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Boston Celtics Trade Rumors 2014: Rajon Rondo Is Available For A Steep Price

If you are on this site, chances are you are pretty accustomed to Rajon Rondo trade rumors, so we won’t beat you over the head with them here. That said, they are surfacing once again, so here is the latest chatter from around the internet.

First, the cost: According to Sam Smith of Bulls.com, the asking price is two unprotected first-rounders, but that seems to be at least somewhat flexible, depending on what else the team is willing to give up.

The first concrete rumor (which may be an oxymoron) comes from the Toronto Sun’s Ryan Wolstat: The Raptors are one of the teams rumored to be interested in Rondo. Presumably, Kyle Lowry would be involved in the deal, although whether he would go to Boston or not is unclear (the Raptors could, for instance, offer their own 2014 pick and the pick of another team who would receive Lowry).

If Lowry ended up in Boston, one would hope that his current hot stretch has more to do with a combination of maturation and skill progression than it does his upcoming free agency. Presumably, the Celtics would also like some kind of assurance that Lowry wouldn’t bolt in that free agency — losing Rondo for nothing would be a bad look for Danny Ainge.

Apparently, one potential trade has already been shot down, and it’s an iteration of a trade proposal we saw earlier this season. Via Marc Spears’ power rankings:

Source said Kings and C’s discussed a deal involving Isaiah Thomas, Ben McLemore and a pick for Rajon Rondo, but Rondo wasn’t interested in re-signing with Sacramento and the Kings strongly value McLemore.

It’s interesting that the Kings don’t value McLemore enough to keep him out of this deal, especially since the pick isn’t specified. Sacramento’s 2014 first-rounder unprotected plus Isaiah Thomas would likely be more than enough to make this deal happen on Boston’s end, which probably means the pick was a future one. It’s pretty obvious why this fell apart as well — Rondo wouldn’t want to commit to Sacramento long-term until he could see some semblance of a winning structure, and the Kings wouldn’t want to mortgage two of their three promising young players in exchange for a 28-year old coming off knee surgery.

There also appears to be a Rondo to the Rockets rumor floating around the internet, but for the life of me I can’t find the original source. Between the lack of sourcing and Houston’s lack of attractive assets (does Asik/Lin/a mid-20s draft pick sound at ALL appealing?), you can probably drown that one in salt, rather than taking the proverbial grain.

Only 38 more hours to go.

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  • James Patrick

    Anything mentioned for Rondo in this post is ridiculous. Rondo isn’t worth anything less than a couple of unprotected first round draft picks. And that’s sure a nice way to get the future started.. by trading your captain. lol

    • James Patrick

      unprotected from a bottom 10 team that is!

  • Jimmy

    only deal id take from toronto would be rondo and wallace for lowry ross salmons and hayes…..we’d shed wallaces contract and get terrance ross which is real nice

    • check12check

      pretty dang sure Rondo isn’t moving because Danny may listen to offers, but nothing sounds acceptable to him outside of OKC offering up Durant AND Westbrook (slight exaggeration), and Wallace isn’t going anywhere because noooooooooobody else wants to deal with that contact.

  • D Willis

    Thomas, McLemore and two Kings 1st rounders is probably the closest to filling the criteria

    • hax

      I give props to the Kings for giving a very solid offer.

      Knicks/other gms would be like ‘stoudemire for Rondo and humphries!’

  • hax

    “Rondo wouldn’t re-sign with Sacramento.” ….so they actually went to Rondo and asked? Wow.

    The problem with the league’s GM’s for the last 2-3 years is they only do deals if they’re ripping someone off, or the rare and random desperation move(Bargnani to Knicks).
    After LeBron bolted Cleveland, everyone was scared that their thug all-star would leave, and they’d make a blockbuster trade.

    2 unprotected picks and a young player for a Top 5 PG shouldn’t be as ‘omg untouchable rondo’ as it’s being seen as in the media. If a team gets Rondo, they can improve drastically and those picks suddenly aren’t lottery picks.

    GMs these days would rather let their team sit and rot, failing to do their job of becoming a contender, just because they aren’t getting a rip-off deal. Step your game up and give us 1st rounders for Green, you jerks.