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Lowe: Celtics Could Consider Trade for Dion Waiters, Other Buy-Low Pieces?

dionZach Lowe was a former writer for us here at CelticsHub and now does fantastic work at Grantland.com covering the entire league. His column this morning was particular jam-packed with NBA trade tidbits and is worth the read all alone. However, his article also included this interesting observation about the type of players the Celtics may be looking to add at this trade deadline, such as buy-low guys on rookie deals like second-year guard Dion Waiters. Here’s Lowe at Grantland.

David Griffin has replaced Chris Grant as the Cavs’ GM, and the other 29 teams are calling to take Griffin’s temperature. The Cavs are likely still committed to chasing a playoff spot this season, but they sacrificed some valuable assets to acquire Luol Deng. If the Cavs think Deng is likely to bolt in free agency this summer, they have to be very careful sending out more future assets to bolster the current roster.

Dion Waiters falls at the intersection of all this. Warts and all, the guy has obvious NBA skills, and smart “buy low” talent evaluators recognize that. Boston has kicked around almost every intriguing “buy low” piece in the league, especially guys on rookie deals. The Celtics have an appetite for low-cost risk on high-upside talent, even talent with “attitude” issues, but Waiters might be too far down the road for Boston at this point. But if the Cavs can find a decent future first-rounder for Waiters, they have to think about it.

CH’s Take: Before this blows up into a huge trade rumor, let’s be clear here about what Lowe is saying. The Celtics want to bring in some buy-low guys on rookie deals, and Waiters is a guy that would potentially fit the bill for them. The possibility though brings plenty of intrigue, as the Celtics certainly have several players that could help the Cavs now in a potential playoff run (Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, Kris Humphries) all come to mind.

The Cavs would be unwilling to do a deal for Waiters in all likelihood for any of those guys alone, however if the Celtics were willing to add a future 1st round pick to the deal (likely in a future draft from Nets or Clippers) it would be an interesting proposition for the C’s to take a flier on a players like Waiters.

Waiters’ career has been largely a disappointment thus far, marred by off-the-court attitude issues and inefficiency on the floor. However, it’s fair to note that the entire Cleveland organization has been a mess during his tenure thus far. A more structured atmosphere in Boston with a headier coach in Brad Stevens (to say the least) could do wonders for a young player with lottery talent like Waiters. He’s under contract for at least the next two seasons as well on his rookie deal (salaries of 4 million and 5 million upcoming), so it wouldn’t be a big-time investment.

Will it happen? Like Lowe said, “Waiters may be too far down the road” at this point for Boston, which may mean the attitude issues might be too much for them overcome. The consideration of players like Waiters though for the Celtics gives you a better indication of what kind of guys they are looking for as they explore the trade market. The C’s will be selling, but they will also be trying to buy low and buy young as well. Stay tuned.

  • hax
    • hax

      With the 2015 clippers 1st rounder going to Cleveland, and that potential 76’ers 1st rounder going to Utah.

    • KBA

      Don’t like that trade… Green, Bass and Bradley are all valuable and 3 subpar guys isn’t a good return.

      How about the possibility of getting Westbrook for Bradley/Bass/Green/Hump (any combo) and whoever else Thunder want and a couple of first rounders. We can play him at shooting guard alongside Rondo. I think that’s a worthwhile experiment if Thunder are willing to do it. Westbrook is a legit star, great scorer and a top 10 player. With him, Rondo, Sully and hopefully a decent center, we have a nice core going and Green can be a decent fifth option. Then sign Pierce in the off season and I think we can take on the Heat/Pacers as long as we get a decent center. I was high on Asik before but would rather get a Monroe or Varejao type instead.

      • Vince

        I don’t think the Thunder are parting with Westbrook without getting Rondo (and more) back. And if Rondo and Westbrook shared the backcourt, when would the other 3 guys on the court ever touch the ball?

        • KBA

          If Rondo and Westbrook shared the court, no one else would need to touch the ball, which is great. They can be surrounded with catch and shoot shooters and big guys who can finish at the rim. It would be a lethal backcourt on offense.

          I agree OKC would likely want Rondo. In that (not as preffered) scenario, I think Westbrook is a better building block than Rondo and one of the few deals I would consider for Rondo. I also think Rondo is a better fit alongside Durant so in that case it’ll be a win win. We would have to include more than just Rondo to get OKC interested, and I think 1-2 guys plus 1 first rounder is reasonable given Westbrook’s age and contract length.

          • hax

            Westbrook is probably ‘untouchable’ from the Thunder’s perspective, unless they were doing something like Perkins-Ibaka-Westbrook for Jordan-Griffin-Paul, and that won’t happen.

      • Frank A

        You’re making no sense. The celtics are selling , getting rid of the guys that were suppose to help the big three. Westbrook Rondo back court is silly.

      • Rob H.

        That trade is very intriguing because it will surely help our tanking strategy and our chances at Jabari and Embiid which both fill a need for our future. Although jabari and dion wouldn’t be able to function together. It also opens up 20 MILLION in cap space after this season, add that to the Humphries contract and we essentially have a clean slate. If Waiters doesn’t prove to be a good option at shooting guard then we replace him after his contract is up. Avery isn’t worth the 8 million or so we would have to give him to stay and if everything works out we end up with Rondo-Waiters-Gordon Hayward(Ideal fit)-Sullinger-Embiid.

  • matt

    Celtics should try and go after larry sanders or javale mcgeeeeeee!!

  • hax

    Joel Anthony has a player option to stay next season for 3.8 million.
    But if Danny says ‘look we have other plans, so……….gtfo’ would he really opt-in just to make more money instead of going to get playtime/contending?

    • asdf

      There is NO WAY he opts out

    • Frank A

      Absolutely no way he opts out.

      • hax

        He’s already made $20+ million over his career. Will he really sit on the bench to collect and extra million with Boston instead of signing for playing time and/or a contender?

        It’s not like Rudy Gay where he is young and can opt into 19 million.

  • Jimmy

    I wonder if since they wanna get rid of deng since theres no way hes resigning if we could do a deng waiters for green a future 1st rounder and a fill in

  • tbunny

    So Boston sports media (not this site obviously) is just now discovering that the Celtics are taking calls about Bass, Green etc. WHAT A SURPRISE! It’s not like we haven’t been talking about this for, I don’t know, several months?

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