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The Celtics Will Pick Sixth In The 2014 NBA Draft


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I wrote a post earlier today about staying positive and maintaining perspective. Intellectually, I still think all the things I said earlier. But this still feels like a massive, massive loss.

The Celtics will pick sixth. They will not have a chance to draft Wiggins, Parker, Embiid or Exum. They will have to settle for the second-tier prospects — all significant talents, all flawed in significant ways. If they want to trade it for Kevin Love, they will be hard-pressed: The sixth pick holds a heck of a lot less sway than the second or third.

We’ll break everything down later. I don’t have it in me right now. This sucks.

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  • hax
  • celticsbig3

    Where’s the Mallory Edens nude pics?

    • P2

      I would pick Vivek Ranadive #1 and Mallory Edens #2 but like Wiggins verses Parker they both have such upside you would be happy with either.

      • hax

        Mallory #1 !!
        The Indian girl was hot too, though.

  • CP37

    Despite getting the 6th, we’re still in a much better position than the competition to trade for Love. We got the 6th (which comes before the Lakers, VERY important), a multitude of 1st rounders over the next few years and a plethora of young talent. DA can no doubt still give the Wolves the best package.

    • Mark

      One spot isn’t all that important in a deep draft. What is important, if Danny wants to trade, is the number of assets in players and picks the Lakers don’t have.

      • Janos

        nba celtic boss ensure to us best trade player, more to other team players love , other ones to. boss alway right have a fath him and nba celtics top team nba one time all times

  • TMC

    Green/Bass/#6 (marcus smart?) for Asik/Parsons/Lin

    • hax

      Morey is a cheapskate. He wouldn’t even give us Parsons for Rondo at the trade deadline.

      • TMC

        That was before he was bounced from the 1st round. Yi Jinalin’s chair played better D than Harden in that series and they had no response for LaMarcus “yes, the mid-range game still exists” Aldridge.

        Smart w/ Beverley would be a vicious backcourt defensively when Harden sits and Bass is a much more serviceable defender than Jones. Morey may not like that Bass takes mid-range shots, but after that round 1 trouncing he has to see the value in it for the playoffs.

  • check12check


    • Janos


  • Mark

    I was all in on tanking and even with the results I wouldn’t have changed a thing. That said, this sucks. I certainly don’t see a savior ala LeBron but the top 3 of Wiggens, Parker, Embiid will certainly make their teams better. I was hoping for Embiid but would have even settled for Exum orRandle. None seen possible now. I’m scared that Danny keeps the pick and drafts Smart.

    I’m against the Love deal. Way too many assets to give up plus I’m confident Sully will be a poor man’s Love that can play defense.

    I’m ready for this sham called the lottery to be scrapped. I’d rather the old worst team gets the top pick scenario than an incompetent franchise winning the lottery 3 of 4 years. Too much “luck”for my taste.

    Oh, and the Celtics were one number off for both the first and second pick. Damn…

    • Ben

      Randle will be available but we don’t need another Big Baby (6’9″ unathletic PF?) I’d rather have Smart, an NBA ready player with potential for greatness than a mediocre PF (something we already have in Bass, Humphries, Green, and Sully).

      • Janos

        hi ben is janos
        this talk ok but do not forgot rondos best gard nba of curent

  • Ben

    Ainge didn’t commit to tanking, and that’s why we have the 6th pick. You can’t expect them to get higher than 5th with the odds they have, it was the most likely scenario. There is no reason Jeff Green and Brandon Bass should’ve been on this team, it will have done nothing more than help us tread water in mediocrity a few more years.

    • Janos

      do not give up a hope nba celtics best team most titles ok

  • Janos

    this not good nights nba i was hope.
    heat arewin and nba celtics are loose pick

  • dasein

    Anybody else liking the idea of Vonleh?

    Massive wingspan, a monster on the boards, can shoot the three, and has a high motor. Plus he’s only 19. Yes please!

    If you could then get Asik without giving up too much, that’s a nice front line.

    • hax

      The issue here is we already have Olynyk(Dirk 2.0), Sullinger(Love 0.5), and Bass(Bass).

  • tbunny

    Sixth pick, whatever, that’s how it goes. But having the Cavs get their third number 1 pick in four years, their fourth in 11 years? That is simply outrageous. They could run the lottery for a thousand years and not see that again. The NBA desperately needs to institute some new rules to make the lottery a little bit more fair. How many bites at the apple do the Cavs get?!

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