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Chad Ford: Celtics Package For Kevin Love “Probably The Best” The Wolves Will Get

A bit of breaking news for you: The Celtics are still interested in Kevin Love.

I know, I was surprised too. In Chad Ford’s latest mock draft, he indicated the Celtics are still pushing hard to move their pick for the disgruntled star, but he also mentioned — seemingly in passing — that the Wolves may consider Boston’s package the best they will get.

Here’s Ford:

I continue to get strong signals that the Celtics are trying hard to use pick No. 6 and 17 along with future No. 1s and young players such as Jared Sullinger or Kelly Olynyk to persuade the Minnesota Timberwolves to trade them Kevin Love. One source close to the Wolves said that while Flip Saunders does not want to trade Love, he realizes the team likely will lose him this summer and the package the Celtics are offering is probably the best he’s going to get. Given the strength of the draft, picks 6, 13 and 17 could land them three young starters to help them rebuild their roster quickly.

Boston’s package looks enticing in this light. If Minnesota can get three starters from smart drafting, they will have a young, affordable roster to develop and mold for the future, which is invaluable for a rebuilding team (and without Love, the Wolves would certainly be rebuilding). That might make Boston’s offer a better one than — for example — Chicago’s Taj Gibson + Nikola Mirotic or Golden State’s David Lee + Klay Thompson + Harrison Barnes deal. Both those deals give Minnesota something concrete for the short term, but fail to address any long-term needs. Boston’s deal allows the Wolves to be bad for a year or two — not an easy thing to ask of a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 10 years, but a necessary evil if/when Love departs.

That being said, Flip Saunders is now the GM AND the coach of the Wolves, and he very well might be looking for a more immediate splash. Having future flexibility and young prospects would be great and all, but as a coach, why would you want to develop young players when you could try to coax a playoff appearance out of Rubio-Thompson-Barnes-Lee-Pekovic? Flip’s dual job is a wrench in the proceedings, and it’s part of the reason I’m never quite sold on the idea of a coach/GM that isn’t named “Doc Rivers.”

Nine days until the draft. Buckle up and prepare to get whiplash.

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  • hax

    Exciting stuff, but I’m going to be crushed if we don’t get Love at this point.

    • CP37

      Same here, it’d be awesome to watch him & Rondo play together. He’d love this city and we’d love him back just as much. I say trade as many as 3-4 picks in the package for both of Minny’s Kevins, use the trade exception for Asik and help Houston shed cap, hope the Rockets get Melo and see if after they snag Melo, if we can get our paws on Chandler Parsons. What do you think?

      • dasein

        No thanks to Martin. We’d be better off sticking with Bradley. He at least can play 1.5 sides of the ball unlike Martin.

        Don’t see the Rockets giving away Asik unless they know they’ll get Melo. I think Asik is gettable, but doubt it will be for free. Don’t think Parsons is available either, unless he brings back a star.

        I think Chad might be a bit confused here though. 6, 13, and 17? When did we get the 13th pick? I also get the feeling Min would rather tread water with the Chi or GS packages. Not saying it’s the right thing to do, but hard to bottom out again when you’ve been bad for so long. Hope I’m wrong of course.

        • hax

          Min has 13 :)

          • dasein


        • Tom Westerholm

          I think you’re right to be concerned about Minnesota not wanting to bottom out.

          Also: If the Wolves do prefer Boston’s package, there’s a very real chance they tell the Celtics the deal isn’t happening unless Boston absorbs Martin’s contract. The Boston deal is the Wolves bottoming out, so they’ll want three things: 1) Lots of picks, 2) A prospect (and Boston will be willing to give up Olynyk, Sullinger or anyone else the Wolves ask for) and 3) Some salary cleared. Martin would be the salary clearing.

        • CP37

          I just think that Martin would be a good addition to our bench. If we can keep Kelly, bring back Humphries and Bayless, and add K. Mart, that’s a pretty good bench. But I see your concern with taking on Martin’s contract (which is so so), especially considering we still have to deal with Wallace’s.

  • Tyler

    LOVE AND MARTIN TO BOSTON FOR KELLY , 6pick, 17pick , bass, pressy, future 1st round pick

    • hax

      Not KO :(

  • skeeds

    @cp37:disqus the same Melo-Asik-Trade Exception triangle has been circling my mind for days too. It definitely sounds like a trade that would benefit everyone, but Ainge should press the Rockets to go for it while Melo remains 100% undecided. Parsons from what I’ve read is considered almost untouchable for the Rockets, even if they get Melo.

    • CP37

      Damn, I was hoping we could give up a pick or two to Houston to get him. Then we could have a trio of Rondo-Parsons-Love, but I’ll put away my daydreaming for now :)

      • hax

        Or trade away more $ guys and sign Melo ourselves. 😀

  • dasein

    This from Ford’s chat today:

    “I was told by a good source in Minnesota that as of Monday, the Celtics had the best offer on the table and were the favorites to land Love. I think Bill Simmons reported something similar today. I know the Boston Herald just said the opposite — that the Warriors and Nuggets had made better offers. But I’m skeptical. The Warriors won’t include Klay Thompson (at least not yet). And the Nuggets? They have the 11th pick. They have Kenneth Faried. But what else? Gallinari? Hickson? I don’t think that’s a better offer than the Celtics.”

    …and on what they are offering

    “6, 17, future No. 1s from the Nets + Sullinger and/or Olynk. I think Boston is one of the three or four places Love would be happy to land. I think he’d re-sign.”

    • CP37

      I’d love to be able to keep the Nets picks (like everyone else here). How likely do you think GS is to include Thompson in a potential deal?

      • hax

        Only if they’re desperate.
        Under Kerr, I doubt they’d be contenders.

    • hax

      I believe other teams don’t want a 1 year rental, and are scared to put it all onto the table for Love. Meaning I agree with Simmons/Ford.

      The fact that the ‘sources’ aka Flip Saunders, went straight to the Boston Herald screams BS. They want Danny to pick up the newspaper and see ‘Barnes, Thompson, Lee; Faried, picks, etc. and throw more their way.

      I HOPE