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Not Even Bronze: Celtics Fall 95-86 To Indiana In Summer League Finale

Player of the Game

Let’s give Mike Moser some love for shooting 7-for-14 from the floor (2-for-5 from 3-point range) and for playing multiple positions. He’s generally a pick-and-pop big, but he played small forward with Kelly Olynyk and OD Anosike in the fourth quarter.

Helped His Stock

Marcus Smart’s defense has been frighteningly good all week. The question has always been whether he can knock down jumpers, and he caught fire in the second and third quarters, dropping three 3-pointers and a nice mid-range shot curling off multiple screens. He hit another in the fourth and looked INCREDIBLY confident rising and firing in spot-up situations.

Phil Pressey finished with 13 assists and three turnovers. He played a nice pick-and-pop game with Kelly Olynyk.

Hurt His Stock

Also Marcus Smart and Phil Pressey. Smart’s shot selection was (as kindly as I can put this) suspect, and while he got a rhythm going, many of his shots were ill-advised.

Pressey, meanwhile, finished 5-for-28 from the floor in his final two games at Summer League. The Celtics don’t need him to shoot, but they need him to shoot better than that.


We’ll have a full Summer League breakdown this weekend. Thanks for sticking with us and reading throughout the week.

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  • hax

    How many bench PG’s are legit 10 APG threats whenever they’re forced to start?
    His shooting needs work, but he is behind Rondo & Smart on the PG depth chart. His mins will be low, and he’ll have time to develop a shot.

  • hax

    LeBron reportedly going to Cleveland. This is horrible news for the Celtics.
    Cavs can throw Bennett-Thompson-Waiters and the 2015 Mem & Mia 1st rounders to Minnestoa for Love and come out with a roster of Irving-Wiggins-James-Love-Varejao
    A team better than the Heat were last year and with a better coach. Fudge!

    • Mark

      Cavs aren’t getting Love without giving up Wiggens. No way.

      • Dave

        If I’m the Cavs, no way would I offer up Wiggins for Love now. Love can pull the old Carmelo trick and say he won’t sign long term with anyone but the Cavs, and then, if no trade happens, go sign with the Cavs in free agency. Minnesota’s going to have to take what they can get.

        If I’m Love, why would I sign a deal with any team other than the Cavs now?

    • spotter

      Agree. Although I think Wolves will insist on Wiggins. We need ESPN Touchscreen Tom Penn to break down the money situation. DA might have a chance to a third team or help a team with clearing salary space. Cleveland and Houston will be moving fast in moves.

      • hax

        They can make it work with Wiggins instead of Waiters as well.
        Their team will have a terrifying roster either way.

    • Janos

      they can do all good look like that but at end of day is not celtic is cavaling and not a proper

  • Janos

    Today monring report is lebron go clevleand is big news nba and now other play sign to not hope news for nba celtics ‘;, once player all is sign new tieam other, nba celtics can do a focusing on our team at end of day we are worry only us not other

  • hax

    Cavs offered Bennett, Waiters, a 1st rounder for Love.

    I mean, they can afford to give the Wolves anything they want and still come out with one of the scariest teams in NBA history.
    Let’s hope they keep being stingy, and Flip flip’s them off. Then comes back to give him to us out of spite.

    • Mark

      Unless they offer Wiggins I don’t see how any Cleveland offer trumps Boston. Homerism aside I don’t see it.

  • hax

    Suns close to getting Thomas.
    How many PG’s do you need in Phoenix? :p

    • dasein

      Gotta figure either Bledsloe or the Dragon are on the way out. Either that or Kahn is doing some consulting for the Suns.

      • CoachAJ

        Heard it Bledsoe that wants out in a big way. Doesn’t like living there.

  • https://twitter.com/BostonSportFan1 ChrisinDanvers

    Thanks for posting the summer league info. Although it is not a true look at the future of the Celtics, it is great to see that some of the second year players are showing that they are trying to do what they can to take the next step…a la Pressey with his passing ability and Olynyk with his shooting this week. Sure, nothing to get excited about, but still nice to know that they have these players/assets.

