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By The Numbers: The Return of Rajon Rondo


Rajon Rondo’s first eight games of the 2013-14 season have been interesting to watch for many reasons. First, it was great to see that it only took five contests for him to play 30 minutes. Then, just one week later, he began his newest double-digit assist streak. Oh no! Not that again – don’t worry about it. I am not going deep into that streak, except for the part that the next time Rondo plays, he will be in search of three consecutive games of at least 10 assists for the first time since December 2012.

In addition, with just two more assists, the eight-year veteran will become just the sixth Celtic to reach the 4,000-assist mark. When he gets to that milestone, he will be exactly 100 dimes away from tying Bill Russell for the fourth-most in franchise history. Next up on the list is another Celtics legend: Paul Pierce (4,305).

Coincidentally, the Celtics have been victorious in the two games in which Rondo has hit double figures in assists this season. The first of those two wins came on Super Bowl Sunday in the C’s seven-point win over the Magic. Sunday was a fantastic day for Rondo: not only did he establish new season-highs in points, assists and steals, but he also accomplished something for the first time in his career. See what it is after the jump…

http://celticshub.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/bso-rajon-rondo-has-no-friends.jpgOn Sunday, Rondo attempted at least four shots from inside the arc and did not miss a single one. He had never done that before in green. Moreover, if you take out his 3-point miss with 21 seconds remaining in that contest, he would have gone 9-of-10 from the field, which would have been his career-best field-goal percentage in a game (minimum three attempts).

However, the four-time all-star is turning the ball over at a high clip this season. Wednesday marked his seventh consecutive game with at least three turnovers, which marks one of the longest streaks of his career. I understand he is playing his first games in a long time and is acclimating himself with a new team, but this trend is something to keep an eye on as Rondo is on pace to have a new career-high in turnover rate this season.

What makes Celtics fans happy though is that his usage and rebounding percentages are also looking like they will be his best as an NBA player. That could mean more triple-doubles in the near future, but I am not sure it will mean more green victories. Including the playoffs, the Celtics have lost four of the last six games in which Rondo has triple-doubled after going 21-1 in the first 22 games of that kind.

It remains to be seen how Rondo’s season will unfold, as there seems to be unlimited possibilities. With the Celtics gearing up for the final few months of the season, Rondo and his teammates will get some nice rest after playing three games in the next four days. I am hoping that Rondo remains a Celtic for at least the near future, especially because his value is still not even close to where it could be. There are many captivating Rondo storylines as we continue through this roller-coaster season, so let us enjoy the ride.

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  • hax

    Danny Ainge said “Green isn’t the guy to carry us every single night, and we don’t have that guy.”

    I translated that Ainglish into English and got this.
    “Trading Jeff Green, using his skills to get rid of Wallace as well. Na na na na. na na na na. hey hey hey. goodbye. Might get a 2nd round pick too!”

  • TRonald70

    Rondo would actually be the 6th Celtic at 4000+ assists, not the 5th.

    1. Bob Cousy 6945
    2. John Havlicek 6114
    3. Larry Bird 5695
    4. Paul Pierce 4305
    5. Bill Russell 4100
    6. Rajon Rondo 3998

  • hydrofluoric

    “Including the playoffs, the Celtics have lost four of the last six games in which Rondo has triple-doubled after going 21-1 in the first 22 games of that kind.”

    We shouldn’t worry too much about this statistic. Getting a triple double means that you dominated most of the game. If you’re the team’s 3rd or 4th best player (Rondo’s earlier triple doubles), dominating the game means your team won. If you’re the team’s offensive engine already, that production is great but probably just means that you ran into a super tough team that required your superstar to elevate his game. No guarantee of victory there.

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