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Recap: Celtics 101, Heat 96


On Wednesday, the Celtics tried to take down a short-handed Miami squad. Here’s what happened:

Pre-game Quote Of The Night

“Miami is really good. They are one of the contenders.”

Brad Stevens on Miami

(CelticsHub’s take: U rite, Brad.)

Pre-game Quote Of The Night II

How Tommy feels about things


First quarter:

With LeBron sitting out and Dwyane Wade sitting with a bloody nose, Udonis Haslem and Mario Chalmers went off. Haslem scored 12 points on 6-for-7 shooting. Chalmers finished with eight assists. Boston, presumably, finished embarrassed that they were losing to Mario Chalmers and Udonis Haslem.

Second quarter:

Boston finished the quarter 5-for-8 from 3-point range, raising their total to 9-for-18. Despite the absurd long-distance efficiency, the Celtics trailed 59-53 at halftime.

Third quarter:

Compelling question: Is Rajon Rondo going to get a double-double that doesn’t include points (three points, eight rebounds, 14 (!!!) assists)?

Fourth quarter:

Compelling answer: Yes he is! (Final line: Nine points, 10 boards, 15 assists)

Oh, also the Celtics beat the two-time defending champion Heat, winning the season series 2-1.

MVP: Bradley played extremely well, but Rondo dominated the final minute, winning a key jumpball and hitting a floater to push Boston’s lead from three to five with under 20 seconds remaining.

LVP: LeBron’s back, which was almost certainly the real difference between Miami winning or losing this game.

Postgame Quote Of The Night: 

“They were missing a fairly good player.”

-Brad Stevens has jokes


1. It’s not a newsflash that Rondo can control a game without big scoring numbers. It’s somewhat of a newsflash that he can do so in 2014, coming back from his ACL injury. For those who worried whether he would regain his athleticism, Stevens said he looked “in the 90s” percent back to full health.

2. That was a fun win, but costly. The Celtics had the fourth worst record in the NBA entering Wednesday. After beating Miami, they are now the 6th worst team…a significant jump that could have very costly ramifications. More on that tomorrow.

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  • Jonathan

    Good, hard fought win. Was interesting to see Rondo guard wade in the final quarter, Bayless get some crunch time minutes, and Stevens not going back to Olynyk despite him playing well. Was also extremely impressed with Bass, his jumper was great and his defense was outstanding, especially when he switched on Wade on one play in the 4th. All in all, good win. Go C’s!

    • CelticsBIG3

      Olynyk couldn’t come back in, they couldn’t get the bleeding on his cheek to stop enough to satisfy the officials.

  • Rob

    Always love beating the heat but I swear if we win another game before the end of the season I’m gonna lose it. At this point there is no benefit. Rondo said it himself, guys are playing for their next contract and that is it (Looking at you Avery). We already know Sullinger and Olynyk are keepers so lets cut the bullshit and start losing games. Especially the two against philly.

    • YouSerious?

      If a player is on the court, he’s probably going to play hard; guys have their pride. You can’t realistically tell a group of players to suck on the court on purpose. The reason Philly sucks so bad is because they have almost no NBA talent on their roster right now.

      When your team has an all-star and several promising players…its tough to lose games sometimes.

  • Ian

    You can not argue that Ray Allen was epically important in 2008. Fought tooth in nail in the Chicago series that they could have won without KG. Played consistently in 2010, with a finals team. I think if they would have capped another ring, it would a lot harder to argue. KG was more consistent, but Ray wasn’t a scrub, and I don’t see how you can retire kg without allen?

  • Alex

    Hey fake fans we tried tanning once n were the worst team and still didn’t win the lottery and missed out on Tim Duncan. So tanking isn’t a guarantee. Watch the slicers lose the lottery n how dumb you’re argument will look after.

  • Alex


  • hax

    Great pic from last night.
    Chalmers looks like en elephant just slapped him in the back.
    Rondo blown past him about to do something Rondo-ish.
    Brad Stevens in the back analyzing the play in real time, too smart to need video replays later.