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In 2013-14, two Celtics have above-league-average player efficiency ratings. The lesser of the two is Jared Sullinger, with 16.4. The greater? Kris Humphries with a somewhat stunning 18.4.

It’s not just efficiency — Humphries has been notably professional, working hard and being productive all season even as all the losses piled up. Many Celtics fans have been calling for Boston to keep Hump, assuming the price is right.

Danny Ainge won’t commit to anything, but he had some comments to Toucher and Rich on Thursday morning that might be heartening to the pro-Humphries crowd.

“I have had a few conversations with Kris,” Ainge told Toucher and Rich. “Kris sort of knows where we are as an organization and he knows that we like him. And he knows that there is a lot of uncertainty, depending on which direction we choose to go this summer. None of us know. But Kris knows we like him. Coaches like him, his teammates like him. But also, we just can’t make any promises yet.”

That’s about as close to “We are going to try to work something out” as we are going to get out of Danny, and to Humphries’ credit, he knows what’s happening with this squad. A list of players most likely to be on the roster next season would likely lead with Olynyk and Sullinger (who would only be traded as part of a package for a star), follow with Rondo (if he survives draft night, he’s probably not going anywhere), and end with the D-Leaguers (who are getting paid minimally to fill out the roster). After that? Anarchy.

That being said, Humphries has been embraced in Boston, and he would certainly help the team win in a lesser role. If Boston is able to execute a one-year rebuild and begins aiming for the playoffs next year, Hump would be a nice role player to keep. He has made $24 million in two years, and no team is going to pay him that handsomely again. If he enjoys playing in Boston, it’s not out of the question to imagine him sticking around.

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  • hax

    Olynyk-Humphries off the bench = woot