupid. The Celtics are essentially out of the running to employ Love at this point, since the Wolves have made it quite clear that the package of picks and prospects wasn’t going to be enough to get the deal done. Today’s report that Chicago is offering blockbuster package (Doug McDermott/Nikola Mirotic/Taj Gibson) as well only confirms that Minnesota’s options elsewhere are better than Boston’s package.

But that doesn’t mean Ainge can’t profit off Love’s exit. If Minnesota makes the deal with Cleveland, the Wolves will be going into an exciting-but-undeniable rebuild, with young players like Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine and Ricky Rubio all playing a prominent role in their future. The Wolves will want to give them an opportunity to play together as much as possible, and that would likely mean moving certain pieces to open up playing time. Minnesota currently has Nikola Pekovic and Gorgui Dieng both available to play center. Dieng makes more sense for a rebuilding team, but Pek helps them win in the short term, something Flip Saunders is very interested in doing as a GM/coach. Pek also just signed a long-term deal that might be prohibitive for rebuilding/capped out Boston. Dieng — who improved steadily as the season went on and has the tools to be a rim protector — may be Ainge’s target here, although it might be tough to pry him away from the Wolves.

Or maybe Ainge really likes Corey Brewer, Kevin Martin and JJ Barea. I wouldn’t have thought so a week ago, but a week ago, the Celtics didn’t employ Evan Turner.

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  • hax

    1) Diengggggg
    2) Dump Wallace(looks impossible with the trade machine but still, do eet.)
    3) Did 18 ppg in Philly – not yet in his prime Turner just get compared to Wolves bench players?

    • dontevertreadonme

      dieng sucks hes at the end of his career

      • StaticFunctions

        I think you’ve misunderstood. “Gorgui Dieng” is a center who just finished his rookie year with the Wolves. Maybe you’re thinking of Luol Deng? He’s on Miami.

      • Robert

        A promising, athletic 24 year old big man is at the end of his career?

        Gorgui Dieng would be the first guy I’d be genuinely excited about the C’s acquiring this off season. He’s a genuine rim protector/rebounder, with size and mobility. Not an all-star, but a very useful starter.

      • Chief_00

        Not Lou deng mate different guy

    • Nicholas Magliozzi

      I agree with Hax. Turner is not as awful as people make him out to be. He sucked in Indiana, but his teamates there were not supportive. They loved Granger and were pissed he was traded. The Celtics show they want him, which could give Turner his confidence back. Go back to the Celtics playoffs in 2012 against the sixers and tell me Turner sucked.

      • Eisenhorn1976

        I agree that Turner isn’t as bad as someone like JR Smith but you’re falling into the Doc Rivers GM trap (i.e. acquiring players who had a few good games against you) by going back to a 2-year old playoff series and thinking “hey, that guy’s good.”

        I have very low expectations for Turner — just like I did for Jordan Crawford. Just like Steez, though, I believe Brad Stevens can get something good out of Turner.

      • KGBeast

        the perception that Turner sucks also has a lot to do with the fact that he was the #2 pick. People keep thinking of him as a “bust” cuz he hasn’t blown up & become a star yet. I think it was a stupid for Philly to take him cuz they could’ve had Greg Monroe; especially cuz they NEEDED a big man! They would probably be a legit contender by now with Holiday, Iggy, Lou Williams, Hawes and Monroe!

  • dasein

    I’d love to have Dieng. That would be a solid consolation prize for missing out on Love. Problem is, the Wolves love him as well and I think it’s very unlikely they give him up just so that the Wiggins deal works. I’d think it would be Cleveland who would be having to cough up the asset in exchange for Boston’s help. But what do they have to give? Anyone excited about Tristian Thompson?

    • hax

      How about Varejao?

      • dasein

        Nah. A 32 year old center that doesn’t protect the rim or play more than 50 games a year does nothing for this Celtics team. Plus he’s like LeBron’s bff so I doubt they trade him anyway.

    • KGBeast

      Sully has developed a lot better and fast than Thomspon. He has a tendency to disappear during games; i’d rather keep the Kelly/Sully combo; i don’t know if it sweetens the deal at all but the Cs could throw Kelly into that package to Minnesota! lol

  • bmac985

    I would love dieng as well and would be willing to take on martin, brewer or barea. We wouldnt be able to get rid of wallace, but we could throw in nonguarantees of bogans, babb, johnson and throw in a bass, thornton or anthony as expirings. barnes or waiters, thompson or mcdermott would be amazing but maybe pipe dreams.

  • Chief_00

    Man if we can pry dieng away from minny I think he’ll be a great fit here.
    Young athletic shit blocker….sign me up

    • check12check

      I love shit blockers

      • Chief_00

        Whoops…should’ve probably checked that. Very funny response @check12check although your love of shit blockers has me a bit concerned.

      • KGBeast

        might need laxatives with all that blocked shit! 😛

  • bmac985

    How about we send our $7.1 mil of nonguaranteeds (bogans babb johnson) to Minnesota to even the money since wiggins hasn’t signed and doesn’t count as money. Give them bass (expiring to even out money for Martin and throw in Anthony to even out barea.

    Minnesota gets: wiggins (rights), Bennett, bass, bogans, Johnson, babb, cavs nonguaranteeds, Joel anthony, cavs first round pick, celts(from 6ers) first

    Cleveland gets: love and barea

    Boston gets: dieng, Martin, brewer

    • bmac985

      Plus the two first rounders to Minnesota. The can waive most of those guys

    • KGBeast

      Saunders seems like a much smarter GM than Kevin Mchale was; he’s gonna want to keep Dieng. I think the Wolves would’ve made the playoffs if they started him over Pek last year (and Flip know this). They need(ed) a Defensive C to cover love on D, the way Tyson Chandler was for Dallas in 2011. It would be AMAZING to get Dieng but I hate the idea of clogging the back-court EVEN more!

  • Mando Stay Cheesin

    If we can land Dieng or Pek without giving up our good pieces then by all means

    • KGBeast

      i’d rather get Dieng than Pek; guys like Pek are becoming obsolete in today’s league; plus his contract is HUGE!