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Avery Bradley Will Return Wednesday

On Friday, I wrote that I thought Avery Bradley should be shut down for the season. According to the latest entry in the diary Bradley has been keeping all season on ESPN Boston, however, he plans to play Wednesday on the road against Atlanta.

The ankle I had hurt is feeling great. I’m going to be back on Wednesday. It’s important to be able to get back and play some more games with [Rajon] Rondo to build our chemistry. It’s amazing playing with him. We just understand how to play with one another.

I’m neither Bradley’s coach nor his mom, but I’m still not sure if this is a good idea. Everyone has pretty much made up their mind regarding Bradley’s value in free agency. Best case scenario, he doesn’t get hurt again. Worst case: He does. I don’t really see the potential upside here.

But (assuming a doctor has given him the go-ahead) this is Bradley’s decision, and his reasoning is certainly admirable. Bradley and Rondo really do work well together, since Rondo’s ball dominance allows Bradley to move off the ball and create opportunities for himself that he struggles to create off the dribble. If nothing else, Bradley’s eagerness to return and work with Rondo might indicate a desire to return to Boston this offseason. It also might just indicate that a hard-working player has some cabin fever and just wants to get back on the court.

The Celtics have five games remaining, and one of those is a back-to-back in which Rondo won’t play. I’m not sure how much chemistry Bradley and Rondo will realistically build in four games, but if Bradley insists on playing, we will probably see an uptick in Boston’s defense. After giving up more than 110 points to both Philadelphia and Detroit, a little defense might not be a bad thing.

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  • hax

    So excited for next season if the off season is any bit as exciting as I expect.
    Could sign Hayward-Pierce in free agency.
    Could draft a Wiggins, or Parker, or Embiid.
    Could trade for a star player.
    Of all of the above!