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Weekend Notebook: Pierce Heads to Wizards, Warriors Considered Trading for Brandon Bass

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Jeff GreenA few odds and ends to round up a very active weekend around the NBA.

Let’s start with Boston’s former captain Paul Pierce who took the league by surprise upon agreeing to terms with the Washington Wizards over the weekend. A few important items of note from the move.

1. The Nets reportedly didn’t make Pierce an offer, as they seem inclined to cut payroll this year, rather than add to an absurd luxury tax bill.With the Clippers also having used their midlevel exception already on Spencer Hawes, Pierce’s market for competitive teams was apparently limited. In Washington, he found a team that will be competitive in the revamped East and had a starting spot available. By achieving those goals he appeared to find a home.

2. What does this mean for KG? Not much apparently:


We’ll stay tuned to see what the Nets have in store for the rest of their offseason, but the Celtics’ first round draft picks from Brooklyn look better by the day.

We also found out the Celtics were considering another trade last week.

I did some analysis of the revelation over at Boston.com:

Danny Ainge considered dealing away power forward Brandon Bass, according to a tidbit from Zach Lowe of Grantland in a column he penned about James.

James held up NBA business for 11 days while he decided his future. Teams were angry. Some had assets that evaporated during the wait, including the Warriors, who considered Brandon Bass and other names in exchange for a trade exception that expired (Thursday) at midnight.

A couple important things we can gather from Lowe’s report. First, we did receive any details about the potential swap but it’s safe to make a couple assumptions. The Warriors are a contending team so their preference probably wasn’t going to give up anything of value on their current roster for Bass. They have a couple young players on the roster (Festus Ezeli, Nemanja Nedovic) that each earn short money that may have interested a rebuilding Boston team.

The Celtics also may have been looking for yet another first round pick from Golden State. The Warriors dealt their 2014 and 2017 first round picks to Utah last year, but Boston could have asked for a 2015 first round pick in the exchange.

You can check out full analysis of what the potential move could mean for the future of Bass over at Boston.com

  • hax

    Wizards contender status relies on Wall & Beal taking their games to the next level.
    But Gortat-Nene-Pierce is a smart, talented front court of veterans.
    Bass is trade deadline bait. We can get something, just not much, but better than letting him walk for nothing.

    • check12check

      I’ll be a touch sad to see him go. I understand that given our roster, it just needs to happen, but Bass has been just such a pro for us. It has seemed like consistency has been hard to find on this team, but day in day out Bass could be counted on to go do what he had to do. I hope we can move him to a team where he can have a chance at being competitive, or at least be used to his potential.

  • dasein

    Good for PP.

    If healthy, I don’t know that there’s a better starting 5 in the east than Gortat/Nene/PP/Beal/Wall. Maybeeee Chicago. Indy- who the hell knows.

    KG doing the Celtics one last solid by clogging up Bkn’s cap for another year!

    The east suddenly feels like it’s up for grabs this year.

  • gilbertains36

    PP is the man. He made me a penguin dinner once. I swear. It was so good. Cooked it himself. Flew the bird in from Antarctica somehow with some electrician who works on a base down there. Thing was amazing. A bit oily, almost buttery, and delicious tender meat. Guy knows how to cook, and knows how to ball.