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Celtics Release Statement on Donald Sterling Lifetime Ban

nba_g_grouspagli_600Like the other 29 ownership groups in the NBA yesterday, the Celtics released on statement yesterday in support of Adam Silver’s lifetime ban of Donald Sterling from the NBA.

“The entire Boston Celtics organization and our ownership group fully support the decisive action taken by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver today. The Celtics stand for inclusion and equality, and we are proud to be a part of a league that shares the same values.”

Support was strong for Silver’s statements not just with ownership but with the players as well. Former Celtics Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett chimed in from New York on the situation and how Doc Rivers has handled it. (Via Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN NY )

“Definitely, it’s a tough situation,” Pierce said. “Your owner is labeled as a racist. You’re a head black coach, head president. It’s a tough situation to work for somebody like that so it’s hard to be in that situation this time of the year, so much on the line.

“But I know Doc is very headstrong and he’ll work it out.”

Garnett said he has sent his support to Rivers.

“I think it’s important for obviously players to be unified,” Garnett said. “The Sterlings of the world obviously exist. Sports brings cultures together. We need to focus on that.

“If any coach can deal with it, he can,” Garnett added. “Doc is one of the most resilient coaches I’ve ever played for. Not just helped me out as a player but helped me out as a young man, helped me as a better father and a better person. I hope that he is able to spread some of that to his players and his organization.”

  • Mark

    While I fully support the decision of the NBA to remove Sterling I’m troubled by the fact the league, as a whole, had no desire to remove Sterling before this latest incident. Sterling was a slumlord that made numerous racist comments about black and Mexican people that he refused to rent apartments too.

    This current incident pales in comparison to his previous ones so the question should be asked, why now? Why did the NBA, the owners, NBPA and media tolerate this man for so long? I’m afraid no one will press for an answer.

    • TMC

      because Adam Silver is not David Stern, he proved that less than 1 year on the job

    • Janos

      is new bos s nba mark

  • hax

    Too bad the NBA controls everything and he can’t sell the Clips to Seattle.

  • hax

    Also, does he have to sell it to the highest bid or can he choose who to sell it to?

  • hax

    Magic Johnson tweeted in celebration of D’antoni stepping down. Would like to see him coach the same team and do better, even with Kobe back. D’antoni made all those medicore players grab great stats(Marshall, Young, etc.)

    Glad to have a class act like Bird, the worst thing he does is put his head down when his team loses to the Hawks.

    • Janos

      hi hax is janos
      i a enjoy nba playof so much this year am watch games on tv, overtimes, close, other one to so entertain to me very good one. i am suport net.

      • hax

        And lots of game 7’s!

  • Janos

    i canot beleve this guy say things on people like that? is terible guy i am not miss him one bite he is not deserve grififth paul other guy there to

  • check12check

    I’ve seen a lot of people, outside of the circle of sports enthusiasts mostly, who are trying to take credibility away from the NBA’s decision. They claim that there is no sincerity, and that the decision is just to improve the NBA’s image. Though I’m sure the image of the league was taken into consideration, I think this is crap. 1. Silver seemed pretty darn earnest when he was making his claims. he appeared invested, and made sure this whole situation got taken care of FAST. 2. Even if the league did do this based on their image, at least they are in touch with the people and can make a good decision because of it.