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Celtics Make History Recap! Mavericks 94, Celtics 89



Pre-game Quote of the Night:

“It’s very important. This is a crucial game, not just for what lies ahead but for us, if we win, it’ll be our first west coast road victory. It’s a stepping stone for what we have for the rest of these games.”

Jeff Green said this last night, but pretty sure he said it again tonight, since the Celtics were trying to avoid making history.


1st Half

Lots of good from the 2nd unit, lots of misses from the first unit. Overall ugly play from both teams on the second half of a back-to-back for both squads

2nd Half

Celtics looked to be on the verge of being blown out midway through third quarter, but a 12-0 shutout over the final few minutes of the third changed that. Both teams exchanged runs  through the fourth quarter, until Jerryd Bayless takeover mode was enacted for roughly 3 minutes to help C’s climb back into game. Then this happened on Boston’s final crucial possesion, with the Celtics trailing by three and 20 seconds remaining.

MVP – Dirk Nowitzki – On a night full of lackluster performances by players on both teams, Dirk was the best of the bunch. Nowitzki scored seven of his game-high 19 points in the fourth quarter, including a back-breaking 3-pointer with 1:32 remaining that gave the Mavs a five-point lead.

LVP – Jeff Green – The roller coaster ride for Boston’s inconsistent leading scorer continues. After scoring 39 points against New Orleans Sunday night, Green was brutal offensively against Dallas, missing 10 of his 12 shots from the field. The small forward tallied a mere five points and had a game-high six turnovers in 39 minutes of action.

That was…Western Conference domination: With the loss, the Celtics finish the season 0-15 on the road against Western Conference opponents, and 4-26 against the West overall.


Brandon Wright scored five times on this play tonight

Takeaways: Celtics are quietly making history this season.

On nights like this, they continue not to quit. Encouraging signs from all the youngsters on the bench tonight. Given that this was the fifth game in seven nights for Boston, was a good fight against a Dallas team that is scrapping for every win they can get right now in a playoff race.



    0 and 15 against the West a franchise record on the road,
    Cs (playing the Mavericks) are carrying quite a load.
    St. Patrick’s Day unis, with those sleeves, who did choose
    These unattractive jerseys, Garanimals…or Underoos?

    Hump great D, Bass and AB good start here,
    Bass played for the Mavs early in his career.
    BAYLESS FOR THREE! Hump incredible D,
    I keep mentioning it because (please) a keeper is he!

    Sully against Marion, better than Dirk was for him.
    Playing pretty good D plus some offensive rhythm.
    Johnson is bold, love when he goes hard to the hoop,
    Playing both ends of the floor, wants to stay with this group.

    Cs within 4 at the end of Q1
    Cs went on an 8-0 run.
    Double the rebounds (Hump!) for the team with a C!

    PRESSEY FOR THREE! Carter looks like…Carter,
    Cs Bench, man for man, better than each starter.
    Mavs an 11-3 run, Cs within 7 start Q3,
    Sully game high in the half, 11 points has he.

    Green in this game just doesn’t look right,
    He complained of a headache earlier tonight.
    Sully came in and sparked the Cs!
    GREEN FOR THREE! More offense please.

    ATO, Cs went on a 9-0 run,
    Brad said stay aggressive, this game’s not done!
    Olynyk took a charge, it was from Dirk,
    For the kid a highlight, worth all the work!

    Cs down 15, got within 3 start Q4,
    Great play Sully, both ends of the floor!
    Pressey great save, got his own rebound,
    Lucky Chris Johnson was hanging around!

    OLYNYK FOR THREE! Mavs have Harris and Wright,
    Plus Dirk, Carter, Marion…made for a rough Cs night.
    Tough OT last night (last 5 seconds were no fun),
    Cs’ turnovers are mounting, do we have one more run?

    Crazy ball movement, BAYLESS FOR THREE!
    Crazy ball movement, AB FOR THREE!
    Cs–Bayless!–went on a crazy run,
    Dirk had no assists til Q4 almost done.

    BAYLESS FOR THREE! Then Dirk made a three,
    The Cs on him have played great D.
    2nd, 3rd, 4th chance Cs shot,
    Cs within 1, great steal AB got!!

    Again the clock winds down…in these Cs no quit,
    Energy, will, hard work, heart…just can’t win it.

  • Jonathan

    Celtics F Jeff Green had five points on 2-of-12 shooting a night after matching his season high with 39 in the loss at New Orleans the day before. Can we all agree now that Green is the most inconsistent player in the league?

    • The Cardinal

      Yep, I agree about Green. This late in the season, I would also like to see Olynk, Johnson and Pressey get additional playing time over Bass, Bayless and to a lesser extent, Green.

      I’ve managed to continue watching the squad despite the wretched season, and what stands out is how much better the team plays when Olynk and Johnson are on the floor. If Coach Brad was willing to use plays during crunch time that consistently use Olynk as the first or second option on offense, and Johnson as an occasional first option and a consistent second or third option, this team would have won a few of those road games against Western Conference foes.

      Both those guys have easily been the most efficient scorers on the team, and I cringe every time Rondo or Sullinger chooses to selfishly launch 3 pointers when Johnson and Olynk – who are actually excellent 3 point shooters – are in better position to do so.

      • hax

        Olynyk of late, has started to make himself look like the better PF prospect than Sullinger. He’s had a few 20+ point games, seems to have great chemistry with Rondo(easy dunks, or a lightning fast second pass to someone else, completely crushing the defensive wall.)

        Though Sully is still younger. He seems demoralized by the tanked season, gained some more weight, not dropping double doubles anymore. Olynyk seems to enjoy the minutes, win or lose.

        Anddddddddd would you be motivated to arrive after dropping 39 against the best defender in the league(Brow) and having your team fail to do something as simple as foul a guy? :p Plus, Dallas is fighting hard for a playoff run, they know the only guy that could beat them was Green and wouldn’t let him do it. Nearly bit them from behind when Bayless went off but yeah.

        • hax

          More Olynyk. He has so many skills. Then you see guys 7 foot or higher, they can barely do anything except put their arms up, and dunk. This dude’s potential is high.
          Speaking of slow giants, check out New Mexico State in March Madness, they have a 7’5 360 pound center.