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Lottery Odds: Celtics Are Tied At Fourth With Utah


With last night’s loss to Washington in the regular season finale and Utah’s 136-130 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Celtics finished with the best possible scenario entering the night. We covered the various possibilities yesterday afternoon, and a tie for fourth with the Jazz was as good as Boston could have hoped for.

But Boston’s own pick wasn’t the only thing in play — with Brooklyn slipping into a tie with Washington in records, the Celtics pick (previously 18) could now be 17th, pending a coin flip. It’s not a big jump, by any means, but it does make a slim difference.

It’s also not impossible for the Celtics to win the lottery — they have a 10.35 percent chance at the top pick, and a 33.5 percent chance at a top-3 pick, splitting odds with Utah. Even if they don’t win, they have a chance at fourth and a chance at fifth. We’ll have lots of coverage of the various prospects Boston might take a look at, but for now, the good news — actually, the BEST news — is that we can stop fretting over individual wins, losses and lottery standings.

Thank. God.

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  • hax

    Top 3, let’s go! Karma for 2007’s draft lottery.

    • Banner18

      Friendly question that has ran through my mind lately: Big 3 era squad or Rondo, Gerald Green (when he started to show promise), Durant, Big Al, and Perk.?

      • Ghost of Garden Past

        Why mention GG? Pierce would have taken those minutes. Tough call though. We got one title out of the new big 3 era. I’m not sure what the culture looks like if Paul has to mentor Rondo, KD, and Big Al. I guess having Doc would help, but Doc hated young guys. With KD they would have had a ton of talent. I wonder how it would have come together.

        • Banner18

          Not sure how PP slipped my mind on that. And I agree; The potential KD situation is defiantly something worth thinking about, but the six year big three era was genuine.

          • Ping

            I wouldn’t trade the 2008 title for near anything, but the prospect of Durant alongside Pierce, Rondo, and Al is tantalizing. Thing is, Pierce was asking out if some change wasn’t made. Even assuming the C’s landed Durant in that draft, Pierce may still have wanted a trade. Going off that, who knows how KD develops next to Rondo and Al?

      • hax

        Big 3 gave us 1 ring instantly, and it could have been 4(2009-2010-2012).
        It’s hard to not choose them again for that reason.

        Durant-Al-Rondo-Perk at those ages would still be ‘Pierce and friends’. probably wouldn’t be contenders for a few years. Then we wouldn’t be able to afford them all so likely Jefferson would walk in free agency or be traded. Perk too. And by that time the all-star Heat team would be built and we’d be screwed.

  • JStokes1313

    “Thank. God”


  • Banner18

    This season probably couldn’t have gone any better. Brad proved he can coach in this league, Sully stayed healthy and added the long ball to his repertoire, Kelly looks like he’ll be a threat in upcoming years, guys played hard every night, and were in great shape for the lottery. Not much more you can ask for a team that was built to lose. Lot of silver linings this season. Now lets see what Danny has up his sleeve for the off season.

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