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Wing Man: James Young’s The Pick At 17

James Young1

The Celtics grabbed Kentucky’s James Young with the #17 pick, a 6’7″ 18-year-old wing from Kentucky. With Marcus Smart onboard, Jeff Green in the house and holdovers Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley in the backcourt, the C’s have more guys than minutes at the guard and wing spots. Inevitably, more moves will follow.  Full analysis on Young the and Smart coming here at the Hub once Boston’s night is over. And – rumor has it they may grab another pick before the night is out. Keep it locked.

  • Mark

    Jeff Green meet your replacement.

    • hax

      This guy is really a 6’6 SG
      So more like Bradley’s replacement.
      On the JG8 front, the Jazz just took a good scoring SF…so maybe they don’t want to put money into Hayward.

      • CP37

        I heard the Pelicans might be interested in moving Anderson and Rivers, maybe they could help us out a little bit: http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=m8ucama
        (Minny would get 2-3 picks from us in addition)

      • Mark

        He’ll be 6’7 or 6’8 by the time he’s done growing though. Either way his skill set is SF not SG.

  • Michelle Trybulec

    Intriguing Cat. He’s got Simmons excited.

  • dasein

    Just watched draftexpress’ vid on this guy. Looks like a 3 and D who can’t actually defend to me. Meh.


      It’s always a problem when more than half the video is about weaknesses, and his defense is terrible.

    • Sophomore

      Also, he shot 34.9% from the college 3-point line last year. As of this moment, he can’t shoot either. Beautiful stroke, everybody says. Great. But it doesn’t go in, which counts more.

  • hax

    Probably already better on the offensive end than Bradley. Will probably take a few years to really shine, if at all. He can shoot though!


    The good news is…it makes no sense to firesale Rondo/Green for a million draft picks. We’re already overflowing with young guys needing the time. So Danny should still be looking to turn a few assets into a star here and there.

  • Keeper242

    Let’s say our goodbyes to Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley.

  • hax

    No fireworks.

  • hax

    Cavs: Wiggins

    Bucks: Parker. And their Greek Freak aka 9 ppg bench player last season, grew up to 6’11 this year. Stretch four now? Move Henson for a PG/SG? Maybeee.

    76’ers: Does Sam Hinkie have mind control powers? This guy got a 1st rounder, and a 2nd rounder just to fall two spots. Embiid/Saric/McDaniels/Grant This guy makes other GM’s look terrible.

    Jazz: Exum and Hood fell right into their palms.

    Hornets: Beat large odds to steal the 9th pick from Detroit. Then Vonleh slides right to them. Are you serious? Then P.J Hairston as well. They gained two 2nd rounders to move down two spots and got the guy they wanted anyways This is a blank sheet for the franchise this year, and they’re coming into the season with style.

    Suns: T.J Warren can play right now. Maybe even start at SF for them. Ennis and Bogdanovic give their back court depth. Alec Brown is a taller Channing Frye-type player, and cheaper. McDonough at GM, Hornacek at Coach, this team is going places.

    Nuggets: Got Nurkic, Harris, and Afflalo for Fournier and McDermott.

    Heat: Got Napier. That ‘close family’ they got there is dropping Chalmers without a care.

    Spurs: Every year. We think their pick is junk, and someone with talent slides to them. Kyle Anderson will be good under Pop.

    Knicks: They got Cleanthony Early in the 2nd round somehow, a possible Anthony replacement. And got Greek Freak’s brother…also a SF. They’re probably in trouble if free agency doesn’t work out for them this year, though.

    Magic: Reached for Gordon instead of trading down. Then traded a 1st and 2nd round pick to move up two spots to 10, to get a guy who would have been at 12 anyways. Proof that even the ‘loads of draft picks’ rebuild is at least a 5 year wait through lottery picks.

    Kings: Draft Robinson, trade him half a year later. Draft a sharpshooting SG Mclemore. Then draft sharpshooting SG Stauskas the year after. This team has Williams, Thompson, and Landry all on long term deals at PF. This franchise proves that you should draft for need, not just ‘lol weeeeeee, weeeeeee’. They have logjams at 2-3 positions. All it does is take away development minutes for the guys who need them.

    Hawks: Payne and Tavares, cool. Oh wait, they’ll play 5 mins a game off the bench. Ouch. Ferry ruined the Cavs with long term, expensive contracts on bad players. This guy just copies other GM’s. Keep cap space open, get decent assets. But he’s waiting, doing nothing and not building an actual team.

    Toronto: Wasted the 20th pick on a guy who may not have been drafted at all otherwise. They need Lowry back or they’re in trouble.

    Timberwolves: Didn’t trade Love in the ‘deepest draft everrrrr’ Hopefully they keep him, miss the playoffs, and lose him in free agency. How many times does it have to happen for teams to stop being greedy as Hell and just take what you can get? This team deserves another decade of junk basketball for Saunders’ stubborn-ness alone.

    • Ping

      Henson is a PF/C?

      • hax

        Yeah 😮 6’11

        Greek Freak @ PF, Parker @ SF. They can trade Sanders or Henson(whoever they like less) for a back court and fill out this roster with talent pretty quickly.

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