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Podcast: Talking Joel Embiid, The Ideal Rebuild, More

On the latest episode of the HeinSight Podcast, Ryan Hebert (@HebertofNH) and I discuss the┬álatest Joel Embiid chatter and the best-case scenario for Boston’s rebuild. We also take a minute (a few minutes, in fact) to remember Fab Melo’s short-lived-but-hilarity-filled NBA career among other odds and ends.

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  • Michelle Trybulec

    Anybody else wondering if FlipSa has touched base with his old running mate — #5 as we know him — regarding this redux situation? I imagine in the end FlipSa texting his friend and asking something like, “Yo, Timberwolf, what’s your Trader Danny take-away?” If it’s positive, Love happens. If not… Anyway, I’m surprised nobody’s looking at the Quiet Man’s role. I guess because he’s disappeared momentarily into the off-season haze.

  • Michelle Trybulec
  • Michelle Trybulec

    If I’m Rondo, I want to play with Embiid. And shift his fixation from pink lemonade to Connect Four. But that’s just me.

  • hax

    When Kansas played Texas earlier this year, Embiid was being bullied in the paint by Ridley. Worried about his injury-prone body, and his overall strength.
    Barring a trade, he has to be our pick if he is there. But very scary.

  • Michelle Trybulec

    On a side note, and as much as I hate to say it, Ray belongs to us. If he’s hanging it up, it’s time to … acknowledge he belongs to us. Especially considering the outcome of ’14. Good thing the rafters are up to ownership. I couldn’t make that call. But the street’s what matters, in the end. On the street, who’d give up ’08, ’09, ’10? Who gives a flip, in the end, about ’13? ’14 seems to have sealed it.

  • hax

    More news.
    Joel Anthony opts in at 3.8 million for this season.
    Solid defender, people forget he only got benched because he was on the Heat. He can be a solid back-up center for us this year. Or tradebait(hooray).

    Celtics not even being sniffed at in Melo news.

    Celtics not being talked about anymore in Love news.

    Come on, Danny. Work your magic.

    • CP37

      Another expiring contract to possibly include in a deal.I know it makes you nervous (hell it makes me nervous) but isn’t the sudden quietness surrounding Love-to-Boston somewhat good news. They’re not leaking anything and there’s still a few ways they can up the ante of their offer to Minny, lest we forget the C’s still have yet to make their best offer.

  • Michelle Trybulec

    More role play…

    If I’m LeBron James and I see the Celtics get themselves some Love Thursday night, then I can’t help being intrigued at the idea of having a true (and truly gifted) rebounding power forward and a true (and truly gifted) distributing point guard. But the Clippers, you might say. Much. Harder. Conference. If he’s really considering all his options, then a Love-filled Beantown will definitely get some attention. It would be some pretty, pretty basketball.

    • Michelle Trybulec

      He’d have to change his number once more. He could wear #26. He has two titles. He wants six.

      The hunger in that locker room and from that trifecta would be off the charts. And it would be all business.

      “What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold!”

      • Michelle Trybulec

        A starting five of, say, Rondo, Bradley, James, Love and Gortat wouldn’t be too shabby. I’d definitely pick that group in a video game.

  • hax

    Expecting this to get it’s own post, but it’s just a rumor/report.

    Celtics gunning for the 1st pick!

    • dasein

      To take Danny’s breathen Jabari?

      It’s not obvious what we have the the Cav’s would want either. The no. 6 sure, but can’t see them being all that excited about Sully or KO. Rondo doesn’t make sense for them either, so it can’t be that.

      More likely that not this is just a product of the BS season.

      • hax

        Probably a bs report, like most, but yeah.

        I guess 6th & JG8 for Jack & 1st pick won’t be enough. But Deng may be gone in free agency, and they want to ‘make the playoffs this year’ Even LeBron missed the playoffs year 1. JG8 is an established starter who is great when not being the #1/#2 guy.

  • Thomas Graham

    i just truly hope someway boston draft t j warren this would be our new paul pierce the dude is deadly an awesome scoring machine we really need that someone who can bring it every night p j hairston is the the replica of james harding we can use a pure shooter i really believe embiid is going to be the biggest bust of this draft he appears to be injury prone type and playing 80+ games a season i don’t think he can handle it i wouldn’t waste a pick on this guy plus he didn’t come for a workout not worth the risk.

  • hax

    Julius Randle
    Passes up a second workout with the Celtics because he ‘felt he showed them enough already.’

    What a joke this kid is. Most guys in this draft dream of getting a workout or two with the Celtics. Couldn’t even win a national championship with 5 1st round draft picks vs. 1(Napier).


  • Michelle Trybulec

    David Aldridge reporting on Twitter that the Pelicans are trying hard to get into the first round. Sounds useful to any three team deal hopes in Boston.

  • hax

    More news, albeit small.
    Sullinger puffed up to 280! Said he wants to get down to 260(which ESPN already has him there…so he gained 20 pounds since last year or so).

    Come on, Sully! This guy is a diet & extensive daily shooting drills away from becoming an amazing 22 year old prospect, and he’s blowing it.


  • Shamy

    Who cooks dinner during a podcast and expects to be taken seriously?

    • hax


  • dasein

    Asik to the Pellies.

    Bugger :(

    • hax

      Asik-Davis = Nasty defensive front court. #no-layups #notinmyhouse
      And this frees up Ryan Anderson to be traded, maybe alongside Gordon for a better-fit SG/SF
      A lot of people hopped on them for the Holiday trade, but he’s better than anything at #10, and Asik will be better(if he doesn’t leave) than anything 4-19 next year. I like the aggression. And they got a guy who is a superstar at age 21. Holy crap.
      What happened to our Rondo-Hayward-Melo-Love-Asik dynasty?!?!

    • Ping

      I’m disppointed the C’s couldn’t nab Asik, especially at that price. If Houston nabs Melo, what is that pick worth? #25 or lower? Couldn’t the Clippers’ 2015 have gotten it done for Boston? Shame.

      Either way, I’m with hax. As much as I love the C’s, I still love the NBA as a whole. Asik deserves a starting job, and pairing him with Davis could be a league nightmare. I’ll be fascinated to watch the two of them on D, and either one run the PnR with Holiday and Evans. Scary possibilities.