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Video: Kelly Olynyk’s 2013-14 Scouting Report

As the season winds down, we are going to be taking in-depth video looks at players who have a future with the Celtics past the 2013-14 season. First up: Rookie Kelly Olynyk.

Some leftover thoughts after the break…

1. Olynyk was difficult to assess statistically because many of his stats were deflated by his rough start to the season, but his improvements have been real since the All-Star break.

2. There have also been improvements on the defensive end, particularly in guarding driving bigs, but the sample size is small enough that I didn’t include video.

3. For more on Olynyk, make sure to read Michael Pina’s breakdown¬†from Friday.

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  • hax

    KO is awesome. If he can put that ‘drain a contested shot because I’m taller than you’ into his game like Dirk/Durant he can become an absolute nightmare for defenses.

    A lot of centers are slow and clunky. If he sneaks to the 3 point line and they follow, he can fly past them for an easy bucket or open shot elsewhere. Sky is really the limit.

  • TMC

    A Tale of two players

    Player A B
    GP 58 47
    GS 6 24
    MIN 19.2 20.4
    FGM-A 2.9-6.6 2.9-7.1
    FG% .44 .405
    3PM-A 0.5-1.5 0.3-1.4
    3P% .318 .206
    FTM-A 1.3-1.6 2.1-2.7
    FT% .811 .773
    REB 5 2.4
    AST 1.5 1
    BLK 0.4 0.6
    STL 0.5 0.6
    PF 3.3 2.2
    TO 1.4 1.6
    PTS 7.6 8.2
    AST/TO 1.06 0.64
    STL/TO 0.35 0.4
    SHEFF 0.477 0.426

    Player A: Kelly Olynyk’s rookie campaign (to date)
    Player B: Dirk Nowitzki’s Rookie campaign

    Pie in the sky ceiling for Olynyk: Dirk
    What we should be very happy with: 75-80% of Dirk

    He’s a stretch 4, too much of a finesse player to play the 5.