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Rondo: “I Don’t Need To Say How Good (Kevin Love) Is”

Rajon Rondo was at the Celtics’ rookie draft workout today, and — as you might expect — reporters had a couple of questions about things that weren’t Chaz Williams.

Here’s Rondo on Kevin Love’s recent trip to Boston:

“You get right to it, huh? I talked to Kevin for about 39 seconds (Tom’s note: Rondo WOULD know how long, in seconds, he talked to Kevin Love), it wasn’t too long. We didn’t talk a lot.

Did it make TMZ? It’s all over the web? We do work together, we play against each other, we compete, so when I saw Kevin I spoke. I wished him good luck here.”


“I trust a lot in Danny. He’s turned this thing around before. I have faith in him. I believe in Danny. I think we do need another big-time player. But that’s all his job. He’s working on that now and I completely have faith in him.

I don’t need to say how good (Love) is. The world sees it every night, or sees the stats every night. He puts up great numbers. But I think he wants to win now. It seems like, as of now, the team to beat, you have to gear up to beat the Miami Heat or the San Antonio Spurs. But either way, both teams have continued to dominate these last couple seasons. I think a lot of teams have to rethink about their team and the structure of their roster and try to make adjustments. I think the two or three years that we were pretty good, Miami geared up to beat the Boston Celtics. And the year before that, we geared up to beat the Detroit  Pistons. It’s just a matter of getting the right team together to go beat the Heat and beat the Spurs. They are the teams to beat.”

Closer. Can we get a little more lighter fluid?

There it is! But in the absence of any Carmelo rumors to pass along, let’s focus on Love for a minute.

The picture that floated around the internet yesterday of Rondo and Love greeting one another looked like a brief encounter, but their interaction is still quite intriguing. After all, the combination of Love and Rondo would be enough to at least interest other free agents in joining up and creating another Eastern Conference big three.

There’s little to look into in these quotes, of course. Rondo was careful to keep any kind of definitive statement out of his quotes (even his praise of Love seemed measured), and he clearly doesn’t want to upset the established order and be accused of tampering. He even trolled media a little bit when asked about making a pitch to Love.

“The only pitch that was thrown I think was Jon Lester, he threw out a couple pitches. I didn’t pitch anything. I just told him just enjoy his time here.”

Well played again, Mr. Rondo. I can’t imagine anyone is buying your story, but well played.

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  • skeeds

    I can almost see it. Ainge pulls a sweet draft night deal bringing in player x, preferably a center, (Joakim Noah? Marc Gasol?) which convinces Love that the C’s mean business, leading to a blockbuster trade with the Wolves. Basically, I’ve decided the year is 2007 again.
    Btw I know team personnel isn’t allowed to contact Love, but Bill Russell better be picking up that phone.

    • CP37

      How do you feel about the hypothetical of Larry Sanders at center?

      • skeeds

        Eh… I don’t like big guys who can’t score. I understand that’s not an easy thing to ask, but I’d honestly never go for a big guy who has likely zero potential of developing an offensive game. Not to mention he’s not really a bargain at 12 mil a year, is he?
        Then again, compared to our situation right now at center? Hell yeah I’d go for Larry Sanders and pray that he grows into DeAndre Jordan.

        • CP37

          Since Sanders is at 44 mil/4 years, a better and cheaper option would be taking Asik/Lin off of Houston’s hands right? Especially considering they both become UFA’s next year. Just imaging a starting 5 of Rondo-Bradley-Green-Love Asik makes me giddy.

          • Eisenhorn1976

            I think Sanders is an interesting option but the MAJOR IF with that guy is whether he’s gotten his head on straight. After signing that deal, it’s been downhill with him.

          • Tom Westerholm

            Asik probably wouldn’t be a cheaper option if you want to keep him past this season. His contract would be an $8 million cap hit for the 2014-15 season (plus another $7 mil that doesn’t count toward the cap), and he expires next year but if the Celtics wanted to keep him, they would probably have to pay him at least as much as Sanders since they both do roughly the same thing.

