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Trade Rumor Notebook: Rockets Pursuing Rajon Rondo? Celtics Interested In Gordon Hayward?

Rajon-Rondo-Annual-Salary-and-His-Net-WorthThe trade rumors involving the Boston Celtics on both the selling and buying front are coming in fast so let’s cut right to the chase here.

First off, we’ll start off with the latest from  ESPN’s Marc Stein and what he’s been hearing on the Rondo front in regards to asking price and what the Knicks can offer Boston:

New York can offer to take bad contracts off Boston’s hands, which would have to appeal to Celtics front-office chief Danny Ainge, but the Knicks lack the shiny draft picks or top-flight youngsters Ainge is presumed to also covet. 

One source close to the situation told ESPN.com this week that Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck — who has long preferred to keep Rondo in Boston even though he’ll be an unrestricted free agent in less than 18 months — is insisting that Ainge set a high trade price for the All-Star point guard. 

The thinking goes something like this: If the Celts could score first-round picks in the respective transactions that sent coach Doc Rivers to the Clippers and packaged Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to the Nets, you can imagine what sort of haul Ainge’s bosses believe Rondo could bring. 

The Knicks are also not the only team that are still interested in Rondo, as the Rockets may be another team in the mix

This latest report (h/t: CelticsBlog) comes from FoxSports.com’s Sam Amico  who is reporting that Rockets and Celtics have talked about a deal. He didn’t report any more specifics on those talks, but sources are telling him that the Rockets think they can get Rondo.

Our own Michael Pina had a Celtics-Rockets swap as a potential deal for Rondo this morning on CelticsHub so be sure to check out that one clicking here

Ryan Wolstat of The Toronto Sun also has more on the Raptors’ interest in Rondo:

Everyone likely wants to know more about Toronto’s interest in Rondo, which I first reported earlier this week. No change there. The Raptors still love Rondo and think he’s one of the NBA’s elite players, but he still won’t come cheaply and the odds of a deal getting ironed out by Thursday aren’t high. Perhaps in the off-season things could get revisited, though Toronto won’t have quite as many assets up for grabs then as would be the case if Kyle Lowry was flipped now for assets that would go to Boston in a Lowry deal.

Finally A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE.com  reported Tuesday afternoon that the Celtics have interest in Utah small forward and former Butler player Gordon Hayward:

It would appear the one thing that might nudge Utah towards giving serious thought to dealing Hayward, would be if the Celtics were willing to part with at least one of their stockpiled first-round picks.

But two league sources, both having had recent conversations with the Celtics, told CSNNE.com on Tuesday that Boston is “very reluctant” to part with any of their first-round picks in facilitating a deal.

At this stage nothing appears evident, but keep it on CelticsHub in the coming hours for the latest on any potential moves the Celtics could make.

  • KBA

    Why not send the Pilly pick (which will likely become two second rounders) to Utah for Hayward. Perhaps Bogans contract to match salaries?

    • hax

      Green & that pick for Hayward & Rush 😀

  • Robert

    I understand the C’s fascination with Hayward from a history standpoint (the whole Butler connection)…but purely from a basketball standpoint, it’s get a little hazier for me. Could he be the 3rd best player on a championship contender? Because that’s how I view Rondo.

    Anybody have any insights on Hayward’s game?

    • hax

      Well Rondo was the best player on a contender 2 years ago when LeBron needed a miracle game just to stop the Celtics from making the finals. 😉

      I watched him earlier in the season vs. the celtics. He can pull up any time and hit the shot. Here’s a short highlight video.

  • ElRoz

    I think that I, and most of people – pardon my assumption – do not have the knowledge and insight to evaluate if a certain deal helps or hurts. I am keeping an eye on these, as all of here, but it’s difficult to really understand the various angles and benefits.

  • jpbl1976

    Well, all this Rondo-to-Rockets talk is from Marc Stein, who basically works for Morey, based on what went down when the Lee/Bass-Asik trade was still a thing. I hate that guy; I don’t know why ESPN bothers having him along. He always comes off as arrogant to me, despite not having any reason to be arrogant (i.e. he doesn’t have any notable skills under than a willingness to serve as the NBA’s mouthpiece).

  • BeanMan

    We could trade Green, Bass and a 2015 (OR 2016) first-round pick for Hayward and Jefferson assuming Hayward would immediately sign an extension with us.

    Then we could trade Rondo and a 2015 (OR 2016) first-round pick for Kevin Love.

    Then we tank hardcore the rest of the season, putting us in the best position possible to land Wiggins or Parker.

    We could potentially come out of draft day with The Big Three Part Three starring a 25 year old Kevin Love, 19 year old Andrew Wiggins (or 19 year old Jabari Parker), and 23 year old Gordon Hayward with a supporting cast of 23 year old Avery Bradley (assuming we re-sign him), 22 year old Jared Sullinger, and 23 year old Kelly Olynyk. Those are six quality young players to build around if you ask me, and let’s not forget we’d have another 2014 first-round pick and two first-round picks in 2015 and/or 2016 even after the above trades.

    The above two trades work on ESPN’s NBA Trade Machine. They are win-wins for the Celtics, Jazz and Timberwolves, so they could happen. As for the intentionally tanking, I think it is clear that we’ve been doing that the past couple of months. We cannot make the playoffs, so why not tank as hard as possible the rest of the year if it’s going to lead to a AAA prospect like Wiggins or Parker joining our squad?

    Letting go of Rondo is worth it if it means obtaining Love. It clearly closes the book on the last era, too, and makes this Brad Stevens’ team, not Stevens and Rondo’s team…