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Noah Vonleh, P.J. Hairston, Kyle Anderson, DeAndre Daniels, and Marcus Smart Will Work Out for Celtics

r620-dccde96bdfad7f33cd227b95a0e03722With June on the horizon, workouts for draft prospects for individual teams are starting to pop up around the league. With the Celtics firmly entrenched in the sixth spot, there is virtually no chance top prospects like Joel Embiid, Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins or Dante Exum will be making their way to Boston. They have their sights set on teams selecting higher, so no need to waste their time with a team in the sixth spot.

There are still a considerable collection of players to consider at both the 6 and 17 spots if the Celtics keep their picks and a number of players have already lined up for work out dates with the Celtics according to ESPN’s Jeff Goodman.  Here’s who we know so far:

Projected lottery picks Celtics will consider at number 6

Marcus Smart (G) Oklahoma State. Projected to be top 7 pick

Noah Vonleh (C) Indiana. Projected to be selected 5-10

Projected first round picks Celtics will consider at 17

Kyle Anderson (SF) UCLA. Projected mid-late first round pick

P.J. Hairston (SF) UNC/D-League. Projected mid-late first round pick

DeAndre Daniels (SF) UConn is currently expected to be picked in the second round. The Celtics don’t have a second round pick at the moment, but should be able to move into the round, if necessary. The team dealt their 34th overall pick last year to the Dallas Mavericks for the right to move up and select Kelly Olynyk.

We’ll have more on these prospects as their workout approaches. Hairston, Anderson and Daniels are all expected to work out for the Celtics on June 3rd, according to Goodman.


  • hax

    Anybody but Marcus Smart.

    • dasein

      Because you don’t think he’ll be any good, or because of what it would mean for Rondo?

      • hax

        Both. I see him as a Brandon Knight 2.0, trading Rondo and drafting Smart means we won’t contend for the next few years. And he comes off as very immature, also failed to get his team anywhere in the tourney each year.

        • maybe, because keeping him we can trade rondo for a great player who can carry us to the banner.
          Rondo is a great PG, but not the type who can carry the scoring e the whole team on his back. I love his style of play, but he has to be matched with very good stars and role player, and as we know, PP and KG a not coming back any younger.
          I like the move with smart, great defender, great penetrator, very competitive.
          Can you imagine him and AB together ?
          He’s not gonna be a star over night, but i think he has a lot of potential.

          • check12check

            Rondo’s value on the trade market way exceeds his value on the court. just saying…..

          • check12check

            to elaborate on my last comment, it’s been proven that rondo can be a valuable asset in the right situation. it’s also been proven that in rare, occasional games rondo can be ‘the man’. it has never been shown that rondo can be a consistent, stabilizing presence for a team, and yet he currently commands that sort of value around the league. It would be so much smarter for us to move him for a scorer. plus, I just can’t stomach watching rondo miss any more layups. for the record, I frequently say that I don’t think there is another Celtics fan out there who dislikes Rondo as much as I do. Call me a biased fool if you want, but I think he essentially ensures mediocrity if left on our team right now

          • i think the same way, i love rondo, i love those trick passes, but with the cast that we have right now, i dont think that he’s a short term solution, and beeing 28 i guess … i dont know if we gonna be at the top on the next 3 or 4 years, because, by then … he will be 32, and we’ll be thinking on the PG of the future.
            I would be really sad to see him going, but i think that its the best move for the team right now.

          • hax

            Hold the phone!
            We have plenty of draft picks and young talent that can possibly be traded for other stars.
            If we can grab Love, Asik, etc. this team instantly becomes one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference.
            A big ‘if’ but that has to be looked into before selling our only star.

          • check12check

            and then what? bringing a few starts together does not make a team. If we trade away all of our young, promising players for stars and then try to fill in the holes with garbage we will make essentially zero progress. Love would not fit well on our team right now. He can spread the floor, but how much will that really help us? other than Rondo, who do you see regularly driving to the rim? and in regard to that, see my earlier comment about Rondo Layups. Rondo needs running mates for the fast break, and Love certainly isn’t going to be helping there. Everyone knows that Love needs a true center along side him to thrive, and we don’t have one. People keep saying, ‘yeah, but we can get Asik!’ but that is just so unrealistic. We are not going to get Love AND Asik AND keep hold of enough talent around them to make a great team. I half except fans to then say ‘and then we can discover the fountain of youth so we can have an in his prime Larry Bird!’ Moreover, Rondo only has a few years left before a trip the that fountain would be good for him too, and his injury certainly doesn’t help. We are in good shape for the future, but the reality is that future isn’t going to arrive as soon as next season

        • Bdiddy

          Brandon Knight? Smart outweighs him by 30 lbs. and is a much better defender. Smart is a better version of Bradley at less cost. No one in their right mind can say he would be a bad pick unless you have never watched him play. He actually defended Wiggins fairly well even though he was giving up 4 inches. He is almost the same size as D-Wade and I think he will be a similar player. Attacking the rim at will. I don’t see too many 2 guards being able to stop him off the dribble

          • hax

            Nearly killed a fan
            Couldn’t carry his team anywhere in college, whereas true stars have gone far with worse teams(Curry/Wade/etc.)

            Brandon Knight 2.0 isn’t an insult…he just averaged 17 & 5 last year with the Bucks.

          • Bdiddy

            A push constitutes almost killing someone? Here is the wrap up of Smart’s elimination game in the tournament.

            “As for Smart, the box score will show he finished with an impressive 23 points, 13 rebounds, seven assists and six steals. According to ESPN, be became the first player in tourney history to record 20 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 steals

            Yes, I would say he really choked in the tourney.

  • dasein

    This from Chad Ford’s latest chat…

    “Ainge went from hating the draft to loving it overnight LOL. If the Top 4 are all off the board (and by the way the Celtics are adamant that there isn’t as much separation between the top 4 guys and the next 4 guys as we and others have suggested) then it’s Aaron Gordon, Marcus Smart, Noah Vonleh and Julius Randle in some order. They also like Tyler Ennis and Gary Harris a lot too. Based on everything I’ve been able to gather all year, I’d say Gordon is probably the favorite though I know Smart has really grown on them and Ainge’s son played against Vonleh in high school which gave Ainge a few extra scouting looks at him as well. But if I was going to pick one guy right now, I think it’s Gordon.”

    I really hope it’s not Gordon. You’re better than that Danny. I wouldn’t mind Ennis at 17 as backup PG if it were to fall that way though.

    • hax

      Ennis was higher than Exum and Top 5 earlier this year. Man, did his draft stock drop big time!

      Of course, when I watched Syracuse games, he couldn’t get past anyone.

  • hax

    “Celtics draft Noah Vonleh and Kyle Anderson, and will trot out five PF’s as a starting line-up.” -Draft Night News

    “The plan is to have 3 guys be way bigger than the guys guarding them, and pound it inside.” -Stevens

    Really though, Randle & Vonleh being considered on a team with Kelly ‘Blue Book’ Olynyk and ‘Cheeseburger’ Sullinger, and ‘Big Mouth’ Bass?

    Supposed to be rebuilding an actual team, not just ‘lol best available, Fab Melo’.

    • check12check

      completely agree with this. we cannot pile up like that at the PF position. in fact, why even bother trying to toy with the idea of another PF? sully and KO look to have real potential (or at least enough potential that we can give them a year to try to show they are more that just potential). If we can grab a true center, I have zero problem with letting those guys be solid role players at the 4, and splitting the minutes, while allowing other positions to be our areas of strength.

      P.S. I still have some hope that both sully and KO can turn into border line all stars and maybe even more.