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nba-draft-lottery3Right now, the dog days of the NBA season are here for the teams in the bottom third of the league. That includes your Boston Celtics, who have dropped four straight games overall, as they fall closer to the cellar of the Eastern Conference. With the playoff race officially out of the picture, it’s important to take a look the other race that matters now and that’s chasing NBA lottery odds.

Here are the current standings of the bottom 10 teams in the NBA:

Current Lottery Standings
1. Bucks 13-54
2. Sixers 15-51
3. Magic 19-48
4. Celtics 22-45
4. Jazz 22-45
4. Lakers 22-44
7. Kings 23-43
8. Pistons 25-41
9. Cavs 25-41
10. Pelicans 27-39

The road over the next two weeks for the Celtics in the W-L column will be particularly brutal, as they face likely playoff teams over their next seven games, including back-to-backs against Chicago and Toronto. A potential double-digit losing streak is certainly a possibility on the horizon. After that though? The road gets a little easier.

In case you missed it, I did a full breakdown, projecting the Celtics’ final record, along with other NBA lottery contenders around the league for CBS Boston over the weekend. Here’s a sample of my analysis there on the C’s upcoming slate:

Celtics (22-43)
Games remaining: 15 (Home: 6 Away: 9)
Games vs. teams “fighting” for playoff spots: 11
Games against .500+ teams: 9
Most “Winnable” games:  vs. PHI, @ DET, @ CLE, @ PHI

Analysis: Not an easy closing stretch for the Celtics. Things lighten up in April, when six of their final eight opponents will come against teams under the .500 mark. Until then though, lots of playoff teams on the docket, including Miami, Brooklyn, Toronto, and Chicago. Rajon Rondo will also be out for at least four of these games (during the second game of back-to-backs) making the final 15 games even more daunting.

Stevens will have these guys playing hard, but let’s be realistic here. This group hasn’t won a road game against a top-28 team since January 22nd in Washington. With 10 of their final 17 games coming away from TD Garden, the final month won’t be pretty.
Projected final record: 27-55

To check out where I think the Celtics final rank in standings will be to other teams around the league, you can check out the full column over at CBS Boston 


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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • hax

    If we don’t get a chance at Parker, drop Sully and that pick, and the 76’ers pick for Kevin Love.
    Watch Kansas play. You’ll see Jeff Green, not LeBron in Andrew Wiggins. Never shows up, stat pads late in the game to get 16 ppg. Has a few great games, but against garbage mid-majors.

    • jpbl1976

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that Wiggins might be another Jeff Green. As the months pass, this draft is looking weaker and weaker — Embiid might be another Oden, Wiggins might be another Jeff Green and who knows what the heck Exuum is?

      I’ve seen Parker play and I’m not sold on him either.

      All that said, I hope I’m wrong and the Celtics manage to draft a future star.

      • hax

        Yep. 😀

        I mean, these guys are 19, they’ll probably be Top 25 NBA players in 5 years. But this Celtics team has the chance to turn a bunch of draft picks into -current- stars. We need someone who can play good now.