            That’s fine if you prefer Asik to Sanders, and it’s not an unreasonable position by any means. It’s just worth noting that, in the long run, the salaries will likely be pretty comparable.

        • Ping

          I would be fine with either option, as both are premier “rim protectors.” That paper from Sloan published last year had Larry Sanders as THE best interior defender in the game (prior to his horrendous overall 2013-14). Acquiring him at what may now be a lowered value is a win in my book.

      • hax

        Last season’s Sanders, yes.
        This season’s Sanders regressed semmingly.
        But considering John Henson & a possible Embiid pick, I’d have to think Sanders wouldn’t be hard to get.

  • hax

    Melo ‘wants to play with Rondo’ hence the Knicks spawning Rondo trade rumors all year.

    Love visits Boston and meets with Rondo.

    Asik is probably as get-able as a Top 15 Center can be.

    We just have to trade everyone except Rondo to make $ room. Do eetttt.

    • Eisenhorn1976

      I would love to see Pierce back in Celtic green under the right circumstances.

    • Ping

      Little thing called the salary cap that may prevent this scenario…

      • hax

        Shh…the NBA doesn’t have to know.

  • Eisenhorn1976

    Rajon doesn’t want to get fined for tampering. It’s not like he’ll really tell the media what he told KLove.

    • Tom Westerholm

      Certainly. Also, it’s 2014. You can bet Rondo has Love’s number and is texting him.

      • hax

        “Come to Boston, bro” – Rondo’s text
        *Rondo thinks for a few seconds*
        “We have 36 taco bells here”

        • Eisenhorn1976

          Somehow, that really cracked me up!

  • check12check

    starting to think the Love rumors are more than people talking about the possibility. if we make the move, I just we don’t get bent over a barrel to get him. I’m going to trust in Danny; that trust has worked out before

  • TMC

    No Melo.

    I know he is considered a superstar with a scoring title and all that, but his game is too iso-heavy where a top shelf passing point guard doesn’t impact his game much (he’s been on the same team with Andre Miller, Chauncey Billups, and Jason Kidd in his career with no discernible change in points per game or shooting percentages).

    this goes deeper into what I’m saying: http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2014/05/carmelo-anthony-way-overrated/361528/

    • hax

      To be fair, all of those guys were older/washed up by the time they played with Melo. I think as years go by, and he matures more, starts to see an end to his basketball tunnel; it’ll be easier to look in the mirror and say ‘maybe an extra pass would be better than that 20 foot fadeaway over a 7 footer’.

      Or…maybe he goes Iverson with it and ballhogs/stat-stuffs for the rest of his career.

    • skeeds

      I can’t believe I’m gonna defend Melo, but here it goes. That article is completely randomin the way it interprets data, in every argument it’s trying to make. Most importantily, comparing his scoring percentages to 2 mvps playing for the top 2/3 teams in the league with all star teammates is so misleading. We’re talking about a guy who’s 2nd option these past 3 years is JR Smith. He’s definitely a ball hog, but he wasn’t the one calling iso plays every 2nd trip down court.
      He’s a diva who brought all of this to himself, but purely in terms of basketball? He’s mid 2000’s Pierce. Every piece of criticism I’ve heard about Melo in the past 3-4 years,
      I’ve heard (or said) for Pierce 10 years ago. Selfish, ballhog, full of
      himself, diva, takes too many shots, doesn’t put in the effort, doesn’t
      rebound, lazy on defense.
      Carmelo is a gifted scorer who might not have what it takes to win it all, then again team him up with 2 allstars and a proper coach and all of a sudden he’s a leader and a finals mvp. You wouldn’t team him up with Love and Rondo cause he’s a diva? I wouldn’t even blink.

      • hax

        I’d rather take a risky combo that has a chance to get #18 than a safe combo that has no chance.

  • Janos

    i am so proud rondos step iup leaders nba celtics he is now a man befoe my eye