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Chad Ford Mock Draft: Celtics (#4) Get Jabari Parker

At this point in the season, Chad Ford’s mock drafts are purely fun speculation. Celtics fans, however, might be excused for wishing they were sourced reports after his latest release.

Here’s Ford’s latest ESPN mock draft (Insider):

#4: Jabari Parker

Boston Celtics | 11.9 percent to win lottery

Analysis: GM Danny Ainge isn’t as in love with this draft as much as the rest of the league, but he’ll still be stoked to land Parker here. Parker’s abilities as a scorer and rebounder could make him an immediate upgrade at the 3 while giving the Celtics more incentive to move Jeff Green this summer.


#15: Nik Stauskas

Analysis: Stauskas has proved to be one of the most lethal shooters in college basketball. He has a lightning-quick release and has also shown an ability to handle the ball and play point on occasion. With Rajon Rondo being a non-shooter and Avery Bradley being just an average one, adding Stauskas to the lineup gives the Celtics a serious floor-spacer.

From where I sit, the only way the draft could look any better for Boston would be if it picked up Doug McDermott with the 15th pick (Ford has McDermott going 14th to the Grizzlies, other mocks have him going even earlier). But Stauskas is obviously an incredible shooter, the kind of guard who can have a significant impact even in limited minutes (or perhaps less limited, depending on Avery Bradley’s contract situation).

Parker, meanwhile, might be Boston’s top pick even if the Celtics won the first or second pick. In Ford’s mock, Dante Exum was chosen third by the Magic, who are certainly in need of a point guard. Parker would likely make Jeff Green superfluous and would likely immediately become one of Boston’s top scorers. I’m not sure how much defense a lineup of Rondo/Stauskas/Parker/Sullinger/Olynyk would play, but it would certainly put up points in a hurry.

If the Celtics were able to make off with this particular bundle in June, this whole season might very well look a lot more worthwhile.

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  • Ray

    Not to be a killjoy, but shouldn’t the second pick be #17 (Brooklyn’s pick) not #15 (Atlanta’s pick)?

    • Yep, you’re right, Ford mixed that up a little bit. For what it’s worth, Ford has KJ McDaniels going 17th. Don’t know about you guys, but I’d almost rather have McDaniels than Stauskas.

  • hax

    No offense to Chad Ford, but the day Parker slides outside the Top 3 will be the day Hell freezes over. He’s the only guy up there that’s actually shown starpower this year. Ainge needs to do whatever he has to to ensure we get Parker.

    Stauskas is in the 2nd round for other mock drafts I’ve seen…
    McDermott is a SF as well. Why would we want Parker-Green-McDermott on the same team?

    Wayne Selden with our 2nd pick makes more sense to replace Avery Bradley. Watch a Kansas game with no knowledge of who is seen as the next big thing. This guy will be your first choice. He gets to the rim, he shoots, and he’ll turn 20 years old for next season, huge upside.

    Wiggins, I can’t believe he was hyped as the next LeBron. Maybe in 5 years he’ll crack the NBA’s Top 10, but he seems hugely overhyped.
    Embiid gets bullied by tough centers, has little offense, but can swat some shots. Two injuries this year already, big red flag. Not saying he isn’t a starting center, but I don’t think he’s the next Olajuwon.

  • Lex

    I don’t know about you guys, but Danny’s batting average for draft picks are at .500 IMO. For every Al Jefferson and Rajon Rondo there’s a Fab Melo and Gabe Pruitt.

    I just hope he gets one right and does what’s best for the team. “In Danny we trust.”

    • Sure, but the Celtics have nine first-round picks over the next five years. Even guessing low, at 50 percent that’s four good players. 50 percent with a ton of picks is a pretty nice place to be.

  • hax

    A kid going blind got to go to their game last night, Celtics set it all up for him. Good job to the Celtics organization for making that happen. Too bad the game was a blowout. Olyntk dropped 19 off the bench in standard KO style.

    The Heat win with a skinny shooting Center, Bosh. Why can’t we? Plus, our guy learned to shoot well 5+ years before Bosh.
    Rondo-Selden-Parker-Sullinger-Olynyk #whynot

    • JStokes

      Might be the worst defensive lineup we’ve ever had. The reason Miami works is they have some of the best perimeter defense in the league, and Bosh is actually a great defender. Kelly is not even close, Sully is OK.