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Recap: Suns 87, Celtics 80


On Friday, the Celtics tried to avoid a three-game losing streak against the Phoenix Suns. Here’s what happened.

Pre-game quote of the night: “It’s been feeling good for like the last two weeks. We’ve just been taking our time, making sure all the scar tissue is healing up so I don’t go out there and have a little accident, a little setback. It feels amazing. When I injured it like a month ago, I couldn’t walk at all. But now I feel great.”

-Avery Bradley on his return

(CelticsHub’s take: Welcome back, AB!)


First quarter: Rondo did some nasty things, but Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe were nastier.

Second quarter: Me watching that track meet:

Third quarter: 


Good lord, Rondo should never be made into an Obama meme.

Fourth quarter:


Jeff Green did something awesome…and it wasn’t even a dunk.

Post-game quote of the night: 

“The answer’s yes, we collapsed at the end.”

-Brad Stevens, keeping it real

Takeaways: The Celtics are not going to win many games the rest of the way. But my goodness, they are going to try really hard. With the game tied at 80, Boston fell apart like a really good rack of ribs, letting the Suns run away in the final minute. Contrary to appearances, this wasn’t tanking. It was just a Suns team that can score a lot very quickly saving it all for the end.

As for real takeaways? Not much. Boston tries hard, competes against a very good team, loses. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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  • hax

    Definitely need to go on a trading spree this summer.

  • hax

    Jeff Green just arrived superstar-style.
    But down 1, with 5.7 secs left…we…fail to foul them..one guy just falls to the ground after he barely got touched…I know we’re tanking but being that obvious?

    • hax

      JG8 noticeably pissed as his teammates failed to foul the Pelicans. I don’t blame him.