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Report: Jeff Green “Eminently Available,” No One Untouchable

The Boston Celtics will almost certainly look a lot different next season, whether because they let a bunch of free agents walk or because they acquired new pieces via trade. One player who reportedly might be dealt, if the Celtics can find a partner, is Jeff Green.

Here’s Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald:

It’s not a stretch to think that at least half the players on this season’s roster could be in another uniform for 2014-15. Everything will pivot on the May 20 lottery followed by draft night itself, and whether the Celtics are able to net a great young talent.

Nobody on a 25-57 team ever is truly untouchable.

[Green] was a volume scorer and shooter on a bad team, with two more years at $9.2 million each — the second not guaranteed — left on his contract. He’s eminently available if there’s a contender who believes Green can fit in as a third or fourth guy.

No surprises here. We all know Green was wildly inconsistent (this evisceration by Jay King of MassLive might be the best thing I read on the topic all year), and it’s especially disappointing since many people were wondering if Green might have a breakout season before 2013-14 began. He was so good for the Celtics in the second half of 2012-13, shooting well over 40 percent from behind the arc and getting to the rim against overmatched defenders seemingly at will, that some expected him to score 20-plus efficient points per game for Boston as the number one guy. He, of course, did nothing of the sort.

Contenders might very well look at Green and see a player they can use, but any contender that takes him on in the offseason would have to be able to take on $9 million in salary over the next two years (assuming Green picks up the lucrative player option on the final year of his deal). That’s not impossible, and it’s not an unreasonable amount of money for a hyper athletic third- or fourth-best scorer on a team who can also play solid defense. A team like Charlotte, for example, might be able to use Green as a potential upgrade over Gerald Henderson and Chris Douglas-Roberts — a third scorer who can space the floor for Al Jefferson and keep the lane clear for Kemba Walker.

But it’s impossible to deny that Green hurt his trade value this year. If the Celtics are looking to clear roster and cap space, they might be able to move him, but if they are looking for a solid draft pick or a young replacement, they will probably find the market very dry.

One other interesting tidbit from Murphy’s excellent article:

If the Celtics don’t land Kansas center Joel Embiid on draft night, Asik and thus Bass could be back in play. Celtics assistant Ron Adams, who coached Omer Asik in Chicago, considers the young Turk the best defender he’s ever worked with.

Ron Adams is an extremely sharp basketball mind, and he has extensive experience working with Asik. If the Celtics were able to work some kind of deal for the enormous center (CelticsBlog suggests Brandon Bass + Green for Asik + Jeremy Lin, which would have me all kinds of excited), that would be a massive upgrade at the center position as well as a significant step toward freeing up the power forward logjam.

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  • hax

    Asik-Olynyk-SF-SG-Rondo would be a good core.
    I’d rather trade Bass(starting PF or bench PF)-Anthony(new back-up C)-Bogans(Rockets can drop him and save 5 million, giving them help toward signing Melo).

    • Banner18

      I still think Green can thrive under the right circumstances; need Kevin Love though. Love, Sully, and Olynyk would give the C’s three of the top shooting bigs in the league. Any front court combo of them, would leave the floor wide open for Green to work the interior. Haven’t been overly pleased with his post game since he’s been here; however, he didn’t have a place on this team during the Big 3 era, and this season, being the “go to”, didn’t allow him to play much off-ball.

      The game has adapted into a stretch position, hybrid player association. Green can be that hybrid who causes matchup problems that will open up the floor for the Bigs to shoot. Would definitely be a fun team to watch in the half-court.

  • TMC

    I think that is the first time ever that the words “contender” and “Charlotte” have been used in the same paragraph.

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  • CoachAJ

    I am one that doesn’t want to see Green jettisoned. We keep saying he isn’t a 1st scorer but more of a 2nd scorer, well lets get a first scorer then. Rondo is a facilitator, that can get the ball to scorers, and scorer a bit himself. Giving up draft picks could be the way to get that guy.

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