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Recap: Nets 114, Celtics 98

On Friday evening, the Celtics tried to extend their winning streak to two against the Brooklyn Nets. Here’s what happened:

Pre-game Quote Of The Night:

“A lot of times — Sully’s first three that he hit the other day, he hit in the corner deep into the clock. So then he feels good, so the second one’s a little bit better.”

-Brad Stevens, unintentionally making the case for the Hot Hand Theory


First Half:

Here’s what I was watching: Rajon Rondo conducted the offense, dishing out six assists, and Jeff Green attacked the basket early, but the Nets’ offense — featuring Paul Pierce at power forward — simply scored too much. Avery Bradley went to the locker room after a scary ankle twist.

In the second, Bradley returned and lit the world on fire, dropping 18 points. Somehow, Boston’s deficit grew.

Here’s what you were justifiably watching:

Andrew Wiggins cramming dunks on Eastern Kentucky.

Second half

Here’s what I was watching: The Celtics’ deficit quickly went from 10 at halftime to fifteen midway through the third to 20 midway through the fourth. Joe Johnson knocked down some 3-pointers, Paul Pierce continued to look good, and Brooklyn’s starters finished the game comfortably in the lead on the bench.

Here’s what you were justifiably watching:


Marcus Smart doing little to improve his draft stock (he’ll still be a top-10 pick).

MVP: No, seriously, Avery Bradley was hitting EVERYTHING in the second quarter. Without his second quarter explosion, the Celtics would have been in even worse shape.

Post-game Quote Of The Night


1. The Nets are cooking offensively with Pierce at the four, and it’s not hard to see why. Pierce has spent his career relying on his shiftiness — and a tiny bit of athletic ability — to shake defenders and create space for his deadly jumpshot. At 36 years of age, Pierce no longer has the athleticism to shake small forwards, but he’s still devastating against bigger players. Watching him put Kris Humphries in a blender should not have made me as happy as it did, given the jerseys they were wearing. Sorry, Hump.

2. I’ve been on record in defense of sleeved jerseys, and I liked Brooklyn’s shout-out to the Brooklyn Dodgers with their uniforms tonight. Your thoughts?


3. Jabari Parker and Duke bowed out in the first round of the NCAA tournament today, making some people question Parker’s status as a top-flight prospect. The Celtics still have one more win than the Lakers and Jazz, making them sixth-worst in the NBA, but if a few teams wanted to pass on Jabari allowing him to slip to Boston, I would be perfectly willing to lay aside any perceived question marks created by a bad tournament game.

Also, Jabari, for the love of everything holy, please don’t stay at Duke for another year.

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  • swissflix

    ever since they changed the comment section here, celticshub hasn’t been fun.
    Great performance by AB, btw.

    • CelticsBIG3

      Agreed. This sucks. I have to type in the name I had so ppl know who it is every time I come on here as opposed to being automatically logged in. This is trash.

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        • Eric

          And you can’t vote comments up or down — I thought the rating system encouraged higher quality comments. Since they went to the new system, I’ve stopped posting altogether, and doubt I’ll post again unless that system is brought back.

  • Ersatz

    No. Sleeved. Jerseys.


    • Sophomore

      No sleeves.

      The players should protest – cut the sleeves off and go with the kid-on-a-playground look.

  • hax

    Sullinger’s season shot chart.

    Love’s season shot chart.