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Bulpett: Celtics Will Look to Trade Rondo If They Can’t Acquire Kevin Love

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 11.21.04 PMCeltics fans probably knew this one was coming. As plan A for the Celtics rebuild (Kevin Love) looks a little shaky, an alternative is out there.

According to Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald, if Love is traded elsewhere, the Celtics would likely try to move Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green for assets and build from within for another season.
If the Celtics cannot get Love, they are planning to continue with the longer and more methodical rebuilding process, a process that would likely see Rajon Rondo traded. (An NBA source said they would also have a taker for Jeff Green if they chose to move him.)

We’ve touched on this scenario several times this year here at CelticsHub so it’s no surprise to see the possibility rise to the surface. I shared a few of my thoughts on the scenario in a post for Boston.com
this morning.

If the Celtics are unable to take a major step forward with their roster next season, the Rondo trade option has to be explored and that should come as no surprise to Celtics fans. Multiple league sources have confirmed that the team discussed possible trades for the star point guard at the trade deadline but the suitors were not willing to meet Ainge’s high asking price at the time.

With free agency looming for Rondo next summer, Boston’s current captain will be looking for a significant raise in his next contract. If the Celtics can’t field a competitive team to put around him for next season, they risk testing Rondo’s patience.

Danny Ainge also may not be enthusiastic at handing Rondo a max contract, a deal the point guard will surely be shooting for in free agency. Without the allure of playing for a winning team, Rondo may be unwilling to accept less than that to remain in Boston for the long-term, especially if he can find a similar deal on the open market.

Instead of taking the risk that Rondo walks next summer, the Celtics may want to cash in on him and other high-priced veterans on the roster (including Green) this offseason to guarantee a return and accumulate more young assets now.

You can check out the rest of the column by clicking here


  • hax

    Long rebuild, bleh.

  • Rich Jensen

    First off, Bulpett’s sources are talking through their collective hats.

    Nobody outside the C’s front office knows what their contingencies are. That place is a black box. Daryl Morey’s minions leaked the Celtics offer for Asik in order to lure better offers, and it didn’t work. The Clippers leaked the Doc Rivers trade because their organization was a basket case. When the C’s deal with even remotely competent organizations that aren’t trying to leverage them through the media, you just don’t hear about the deal until it goes down. Remember when the C’s hired Stevens? Or traded Pierce/Garnett?

    And that’s just personnel moves–that’s not overall strategy.

    Secondly, of course there’s a team willing to acquire Jeff Green. In a vacuum any trade is acceptable. Sure. I’ll trade Jerryd Bayless for Chandler Parsons. Melo for a year’s supply of Jiffy Pop? Done. Jeff Green for a 2nd round pick? Absolutely.

    I’m afraid that Steve has been the cat’s paw of a few different entities this week. He dutifully published the nonsense coming out of Minnesota about how “unhappy” they were with Boston’s offer, and here he is broadcasting some other GM’s wish to get Jeff Green on the cheap.

  • dasein

    Well, ok but who are these teams wanting to trade for Rondo and what do they have to give back? The answer to the should X trade Y question is always, for what?

    Teams who don’t have a PG locked in and could potentially want Rondo:

    Pacers (nothing to trade back)
    Knicks (nothing to trade)
    Raptors (easier to resign Lowry)
    Magic (can just draft a PG in a week and aren’t looking to win now)

    That leaves 5 teams who might be destinations. I think the Jazz and Bucks are unlikely because they aren’t fussed about trying to win now and because Rondo probably wouldn’t resign. That leaves the Kings, Pistons, and (gulp) Lakers who might be motivated to try their luck.

    Pistons is prob the least likely of the 3, as Stan hasn’t had time to play with the toys he already has yet. So in my insider knowledge free estimation, a package centered around the 7th or 8th pick is what we’re looking at here. So basically nothing that’s going to excite Celtics fans.

    Yet another reason to root for the Love trade.

    • saltydog

      You forget about the Rockets, They could potentially land both Melo and Rondo. For me it would take Parsons, Lin, Asik plus multiple (far) future 1st rounders.

      • dasein

        Na, I didn’t forget about them. Beverly suits their needs better than rondo and at a fraction of the price. I suspect they value parsons more than rondo too. Also, if they are going to go hard after Melo and lebron they prob can’t take on an extra 10m at the pg spot.

  • skeeds

    the first chip hasn’t fallen yet. nothing, nothing at all has any meaning right now. It’s all pure speculation. There’s a ton of things about to go down, and as with every offseason, it will be more of a chain reaction than a logical sequence of moves. Asik gets traded tomorrow for example and suddenly it’s a whole new off-season.

