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Celtics Trade Deadline Rumor Breakdown: Who Stays? Who Goes?

bos_g_danny-ainge_mb_576The trade deadline is upon us and we’ve heard it all at this point. The guys that were expected to be dealt (Brandon Bass, Jeff Green, Kris Humphries) have been largely quiet when it comes to rumors. Instead, the speculation has been coming fast and furious about Rajon Rondo, the player most expected the Celtics to hold onto for the remainder of the season.

With hours remaining until the trade deadline hits tonight, it’s time to go through the names and place some educated bets. Who stays for the Celtics? Who ends up getting dealt? Where are some possible destinations for these guys? And what happens around the rest of the NBA at the deadline? Will there be any blockbusters or will things stay relatively quiet.

Last night, I joined Rich Keefe on 98.5 The Sports Hub to break down all of these answers and more. You can give a listen by clicking the play button below or download the full mp3 for easy listening elsewhere.

****Additionally, stay tuned into CelticsHub at 2pm today, where we will have our annual trade deadline chat right here at the Hub and give you instant analysis for any move the Celtics make and don’t make.

  • hax

    Report: Kevin Love told management that he plans to sign elsewhere in 2015. Wowwwwwwwwww.

    • YouSerious?

      Something about Love bugs me. He has the numbers, and he can space the floor, but he doesn’t seem to take too much blame for losing when he’s the best player. Maybe its because he’s a not-so-great defender, but he seems to not have as much impact as he should with the numbers he puts up. Also, do you really want a guy who would tell a franchise that he’s quitting on them, DURING the season?

  • emg



    • dslack

      Love it!

  • tbunny

    Is there a point at which the media stops hyping Rondo trades? They’ve been hyping trades for what, 3-4 years? Is it just the prominence of the Celtics or something?

    Oh, yeah the Rockets covet Rondo but don’t want to give up any assets. That sounds real serious.