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Podcast: Talking Draft Prospects With SB Nation’s Tyler Lashbrook

Last night, I talked prospects with Tyler Lashbrook of SB Nation, who has been doing fantastic draft work for SB Nation (here’s an example). We covered Marcus Smart, Dante Exum and the likelihood of a draft-night slide for the Aussie combo guard. In addition, we broke down the big trio of power forwards and who the Celtics should take with the 17th pick.

Note: I forgot to make the pod available for download previously. It should be good to go now.

Follow Tyler on Twitter: @Lashy.

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  • hax

    16 days until the draft, ugggghhh

    Some guys I want to see at our Summer League if they aren’t drafted.

    Aaron Craft
    Isaiah Austin
    Spencer Dinwiddie
    LaQuinton Ross
    Sim Bhullar(mostly to see that giant on the court…his game needs massive work.)
    Alec Brown

  • hax

    Go Spurs!

    Getting so close last year and losing was devastating even for a non-spurs fan to watch. Redemption must happen for them…

    Also, LeBron-Jordan comparisons might go away finally.
    6/6 NBA finals with a team that had Kerr, Rodman, Grant. Average supporting cast there outside of Pippen(16 ppg career, not a superstar either)

    LeBron with an All-Star team basically. 2/5 if they lose this series. And one of those was completely saved by Ray Allen. The other was against a college team practically(Thunder).

    LeBron should be compared to Magic, not Jordan.