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Breaking Down Celtics’ Trade Candidates and Potential Future Free Agency Plans

imgresWith just over a week until the trade deadline hits, it’s the calm before the storm as the Celtics prepare to head out for the All-Star break after tonight’s contest against the Spurs.

Sean Deveney of The Sporting News, who came out with a report on Brandon Bass earlier this week, joined Adam Jones on 98.5 The Sports Hub last night in Boston to discuss what Danny Ainge’s plan may be at the deadline and particularly in free agency down the road, as the Celtics could take on another contract this deadline, as long as it expires at the right time.

While the draft picks are key to Danny Ainge’s rebuilding process, so is freeing up cap space. Deveney said Ainge may be open to taking on a bad contact, as long as the money comes off the books before the summer of 2015, when big names like LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin Love are set to hit the free agent market.

“For them, it’s more about length than it is size. They don’t want anything that goes after 2015; they’re very focused on that 2015 free agent class. There should be some good players, and that’s when they’d have to re-up with Rondo should both sides choose to do that,” said Deveney. “That summer is when they expect to complete this turnaround and sign a big free agent, keep Rondo and with whoever they get in the draft this year, they should be in pretty good position to put those pieces together in the summer of 2015.”

Additionally, I joined Johnston and Flynn on 98.5 The Sports Hub earlier this week, where I broke down the recent play of Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk, as well as which players were most likely to be dealt in the coming days. You can listen to the full podcast or download the mp3 below.

  • hax

    I don’t really think we’d be contenders for all those pretty boys in 2015 who’d cry that Boston is too cold. That’s why they can’t win now, too soft.

    Why not look at our team being good for next season?
    Trade: Asik
    Free Agency: Hayward
    Draft: Parker


    • KBA

      I don’t think Rondo-Hayward-Parker-Sullinger-Asik can bring us #18. We would need at least one more established talent in their prime along with Rondo to have a chance. Someone like Aldridge/Marc Gasol/Hibbert would be ideal. We need two perennial all star caliber players along with Rondo and a few good supporting pieces to have a shot. KD and LBJ (along with CP3, D12, Indiana, etc) are going to be around for a while…

  • Ping

    Seems to be a lot of people calling for Gordon Hayward. Not sure he’s a wise investment. Much like there’s hardly a guarantee we get Parker, let alone a top 3 pick, there’s a slim shot the Celtics draw in Hayward. He’s having an okay season, scoring 16 per game at a PER slightly above average, but his shooting is way down and his defense is well documented as lacking. All that accounted for, he’s a RFA. Utah is rebuilding with him in mind, so Boston would have to severely overpay to avoid a Utah match. Do the C’s want to commit long term for Hayward at big money?

    I know everyone likes to make their own fantasy lineups and play GM, but we can’t count on anything just yet. Have to be realistic in our expectations. Sully isn’t Kevin Love, Bass isn’t netting a 2014 lotto pick, and Jeff Green is the same old Jeff Green.

  • Jimmy

    Id trade green, bass, and bradley to det for Monroe, villanueva, and stuckey. Id give them a draft pick or 2 if necessary too for them taking all that money back but id love a sully monroe front court for the future plus we shed bass/green contracts and dont have to pay bradley 8 mil at least. Then we draft wiggins or parker or rodney hood if we fall way down in the lottery then we hit free agency to fill in gaps. Maybe even trade for deon waiters if we can to play the 2.

    • Jimmy

      plus det i feel would take that trade easily with a line up of Jennings bradley green smith drummond

    • hax

      Throw in Bogans as well, so we get a little bit more cap space instantly and get rid of him. :)

  • geo

    i foresee a tank situation a la golden state milwaukee monta ellis for injured bogut from two years ago thing happening with green/bass for al horford.

    • KBA

      I don’t see why Atlanta does it…

      • hax

        I agree they won’t give up Horford for that.

        That said, I think it’s safe to say Danny Ferry has no plan for the Hawks and in general is a top 5 worst gm in the league. He got out of a couple bad contracts, only to sign more bad contracts. Even worse, the new contracts aren’t good players that give you a consistent dark horse contendership like Smith/Johnson gave them.

        He was dreadful in Cleveland as well bringing in long contracts of average guys.

        • Ping

          One of the worst five GMs in the league? Putting together a .500 ATL team without Al Horford isn’t that bad, is it?

          Is Ferry worse than the clowns that run Milwaukee, New York, Detroit, Cleveland, or Charlotte? Ferry joined Atlanta in 2012 and since then, what terrible contracts has he given out?

          Horford’s injury isn’t on Ferry, and even if he was healthy $12 million per is a deal. The only questionable deal is Teague’s, but ATL matching Milwaukee’s offer was sensible at the time. Teague had just come off a very promising 2012-13 season.

          As far as I can tell, Ferry unloaded what may be the most unmanageable contract in basketball (Joe Johnson’s hilarious 6-year, $120 million deal that only gets worse in time) and let the overrated Josh Smith sign elsewhere for a laughable 4/54.

          Horford’s affordable. Teague’s affordable. Ferry has two picks in the ’14 draft. Seems like a better plan than throwing away big money on a team that never went anywhere.

          • hax

            The goal isn’t to get to .500 though, it’s to get a ring.
            He has a knack for going after average and above average guys, and thinking that’s enough.

            He let go of Smith and Johnson, betting everything on a Paul/Howard free agency, neither of them even glances that way.

            He needs a jackpot draft to save him from ‘jeff teague is our go to clutch guy’

  • Ping

    Sounds a little familiar, a team with no true superstar betting on the draft…

    Atlanta is more of a destination than Boston, if you follow all the hackneyed weather/nightlife reasons that writers like to use. The Hawks are building toward something, much like 25 other franchises. They have Horford in place, signed the All-Star Paul Millsap to an incredibly friendly contract, and picks going forward.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have no love for Atlanta. I hated those JJ/Smith/Zaza teams more than the Heat, but let’s not get extreme.