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Recap: Knicks 116, Celtics 92

On Wednesday, the Celtics tried to get the Knicks back for a 114-88 punking back in January. Here’s what happened:

Pre-Game Quote Of The Night: “Last time we played them, they really spun us in circles.”

Brad Stevens

(CelticsHub’s take: Foreshadowing is a powerful literary device.)


First Quarter: New York, in picture form.

Second Quarter: New York, in picture form.

Third Quarter: Boston, rather desperately.

Fourth Quarter: The rest of the game:


Until one of us at Celtics Hub figures out how to make a GIF, we are going to keep crediting @MrTrpleDouble10. Give him a follow on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Pressey did some nice things.

As did Kris Humphries.

MVP: Jeff Green tried to lead Boston back, scoring 27 points including 17 in the third quarter on 6-for-8 shooting. He was aggressive getting to the basket at times, but as Jeff Green’s jumper goes, so goes Jeff Green, and Wednesday was no exception. He knocked down three consecutive jumpshots and appeared sharp, but the Knicks just seemed to have no intention of missing, let alone allowing Boston back into the game.

LVP: Patriots wide receiver Kenbrell Thompkins, who told Abby Chin during a mid-game interview that he is actually a fan of the Miami Heat.

I refuse to deem anyone least valuable when a bad team like the Knicks is that hot from the field. New York was blistering. Boston was defending fine. The Knicks just literally could not miss the basket.

Takeaways: Another day, another loss.

Here’s how narrow Boston’s margin of error is in the win/loss column: By losing that game, the Celtics jumped from 7th-worst to 4th-worst. Fortunately, Boston’s next eight games are against Dallas, Miami, Brooklyn, Toronto (2x), Chicago (2x) and New Orleans. Aside from the Pelicans, every one of those teams is definitively better than Boston, and every one of them still wants to win.

Rest easy: The losses will continue to pile up.

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    Second of a back-to-back, tonight Rondo won’t play.
    Melo says Phil won’t affect his decision to stay!
    Despite tough losses, in these Celtics there’s no quit,
    Speaks to the character of the guys who are part of it.

    Best: Offensive Rebounding, that’s our spot–
    Doesn’t that mean we just can’t make a shot?
    Three threes for Melo, then BAYLESS FOR THREE!
    Knicks are scoring at will, Cs are playing soft D.

    JOHNSON FOR THREE! Cs went on a 6-0 run,
    Not enough to get much done.
    Knicks making threes, what can the Cs do?
    Cs within 12 to start Q2.

    Hump is a beast! Pressey adds pace.
    Gotta do something to light up our place!
    Good vision, Pressey, he’s very good with the pass,
    Memorable play–one of very few!–Pressey to Bass.

    Cs a miserable night,
    Knicks doing everything right!
    Knicks a 68-point half, it’s “reigning” (9 of 10) threes,
    Within 20 end Q2 are our Rondo-less Cs.

    Doesn’t the Law of Averages say things have to change?
    We need Green–someone!!–to find his range.
    HUMP’S A BEAST! Great block! Great D!

    Cs c’mon–missing the throws that are free?
    Leading the Cs–deserves capital letter font!

    Lead cut in half, Cs within 10 end Q3.
    Pressey has potential–needs that League with a D.
    Brad always tells the guys to play the next play,
    I guess Melo paid attention to what Brad had to say.

    Still, and always, a little fight in every C.
    That goes for Brad, too; up he keeps his chin.
    Cs end down 24. Love the Nets over Heat win!

  • hax

    “Aside from the Pelicans”
    Ouch! Their management must be fuming that you just said this Celtics team could be better than Brow/Holiday/Gordon.

    Jeff Green is a beast when he takes games over. He can’t do everything though.

    The Knicks commentators were dissing the Celtics all night. Called Sullinger fat a few times. Made fun of Pressey’s FG %, which they said was 28%…too lazy to check and confirm,

  • hax

    Also, so many Net fans were dissing KG & Truth, saying they’re washed up. Who do they show when advertising the Nets-Heat game on ESPN? PIERCE. Who then leads that crew of flunkies over the Heat. He’s their best player, unless JJ is feeling like going off, but he usually doesn’t.

  • smalltownID

    Careful using pictures of burned down homes of people your reader’s know.