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Report: Celtics Agree To Terms With Avery Bradley

Were you waiting for the Celtics to make a tangible splash in the free agency pool? Wait no longer. According to a very reliable Celtics reporter, Boston has brought back one of its own.

Baxter Holmes, of the Boston Globe, has the contract details.

This seems like a lot of money, but it’s probably not as bad as it looks on the surface.Giving Bradley $8 million a year takes the Celtics out of the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes that they were never in to begin with, no matter how much he wanted to play with Rondo. It essentially eliminates them from any big-name free agent signings that probably would have wanted a splashier team with better pieces in place anyway. All of this is true.

But Bradley is still just 23, a fact that often gets swept under the rug since it seems like he’s been in the league much longer. He has had injury problems, but his shoulders are fixed, and players can generally work through ankle problems.

In addition, his on-court value is fairly high. Bradley is a 40-percent 3-point shooter who plays excellent perimeter defense. He’s not as tall as many shooting guards, but given the dearth of shooting guard talent in the NBA, this likely isn’t an issue. If it is, Boston can always slot Bradley next to Marcus Smart and have them switch defensively, putting Smart on the larger player. But Bradley has never had any real issue guarding the two, since few shooting guards have the handle to get around his hounding, aggressive defense.

There will be a lot of handwringing about Boston’s rebuild and how Bradley fits into it, but whether you like Ainge’s plan or not, he clearly has one. Bradley is still young enough to be part of a rebuilding plan, and he’s talented enough to be a difference maker on a very good team. Worst case scenario, this is a contract that can be moved, especially as the cap keeps rising, making $8 million/year contracts a lot less prohibitive than they were in the past.

Still worried? Remember: Sam Hinkie pursued him. The Sixers are doing NOTHING that will jeopardize their rebuild. Young players who shoot well from behind the arc and play great defense aren’t as common as one might think. Generally, it’s a good idea to lock them up when you have a chance.

We’ll have more on this later today.

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  • spotter

    Wish they could have went 6 million or 7 million a year. Didn’t want to see the 8 million per season price tag. But at the end of the day it is what it is. Anyone remember what the Celtics offered last winter that was turned down?

    • KBA

      4 yr/$24M I believe, and Bradley wanted $8m/year

      • spotter

        And it looks like he got it. Wish it would be a bit lower.

  • KBA

    I still think this contract is a bit high. ~$7/year would have been much better though with the salary cap expected to increase significantly this year and next, it might be ok. I do like the backcourt tandem of Rondo and Bradley and hopefully they can finally
    have a full season together.

    I wonder if the fourth year is a team option, or why they didn’t sign a 5 year deal with a 5th year being a team option.

    • hax

      No options reported.

    • CoachAJ

      New CBA, 5 years is a max deal now. Four years is most he could get right now as a player 4 years in the league. I would’ve like to see it at 7, but 1mil more for our starting SG ain’t gonna break the bank, when our C spot is by commitee right now.

  • hax

    – Bradley declines 4 years/$24 million, thinking he can play better for more money.

    – Bradley gets injured like he does every season.
    – Reports saying Celtics will offer him less now.
    – Bradley gets 4 year deal/$32 million after not even coming close to leading us in scoring…at one of the most scoring-centric positions.


    “No way in Hell” another team would come close to 8 million per year for Bradley, one source said.

    __________________________________Still waiting for those fireworks.

  • Matt Robinson

    Ecstatic to keep Bradley. Only 23, looking poised for a big breakout. His confidence and effort is off the charts, can’t wait to see Rondo and him and Smart together, what a killer guard combo!

  • dasein

    8M does seem high. On the other hand, there is probably a psychological aspect to this stuff. Players feel like their value is attached to the salary, so you want AB to feel like he’s a 8M guy rather than a 6M guy…if that makes sense. Is it worth loosing the extra cap space? I dunno. Hopefully he’ll grow into the 8M and make it fair value or better.