    Going forward, I do find the premise about Love to the Cavaliers intriguing. As soon as I saw the James news, I too, fell into that malaise and fear – no chance for Love (not that I am truly a believer that the Celtics have a great chance at him).

    However, a couple of things that are worth noting. First, in order to get Love, the Cavaliers are going to have to sacrifice a lot. Much of what would make a serviceable bench will be gone (e.g. Waiters, Varejao, Wiggins, another player and possibly a pick). Now, sure, they will have the ability to pick up other pieces. But, they shuttled a lot to clear space for James and they would have to shovel a ton to get Love. In order to form this mega-merger, the Cavaliers would be in a far worse position than the Heat were forming their big three (or when the Celtics did it back in 2008). Second, although the Cavaliers might be initially desiring the trade for Love, in their minds, they must see that they might truly be limiting themselves by signing him and locking him up longterm…with little wiggle room save for exceptions in the future. Finally, you put all this in with a first year coach and – hmmmmm – not sure what might happen. Blatt is good, but has not proven himself in this situation….which is quite a situation.

    Sure, Love to the Cavaliers sounds more likely today than yesterday…but before everyone rushes for the Tobin, take a step back and look at it clearly from the Cavaliers perspective. It might not make as much sense as it appears.

  • Ghost of Garden Past

    So it appears the Love Boat is all but sailed…. I guess Anthony Davis is now the target? Develop the young guys for a year or two, draft well and then… flip the assets for the Uni-brow!

    • dasein

      We’re not getting Davis :)

    • CoachAJ

      Why in the blue hell would they trade him away. Team USA member, happy as ever. Gonna start at PF the spot he should’ve been at all along? Wishful thinking indeed.

      • Ghost of Garden Past

        Without Love and with Rondo possibly on the way out, we’re looking at 3-4 year plan now to get this thing turned around. 10 picks over 5 years, if we hit on 2 or 3 we might have a chance to flip them for something.

        To win the NBA Title you need at least 1 top 50 GOAT player. Who else in the league will be out there? We’re going to be in the cellar for a few years here. Need to figure out some type of bold plan for the future.

        • Robert

          We can’t just make New Orleans trade him to the Celtics, no matter how much they want him. If we somehow manage to draft 2 young superstars of the caliber that’s worth 1 Anthony Davis (definitely already a top 10 player in the league at the age of 21), then we’d be better off just building around those guys.

        • CoachAJ

          Why can’t Rondo be starting his reemergence as one of the best PGs in the League? It will take some adjustment from feeding three HOF players, and knowing when to take his own shot, to being the aggressive player most of the time that we see when playoffs come. He is only 28 years old. Until someone else steps up and becomes a scorer, Rondo could do that. Will he is the question? Plus it looks like Danny is building a solid TEAM around him.

    • hax

      I like the ambition, but…
      We could trade them our whole team and every pick for the next 5 years and they’d say no.

      This guy is at least 6 years away from his prime and he’s already a Top 5 player.

  • hax

    Parsons/Hayward are both averaging a little over $15 million/year on their new deals. Are we still down on Jeff Green’s deal?
    Still say we should offer a minimum 1 year deal to Stiemsma :)

  • hax

    Celtics: Gain a quality starting front court, and start competing.
    Pelicans: Cap space, better fits, depth.
    Bucks: Cap space, SG upgrade, allows Henson to start at C.
    Johnson-Bogans-Babb all get waived for $ obviously.

  • hax

    Pierce to the Wizards, 2 year/$11 million deal.

  • hax

    Cavs are being strict about not giving up Wiggins.
    Push, Danny. Pushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • hax

    Wow @ the Rockets.

    They were so strict on not adding Parsons into a trade for Rondo, and they just let him walk for nothing to be replaced by Trevor Ariza. They need some big upgrades at PG & PF to be contenders.

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