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Rajon-Rondo-Annual-Salary-and-His-Net-WorthRajon Rondo is still sore and unsure if he will play Sunday night against the Dallas Mavericks. The point guard missed last night’s win against the Kings due to general soreness. He held court with the media before practice this afternoon and was unsure whether he would practice today or when he’d return for game action.

“I’m fine, just a little sore. It’s been a while since I played. So, little sore, nothing major. The knee is fine,” Rondo said of his recent absence.

Rondo said his knee feels the same as it did a couple days ago after the game against Philadelphia, but the point guard remained non-committal about whether he will play on Sunday against Dallas.

“I don’t know yet. Talk to my doctors and teammates…see how it goes,” Rondo said.

Brad Stevens said a decision would be made on both Rondo and Avery Bradley’s status sometime tomorrow afternoon before the team shootaround.

Rondo also reflected a bit on his team’s recent play in the midst of the three-game winning streak. 

On Sullinger: “Yeah, he’s playing well. The hard thing in this league is to be consistent. And right now he’s been very consistent for us. It’s not easy what he’s doing.”

On starting February strong: “I think it’s good for us mentally and physically. We’ll get a couple days off to rest. That’s not only big for me, but our entire team, mentally and physically. To get a couple wins this month, it’s big for our team, confidence-wise and camaraderie.”

On the team’s recent winning streak: “We’re playing for one another. But at the end of the day, we’re getting stops. We went on a great run yesterday, I think it was a 19-2 run and it’s not about putting the ball in the hole, it’s about getting stops and we did that for one another the last couple games.”

On the team’s recent defensive improvement: “The main reason is making the next play for one another. Cracking back defensively, I think our communication has gotten a lot better in the past couple weeks. That’s big for our team, just communicating. Guys off the ball, or shrinking the floor, boxing out bigs, and guards are helping out on the glass. Gerald did  a great job yesterday as well rebounding the ball. Sully’s been playing well. And it’s just been a team collective effort.”

We’ll have the latest on Rondo as gametime approaches tomorrow night here at the Hub.

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Brian Robb

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  • Berdj Joseph Rassam

    There’s an awful lot of momentum to trade Rondo and get as much as they can for him.

    • hax

      Equally a lot of momentum in keeping him and saying ‘rondo-sully…2 down, 3 to go.’
      Besides, look at our next ‘pg’ if we did lose rondo.
      Marcus Smart.
      He pushed a fan last night…

    • The Cardinal

      Trading Rondo might – and I stress the word “might” – bring back someone comparable at another position, but then what do you do to fill the hole created by trading him? When healthy, Rondo is easily a top 10 PG and during any given stretch, a top 3 -7.

      Could a trade bring back a top 10 or higher player at another position? Um, doubtful. Could a trade bring back 2 top 30 or higher players? Again, doubtful because Rondo’s contract is such a bargain for the Celtics.

      I’m sure that hypothetically, there might be a deal involving Rondo that would interest Danny but realistically? I dunno – especially when you factor in the more-than-reasonable salary of Rondo, which makes it easier to build a competitive squad with him as the center piece while remaining under the tax threshold.

      Think about it – a veteran, 4 times (I believe, but I could be off) All Star player at less than $15 million/year is almost unheard of. Factor in that he’s a point guard, which is arguably the hardest position to excel at in today’s NBA, and I just don’t see where trading him provides any advantage to a team that wants to rebuild and become competitive as fast as possible.

      • hax

        There’s really not that many PG’s in the league the Celtics would even consider to swap for Rondo. The draft, eh, maybe, but they’d take 5+ years to get anywhere near current Rondo.

        There’s also the last 5 PG champions. Chalmers x2, Kidd, Fisher x2. All of them outside the Top 15 PG in the league at the time of winning. Maybe PG is an overrated position.