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Report: Rockets Will Inquire To Make Sure Rondo Isn’t “Suddenly Available”


While the playoffs continue to roll on, the Celtics offseason has been mostly quiet. Aside from the obvious (for example: Keith Bogans’ contract will not be picked up) we likely won’t know any roster changes until draft night.

But according to ESPN’s Marc Stein, that won’t stop the Rockets from kicking the tires once again on a trade that hasn’t worked 900,000 times in the past.

It’s inevitable that Rockets general manager Daryl Morey will likewise check in his with his old boss Danny Ainge in Boston — as he did before the trade deadline in February -– just to make sure Rajon Rondo isn’t suddenly available.

I’m as tired of this story as the rest of you. Presumably, Houston will try to build a deal around Omer Asik and various flotsam and jetsam, low-balling the Celtics. Presumably, Danny Ainge will tell Houston “absolutely not,” and ask for the moon (something like Asik-Parsons-hundreds of 1st round picks-Lin-etc). Presumably, neither side will come to an acceptable compromise (since Houston won’t surrender Parsons for Rondo and Ainge has no real incentive to trade Rondo at this point). Presumably, much of the mainstream media will misinterpret this as “Danny Ainge floats Rajon Rondo to Rockets,” which just isn’t true. And, presumably, word will get back to Rondo that — once again — he’s going to go through an offseason with no clear idea where he will end up next season.

Rumors are fun, kids.

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  • Mencius

    Aside from the obvious (for example: Keith Bogans’ contract will not be picked up) we likely won’t know any roster changes until draft night.

    Clearly Bogans won’t be on the team, but they would explore possibilities of trading his contract so another team can then not pick it up before just plain not picking it up themselves. But of course you knew that.

    I don’t know what the date is that his contract would become guaranteed if he weren’t released.

  • hax

    Would need Lin, Asik, Parsons, and Houston’s 2014 1st rounder along with them taking back salary like Green, Wallace, etc.
    Sounds horrible for Houston but if they think they can get Melo. A core of Rondo-Harden-Melo-Howard is insane.

    Also in play. Our draft pick lines up with Dante Exum, who looks like Carter-Williams but better.

  • Spotter

    When the Rockets lost I thought that might increase the likelihood they trade Asik. I never thought it would turn into a trade of Rondo. I say Rondo stays and the Celtics make move for Asik. Rockets free up salary space and try for Melo.

    • hax

      Agree. They really don’t have an interesting package to trade us for Rondo. Throw them green for asik :p

      • Janos

        hi hax is janos
        are you seen net today? i so happy my guys go now to mimi for win

        • hax

          Yep 😀

  • Janos

    if i boss roket i call nba celti ever day until they change number , me,