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Evan Turner Agrees to Terms with Celtics, According to Report

Boston’s crowded roster just got a little bit more jam packed. One week after Jeff Goodman of ESPN.com reported the Celtics had interest in Evan Turner, along with the Minnesota Timberwolves, it appears the team has sealed the deal with the swingman:



A few thoughts on the impending deal, after the jump

1. Turner’s signing gives Boston 18 players under contract for next season at the moment. Three of those players are on non-guaranteed deals including Chris Johnson, Chris Babb and Keith Bogans. Babb and Bogans were probably gone anyway before this deal came about, but Johnson’s chances of making the team just took a serious hit.

2. Even after trimming the roster down, Boston’s swingman depth is a bit too crowded right now. You have Avery Bradley, Marcus Thornton, Evan Turner, Gerald Wallace, and Jeff Green (and probably Marcus Smart) all fighting for minutes at the 2/3 spot. There won’t be nearly enough playing time to go around to keep all of these guys happy. More moves are likely coming.

3. Turner has been an inefficient player for a couple years now. He shoots a low percentage from the field and the 3-point line, and was benched by Frank Vogel during Indiana’s playoff run for his lackluster play. As the no. 2 overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the swingman has talent though. Much like Ainge did last year with Jordan Crawford, he is looking for a buy-low option with Turner that he can turn around potentially in a trade (to collect more assets)

More to come on Turner in the coming days….


  • dontevertreadonme

    word we got maaaad shitty guards

  • hax
  • hax

    C: Zeller – Faverani – Anthony
    PF: Olynyk – Sullinger – Bass
    SF: Green – Turner – Wallace
    SG: Bradley – Thornton – Young
    PG: Rondo – Smart – Pressey

    I like the depth.
    Babb & Johnson are gone.
    Hopefully we can bundle Bogans & Anthony and get someone like Kendrick Perkins.

    • dontevertreadonme

      Id start Turner at the 2. I see him more as off guard than a sf. jeff green can go away, cant stand that dude

  • dasein

    Those guys listed aren’t all swingmen though. Bradley, Thornton, and Smart don’t really have the size to play 3 most nights- they’re guards pure and simple.

    Wallace and Green are forwards, in that they can play both 3 and 4 at times. So the only true out and out wings would be Young and Turner. I’d say it’s a fairly well balanced roster actually. The problem is lack of tallent (and a center).

    Can’t say I’m all that excited by a Turner signing. He’s been horrible since he entered the league- like below replacement level I believe. But if the price is low enough that it doesn’t stop the Celtics doing anything meaningful…meh, it’s not my money.

  • skeeds

    that… is a weird signing. something’s up. We definitely didn’t need an Evan Turner, and we didn’t need to fill up the roster either. Something’s up…

    • hax

      Doubt it, but maybe Danny is adding Jeff Green to his Kevin Love package, and wanted a replacement just incase.

      • skeeds

        I’m more worried about Bradley being part of a deal…

        • hax

          Was thinking that too. We could throw Bradley-Green-Olynyk & picks if we reallyyy wanted Love, and that actually looks better than what the Cavs are offering for a team that wants to compete now.
          ^even with that ridiculous offer, we could still have Zeller-Love-Turner-Smart-Rondo and contend in the East.
          Not the best source, but the trade machine says Bradley can’t be traded until Jan 15th, 2015.

    • dasein

      Not necessarily. Likely it’s just Danny taking a low-priced flyer on a guy with lottery pedigree. Chances are it won’t work out, but it didn’t cost much to find out.

  • dontevertreadonme

    this move means 1 thing. Were not getting Love but Rondo is definately getting moved before the February Deadline. and I say good riddance. Celts have plenty of guard depth and I think Turner will flourish with Stevens coaching. the nigga can ball he killed the celts when he was philly. we need more scoring, turner is listed at 6′ 7″ which I think is generous. but he can handle the rock and score. something rondo, bradley, and most likely smart cant do.

    • check12check

      I more or less agree. I was living in philly when turner first came into the league, so i watched him quite a bit when he was playing there. This dude can ball in the right situation.

      I will also go on record once again as the biggest Rondo hater who is also a Celtics fan. Right now, Rondo is doing nothing for us. He can’t win us games, and clearly nobody wants to come play with him (if anyone WANTED to come play with rondo, the cast of young talent and draft picks galore would be very enticing.) let’s move him and get this rebuild truly under way

      • dasein

        What is the right situation? When your team has no interest in winning the game so you’re free to chuck up as many low % shots as you like?

        Turner is a good rebounder for his position. The nice things to say probably stop there though.

  • Mark

    A former second overall pick for a portion the mid level.

    So, you say the Timberwolves were interested in Turner? I see what Ainge is doing here. Acquiring more assets attractive to the Wolves. Nice…

    • hax

      And / or giving them the middle finger for not trading us Love.

  • Thomas Graham

    fuck that rondo for president best pg in the league rondo stays