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Boston Celtics Trade Rumors 2014: Rockets Don’t Want To Give Up Chandler Parsons For Rajon Rondo

In Brian’s notebook earlier today, he mentioned that the Rockets are one of the many teams interested in Rajon Rondo as the trade deadline approaches, but like the other suitors, Houston doesn’t appear to have enough assets to get a deal done in part because the Rockets don’t want to surrender one key asset: Small forward Chandler Parsons.

Here’s ESPN’s Marc Stein:

Sources told ESPN.com that talks between the teams have not progressed to a serious stage because the sides can’t agree on the framework of a trade.

One main stumbling block, sources said, is Boston’s desire to acquire blossoming Houston swingman Chandler Parsons in a potential Rondo deal. Sources say the Rockets have informed the Celtics that they are not prepared to surrender Parsons as part of a Rondo package.

Parsons, drafted in the second round by Houston in 2011, is having a career year, putting up 17 points per game on 50 percent shooting from the field, 40 percent from 3-point range. He’s extremely cheap, efficient, productive, athletic and (most importantly) improving, so it’s understandable that the Rockets wouldn’t want to surrender him. 

It’s unclear, however, whether Houston has anything close to enough apart from Parsons to get a deal done with Boston. A deal based around Lin + picks for Rondo isn’t likely to tempt Ainge, especially considering the low-quality picks a Rondo/Harden/Parsons/Howard juggernaut would likely generate. Terrence Jones is a young talent contributing at a high level for Houston, but he would further clog Boston’s already crowded power forward position.

Once again, like every other reported Rondo deal, the Celtics hold all the chips. There’s no point handing away Rondo in any trade that doesn’t blow the Celtics away, and after Billy King mortgaged the Nets’ entire future for an aging Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, blowing Ainge away is going to be pretty difficult, especially since Daryl Morey isn’t likely to offer up anything dumb. If the Rockets hold steady on Parsons, don’t expect to see Rondo in Houston any time soon.

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  • hax

    I don’t think Houston is the way to go, either way.

    Jeff Green is averaging just less than Parsons in PPG.
    He is on a team that doesn’t set him up well usually, and nobody on the team is a ‘break down the defense’ threat. Outside of Rondo who isn’t 100% yet. Green has to earn those points piece by piece.

    Howard draws the double team, Harden blows by his guy forcing defensive help.
    Kick it to Chandler for a wide open 3. If you watch the Rockets, most of his shots are wide open. Green hits contested fadeaways and has to do all kinds of moves ust to get a little space. Kind of hard to play when the other team’s whole defensive strategy is ‘don’t let Green go off’.

    • hax

      Meaning I don’t think he’d be more than a catch-and-shoot guy here. At a pivotal SF spot that requires superstar scoring, ehhh, not worth getting him instead of good picks.

  • phil

    but he’s younger than green, he’s as say in the artilce, still improving, and his low contract would help to open cap space to sign other big names.
    then they would be able to trade green, for picks, or some good rotational player, to Cleveland, foi waiter maybe, i dont know … just wondering.
    but i like this trade, i love rondo, but i dont see him as celtic forever, and he doesnt fit very well on the celtics offensive style, who moves the ball a lot, and he’s the opposite of that, holding to the ball a lot.

    • KBA

      I’d have to disagree… I do like Rondo a lot and I don’t he necessarily needs to hold the ball a lot. In his short span this season, we have seen him play off the ball a bit and shoot.

      I would blame his ball dominating habits over the last few years on Doc. He was not very creative on offense and it was the same few plays every possession, most of which basically depended on Rondo’s creativity reacting to the defense, some screens, etc. I think in Brad Stevens more fluid philosophy, Rondo may handle the ball a little less and I don’t actually mind him pounding the ball too much (most of the time) because he actually does make things happen more often than not.

      I am not too familiar with Hayward or Parsons. One guy I think we should target is Pekovich in Minnesota. I don’t know his contract details but he’s a great guy down low, great rebounded and finisher. He is a legit big man and already plays with Love 2.0 so he should blend perfectly with Love 2.0 aka Sullinger. I think we should keep Rondo, draft well and focus on trading for a legit center, it’s about time. Big question marks around Bradley await…

      • Phil

        i agree with you, but i dont know if those habits are gonna change …
        i agree that he is holding less, and that good things happens when is with the ball in his hands …
        but our offense on previous years was too slow and not very creative because of that too …
        i really like him, and hope that he can fit on our future.
        but i dont know if that gonna happen, nobody knows actually.

  • hax

    Marcus Thornton = biggest trade of this year’s trade deadline.

    …would be so sad.

  • High Rollers

    Captain’s already at 18-10-5 for the evening and keeping the C’s in it against Phoenix.

    • High Rollers

      Hit the wall a bit after that seems like. Pretty big minutes tonight.