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Reeding Comprehension: Celtics Lose 96-77 To Pacers in Summer League

HAHAHAHA no, I’m not coming up with a clever intro for this recap.

Player of the Game

Indiana’s Willie Reed was a monster. He scored 18 points, swatted four shots and grabbed six boards. He also scared Boston senseless around the basket. No seriously: Boston lost every single one of its senses when Willie Reed was protecting the rim. He was the player of the game. I refuse to pick a Celtic.

Helped His Stock

Edwin Jackson wasn’t a complete waste of space. He knocked down a few jumpers and showed a decent understanding of when to leak out in transition.

Phil Pressey hit a jumper and a couple of nice floaters, both moderately encouraging signs, and he wasn’t a complete disaster as a distributor. He did throw up some very wild shots, however.

James Young, Daniel Coursey and Devin Oliver who either received DNP-CDs or did not play enough to affect the game and can claim innocence from this bloodbath.

Hurt His Stock

Juuuust about everyone else. Let’s run through the list:

Marcus Smart couldn’t create an open look, and he couldn’t convert the ones that were created for him.

Dairus Bertans (whose name we’ve apparently been pronouncing wrong) did very little. His day was highlighted by three consecutive missed free throws after being fouled on a 3-point attempt.

Colton Iverson got his entire world rocked by Willie Reed.

Kelly Olynyk couldn’t shoot, could get past anyone, couldn’t dribble or pass, and couldn’t really do anything we’ve come to expect from him in Summer League. He did grab a bunch of rebounds early.

Mike Moser started hot, but he cooled off quickly, missed a bunch of shots and had a dunk rejected.

Chris Babb’s reputation as a shooter is taking a bit of a hit given that he’s shooting so poorly.

Chris Johnson had a plus/minus of -36 which I’m just going to leave and let’s move on good heavens.


Boston lost control of this game early in the second quarter and never even came close to regaining it. Literally nobody looked comfortable, as Indiana took each player individually.

Smart knocked down a 3-pointer and Phil Pressey continues to look confident firing up jumpers, but neither hit jumpers with any kind of consistency.

Better luckĀ tomorrow Wednesday, guys.

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  • hax

    Olynyk consistently got the ball at the 3 point line and dribbled past his defender to about 5-8 feet, and he was passing better than anyone. His jumpshot was iffy but that’s just a bad shooting game.

    Smart sucks so far, but hopefully he improves and becomes a solid bench player.