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Kevin Love Enjoys Casual Visit to Boston

Photo courtesy of Baxter Holmes.

Photo courtesy of Baxter Holmes.

Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love—maybe you’ve heard of him—spent his weekend exploring the finer side of life in Boston, Massachusetts. He hit up some bars, took in some sights, snapped a few photos with drooling basketball fans, and even attended a Red Sox game with his agent at Fenway Park.

It’s difficult to discern whether this is “news” or a “story.” Boston is a city tons of people enjoy visiting when the weather isn’t a brutal adversary. On the other hand, let’s not pretend Love is a typical tourist. The Boston Celtics are clearly interested in trading for the 25-year-old, three-time All-Star and making him the face of their franchise as soon as next year, and for him to be in their city of all places is, on some level, sort of stimulating.

It also means just about nothing, as Love himself isn’t allowed to meet with the Celtics organization since he’s under contract with another team. Still, the California native could be anywhere right now, and he’s decided to spend a few days of his charmed life soaking up all the Commonwealth has to offer. Neat.

The Boston Globe’s Baxter Holmes has been all over Love’s vacation, tweeting out details (including the picture above, which was taken today at Fenway) and catching up with a few lucky Celtics fans who actually saw Love roaming the streets. One such onlooker was recent Harvard graduate Marc Atiyeh, a 22-year-old from Lebanon, who had the privilege of snapping a few pictures with the best rebounder of his generation.

“He was super, super friendly — super, super nice.” Before the two parted ways, Atiyeh said he told Love, “MVP next year.” Love smiled in response.

What does any of this mean??? Who knows. The Timberwolves are publicly committed to convincing their franchise star that Minnesota isn’t a bad place to spend his prime. This statement was made by Timberwolves president Flip Saunders earlier today.

Still, there’s zero harm in getting really excited anyway. So let’s get excited.


Michael Pina covers the NBA for ESPN’s TrueHoop Network, Sports on Earth, FOX Sports, Grantland, Bleacher Report and The Classical. His writing can be found here. Follow him @MichaelVPina.

  • hax

    Come on, Danny!

    • hax
    • http://www.patriotsandceltics.blogspot.com.br Filippo Jordão

      Please do it … cuz i see rebounds … rebounds everywhere.
      this guy and sully would catch rebounds, all of then, all over the planet.
      Yes sir !

      • dasein

        neither love nor sully can play big minutes at centre. Love would make sully expendable, and that’s assuming he wasn’t required in the trade, which he probably would be.

        • http://www.patriotsandceltics.blogspot.com.br Filippo Jordão

          i agree with the minutes … but expendable a player like sully i really doubt.
          I bring him from the bench, keeping him fresh. and would try to trade olynyk.

          • dasein

            Yeah, fair enough. Sully would be a great 3rd big and I’d probably lean him over Olynyk too. I’d guess Minisota would also, which is why I’d be surprised if Sully wasn’t part of a Love trade.

          • hax

            Olynyk was a certified beast in the last 3 games when he started. 24, 25, 28 points!

  • hax

    How many players just happen to go to a major city and hang out with a rival star? None. Love is showing the world where he wants to play and Flip Saunders needs to trade him to us or we’ll take him in free agency!

    • dasein

      Nobody is going to convince me this isn’t Love doing due diligence. :)

  • James Patrick

    I wouldn’t give TWolves anything more than that horrible #6. If Love wants to play in Boston, he’ll play in Boston.

  • hax

    Also, I like how Rondo looks like a normal person that you could see walking down the street, whereas Kevin Love looks like he is about to shoot another Taco Bell commercial.

  • hax

    And apparently Love ‘loves’ Celtics history.
    I wish he’d tell Danny he’ll definitely join next summer so we could use our assets elsewhere and still get him…

  • Wes

    So why trade away draft picks and some talent when you can wait one year and get him for free? Knicks traded away there future for Carmelo.
    So wouldn’t it be better to wait if he wants to come anyway? Or at least offer very little if he wants to insist on coming here. Right?

    • hax

      He would have to tell Flip ‘trade me to Boston or I leave’ and flip chooses wallace & sully or nothing.

    • Ping

      You trade for Love now (regardless of an agreement on an extension, in my opinion) because it forces Love’s hand, in a way. If Love reaches FA, he can go anywhere that can pay him. Frankly, as much as he may like what he saw, Boston isn’t the best destination. If they don’t improve in the immediate future, there are other solid franchises closer to winning. Phoenix, Golden State, and Chicago come to mind if they clear the cap space.

      If you trade for Love, not only do you get him next year (before Rondo’s contract is up as well), but you retain the rights to offer him more money than any other team for an extension.

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