    I’m not buying for a second that the GSW have been making pitch after pitch these past days. It’s not even clear who would circulate such a rumor to profit from it. GS themselves might be looking for a reaction from the Wolves (and more importantly Love) thus throwing potential packages out there. Any team on Love pursuit might be leaking this crap to make any real offer Golden State eventually puts on the table look lackluster. Thompson’s dad might be running his mouth to let the Wolves know his son ain’t gonna try and fit in if he goes to Minnesota, and that he’ll ask for a max extension next year, so that they stay away from him.

    Also not buying the long rebuild thing. And trading Rondo wouldn’t even make sense then. Simply put. If you’re trying to rebuild and you have one building block and a ton of trade assets, you don’t trade your building block, you trade the assets. Unless Rondo could be part of a deal that brings Chris Paul+Griffin or something outrageous like that to Boston, I can’t think of a single good reason to trade him right now.

    Hang tight. The bullsh#t period is officially over on draft night.

    • hax

      Hope so.
      This stuff is ridiculous.

    • dasein

      Speaking of bullshit, a recent sports centre report had GSW adding a 2014 1st rounder to their love pitch. Problem is, GSW doesn’t own a 2014 1st. How did we get to this point, where “news agency’s” don’t even bother with simple fact checking. Sad, sad state if affairs.

      • hax


    • Rich Jensen

      Who would circulate the GS rumor?

      Flip or one of his minions, trying to turn the screws on Danny.

      And the problem, of course, is that you can’t turn the screws on Danny. If you ask too much, he’ll just say no.

      • skeeds

        or put the screws on the Warriors to see their reaction. I read somewhere (I think hoopshype) the situation addressed as “Golden State being reluctant to meet Minnesota’s ‘suggestions’ ” which means Saunders was throwing things out there to see what sticks.
        Also Thompson’s dad eventually confessed that his “source” that had his son being offered, was ESPN. I’m willing to bet money it was Broussard.

    • Thomas Graham

      i totally agree

  • hax

    Now the Warriors are being greedy about Thompson.
    And the Lakers want Thompson…2 SG’s taking over half of your cap space? Wow, that franchise is done for. Not to mention nobody wants to coach there except Byron Scott.

    Just glad we have Danny Ainge running the GM show behind the scenes.

    • CP37

      I just read that BS as well. Apparently LA would surrender the 7th pick for Thompson, Minny would get the 7th pick and Lee and GS would get Love & Martin. In what universe is this a better haul for the Wolves than taking Sully, Bass, Bogans, #6, #17, and one or two more first rounders? Good thing that draft night is only 5 days away.

      • hax

        If Love isn’t traded by draft night, I’m gonna be ‘angry’ to say the least.

        • CP37

          As long as he ends up in a C’s uniform, all this hysteria and hoopla will have all been worth it :)

          • skeeds

            I donno, I get the feeling it might be Melo we go for in the end. Rondo’s hinted more than once that Ainge is working on that, and we all know in these cases, the noisiest rumors are the most likely to be false. All that racket about Melo going to the Bulls, I don’t buy it.
            I’d prefer Love, off course, but I’m willing to compromise for Melo+Asik.

            …then we make a verbal agreement with Love who subsequently refuses to sign an extension with anyone else, forcing the Wolves to trade him to us for scrap on the deadline, and presto, super team! 😀

          • hax

            Rose will stub a toe and be out for the season.
            Gibson/Butler/Noah are nice defensively, but 13-13-11 ppg respectively(in a year without rose/deng!)
            Melo would have to carry so bad on offense. And be tired, because Thibs would make him play defense.

  • hax

    Gerald Wallace & 17th overall pick
    Hollis Thompson

    • dasein

      Not a bad idea form our end. I think the problem is that the price for taking on Wallace’s asshole of a deal would be higher than the 17th pick. Tying up cap space constitutes an opportunity cost for the sixers, so just because they can do it doesn’t mean they should.

      • hax

        Guess we could give them back their 2015 1st rounder(aka two 2nd rounders). But only if Melo agreed beforehand :)

        Hinkie would have to really consider it. Their whole team will be rookies this year, and Wallace’s expiring might look nice(easy to trade) the year after when a team wants 2016 Durant cap space.

  • hax

    Isaiah Austin diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, and career is over before having the chance to be drafted/signed. Terrible news for him. :(

  • hax

    Ron Adams leaves for GSW

    • dasein


  • Van Campecino

    ngek! hopefully they will choose wade or lebron to partner with rondo on celtics