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Wojnarowski: Wolves “Discussing” Kevin Love Trades

Without much preamble, let’s just put this here.

As always, the necessary reminders: Boston’s isn’t the only trade package available, the Celtics don’t have any young prospects that would command a superstar, Kevin Love can’t fully dictate where he goes (assuming he enjoyed his weekend in Boston), and the Wolves could always back out and just gamble that they get a LaMarcus-Aldridge-and-the-Blazers-type turnaround. It’s the NBA. Things happen. Minds change.

But Love may be in play. Woj is one of the most reputable NBA reporters in the business, and if his sources are talking, they are probably accurate (they may even be Kevin Love). And if the Wolves are looking for picks, Boston’s is easily the best package available if we assume that A) Cleveland wouldn’t trade the #1 pick for a Kevin Love rental and B) Kevin Love wouldn’t re-sign in Cleveland.

Things are getting interesting.

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  • hax

    ‘No young prospects’

    From the same site raving over Sully as ‘Love 2.0’ all season.

    And KO averaged 25.6 ppg in the last 3 games of the season, averaging 53% from the field. It was the first time all season he got true starter’s minutes(keep in mind Stevens had PF going 2-4 deep all year).

    Those aren’t even ‘Dirk 2.0’ numbers, they’re actually better than Dirk.

    And those million draft picks of course.

    • dasein

      As much as I’d like to believe KO is Dirk 2.0. 3 games is a microscopic sample size. The other 79 games count too. And he still can’t guard anyone, which is kinda a big deal when you’re a big.

      Tom isn’t saying that the Cs have no young prospects, just that none of them are held in high enough regard to excite Min all that much.

      • Ping

        Exactly. Three games is nothing in the NBA, let alone the last three of the year against teams like Cleveland and Philly. Over the entire season, Olynyk was a -0.2 in PPP, per 82games. Defensively the team was better with him off the court, and it was obvious he can’t guard most PFs and Cs (opposing centers posted a 24.6 PER against him). All this done largely against second units as a bench player.
        That said, he shot much better than expected (35% from 3) and was at least a factor on the O-boards (11 ORB%). Those stats are a little more impressive when you realize that Olynyk played at least 20 minutes with 15 different units. His top two lines (68 and 45 mins played) both included Jordan Crawford. All those lines did fairly well on offense.

        So I’ll say this: franchise altering, position re-defining, defense-bending PF? No. Potentially good role player who excels on offense? Sure. With consistent minutes and frontcourt pairings, Olynyk could improve even more.

        • hax

          It’s a small sample, but it was his only true chance to get big minutes.
          Enough that, if the worst case scenario happens and we don’t get a star for the 6th pick, I really hope KO is our starting PF at the start of the season.

      • hax

        I’ve seen some raw defenders turn into great ones. Garnett, Noah! They weren’t on the all nba defense team in their rookie seasons, that’s for sure.

        KO’s interior defense needs work, and he needs some muscle added.
        But guarding PF/C outside the paint, he was actually good last year. He jumped a lot of passes, knocking the ball out of bounds. He’s too fast for most PF/C to get by him on the perimeter.

    • Tom Westerholm

      Just to finish the quote: “No young prospects who would command a superstar.”

  • Mark

    Don’t give up the farm. Love isn’t an alpha dog like KG was.

    • hax

      He averaged 22 ppg-10 rpg-1.6 blocks the year before the Celtics got him. 31 years old when we got him.

      K-Love 26 – 12- 0.5 and he’ll turn 26 by the start of next season.

      Younger, better scoring/rebounding…worse defense(by far).

  • dasein

    Also, C’mon Danny!

  • Ping

    I’m all-in for Love, but it is possible the Celtics don’t have enough to get him (at least in Minnesota’s eyes, the pair that matters). Still, that doesn’t mean we’re in for another 50 loss season if Love goes elsewhere.

    The C’s still have a valuable asset outside of #6 and 17: the Pierce/Bogans created $10.3 million trade exception. It could facilitate a trade for another star or someone close. Omer Asik and Larry Sanders are two popular names. Thing is, the TE expires pretty soon, July 12th to be exact. So while it may not be Love coming to Boston, I find it hard to believe DA will let that large an asset disappear with nothing to show for it. Something will happen within the next four weeks.

  • hax

    Flip Saunders coaching the Wolves himself now.
    This is probably good news, since it’s clear Love isn’t impressed with him as their president & gm.
    The guy gives long term deals to everyone!