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Rajon Rondo Trade Rumor Notebook: The “LOL Knicks” Edition

In one of the slower trade deadlines of the past few years, Rajon Rondo’s name keeps cropping up because, well, who honestly cares one way or the other if Will Bynum gets dealt?

Part of the reason his name keeps coming up is because one particular high-profile team won’t stop asking about him.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 11.12.36 AMAs SB Nation’s Seth Rosenthal puts it: “These are the Knicks. They have little to offer, they know you’re going to say no, but they get frustrated and desperate and just keep trying.”

To be fair, the Knicks aren’t completely without assets. Tim Hardaway Jr. looks like a nice young prospect, and a rare example of the Knicks drafting wisely. Iman Shumpert might be decent with a change of scenery. But neither player is the kind of talent Boston is searching for in a deal for Rondo, and the Knicks have absolutely no tradable draft picks to sweeten the pot. Danny Ainge is going to have to block James Dolan’s number pretty soon.

“Very little chance” Rondo is moved?

Sean Deveney of Sporting News reports that the chances Rondo gets dealt at the deadline are slim at best. He reports a higher asking price than we previously heard.

From Deveney’s report:

Sources told Sporting News this week that there is very little chance the Celtics find a deal involving Rondo this year.

“It really is the same thing, teams call about him but the Celtics want him and he wants to be the leader of that team,” one source said. “It has always been his intention to establish himself in that role, to be part of the rebuilding and to stay in Boston for a long time. Nothing has changed.”


Teams hoping to take advantage of Rondo’s down numbers, though, have found themselves disappointed — the Celtics’ asking price for Rondo remains high. Boston would require a package that includes multiple first-round draft picks plus a young player with All-Star potential.

Phrasing is important, and notice that reports are talking about Boston’s “asking price” or what the Celtics would “require” in exchange for Rondo. You aren’t really seeing reports saying the Celtics have offered him to anyone. That’s an important distinction, especially since Danny Ainge told media recently that Rondo was going nowhere.

Regardless, this is probably the most encouraging anonymously sourced quote one can imagine. “The Celtics want” Rondo, and it’s his intention to “stay in Boston for a long time.” Rondo’s a tough guy to read, but if this source has it right, Celtics fans who want Rondo to stay through the rebuilding period can take some pretty significant comfort here.

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  • Ray

    In general, I’m fine with it going either way with Rondo. I don’t think he’s “best player on a championship team” material, and really it is most important to obtain that type of player.

    That’s not to say Boston should give him away or that his presence couldn’t be used to lure that caliber of player to Boston (because I do think he is good enough to be the second-best player on a championship team).

    So Ainge should keep the price high. Since Danny is valuing Rondo as if he has proven himself after the injury and the rest of the league is not (with the possible exception of the Knicks), it appears very likely Rondo is staying at least until the summer.

  • hax



    Hardaway Jr.
    2015 Knicks 1st round pick
    2017 Knicks 1st round pick
    2018 Knicks 1st round pick

    • hax

      This is just to show that the Knicks -can- please us. Whether they’d be willing to do so or not.
      Rondo-Bradley-Shumpert-Anthony-Chandler = 3 great defenders for Mike Woodson to work with, along with a superstar and the best passer in the game. No reason that roster can’t push forward into the play-offs.

      Celtics would be left with their future starting SG & PF(Hardaway and Sullinger), loads of draft picks to fill in the rest of those slots. And cap space galore in 2015.

      • Anonymous

        The Knicks can’t trade their 2015 or 2017 picks. The first pick that they can trade is 2018.

        They don’t have the assets to do much.

        • hax

          ahhhhhhh you’re right.
          Pretty bad rule there.

          Rondo-Wallace for Stoudemire-Hardaway, 2018 and 2020 would be the edited oversion. With many 2nd round picks being thrown in. :p

  • Rich

    They should pretty much tack “LOL” onto the official name of the New York basketball club. At least that’d comply with truth in advertising laws.

  • hax

    Hayward-to-Celtics rumors popping up as well but looks like the Jazz are valuing him as their own Rondo(at least a 1st rounder & more)

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