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Celtics Make No Moves At Trade Deadline

imgresFor the past few years, we had always seen a trade or two from Danny Ainge around the trade deadline. That changes this year though, as we’ve made it through the deadline with no reported moves taking place by the team.

Brandon Bass, Kris Humphries, Jeff Green, Rajon Rondo, they will all be Celtics for at least the remainder of the regular season. The frontcourt logjam that Ainge made at the start of the season is still very much in place as well.

CH’s Take: It’s fair to say that this entire deadline around the league was underwhelming. With no first round picks changing hands at the deadline, it was an indication that the market out there was pretty weak for even veteran players like Brandon Bass or Kris Humphries that could help a contender now. The Celtics didn’t HAVE to do anything and weren’t going to do anything just for the sake of doing it and they proved it today by not getting decent offers it appears to move guys.

While it would have been nice to open up some more minutes in the frontcourt for guys like Kelly Olynyk and potentially Vitor Faverani, Brad Stevens should be able to navigate those problems without an issue. The focus turns now to the impending offseason and NBA Draft. The Celtics will have a boatload of assets then with draft picks, trade exceptions and tradable pieces on the roster.

With other teams have lots more flexibility then in terms of wheeling and dealing, expect to see plenty of more action then. For now, you can re-live the CelticsHub trade deadline chat where we answered plenty of questions about the Celtics future with myself and Tom Westerholm.


  • hax

    There doesn’t seem to be a good reason to do nothing. We can probably fight our way to the 9th seed, get two cruddy picks in the draft and…back to square one.

  • Robert

    Hmm, I was hoping for at least a salary dump…

  • GN

    Should have done something. Get ready for five more years of suck fest

  • Ben

    Sure the Celtics didn’t HAVE to do something for the sake of doing something, but why not at least try to move some of the salaries on the books. The Sixers managed to work their way into 3 deadline deals picking up 5 2nd picks in the process and shedding a couple guys off their books. Meanwhile, we are paying Brandon Bass $6M a year for another year and a half, Jeff Green $9M a year for another 2.5 years, and several other mediocre players who don’t have a spot in our future. (not to mention Gerald Wallace, and Joel Anthony, ugh!)

    I’m happy we kept Rondo, but the Green signing has turned out to be a terrible deal, especially considering he was coming off heart surgery, and has not proven that he can be a #1 or even a #2 option for a team. He would be a perfect match as a supporting player for a contending team like Houston who already has established stars, as a guy who can score off the bench and/or run with the 1st unit when necessary, but he has been and will continue to be a waste of money here unless he really takes a big leap in terms of skills next season. Due to the 4 aforementioned bloated contracts, this means that regardless of what pick the Celtics land, and how good a rookie is that they select next year, the Celtics probably have at least 2 more years of losing and/or mediocrity before brighter horizons. Let’s hope Rondo comes back 100% next year and that we can make some offseason deals and/or buy out some of these schlubs!

  • hax

    Pacers get Turner and Allen for the struggling Granger. Wowwww.

    • Jimmy

      yup i wish we could of dumped salary and a 2nd rounder for him rond turner green sully would have been sexy

      • Ben

        And now it looks more and more likely we won’t be getting a 1st rounder in exchange for the Jamal Crawford / Joel Anthony deal since it’s protected, and the 76ers are definitely tanking for the long haul.

        • hax

          I think Wiggins or Parker along with an improved Carter-Williams and Noel as a good defensive center could make the playoffs in the weak east. They still have wroten, young, etc. as well.

          The sad part is they’ll out-tank us this year and we may not get Wiggins or Parker, which is the prize of any true rebuilding team. We’ll probably stuck with the ‘please give us an all star, here’s some picks’ strategy like we did with Garnett/Allen.