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Rajon Rondo On His Potential Free Agency: It Intrigues Me

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston CelticsWith news reports surrounding Rajon Rondo’s future with the Celtics appearing in the last few days, first from Danny Ainge on 98.5 The Sports Hub and then via Chris Broussard on ESPN Insider- had this report yesterday:

Though he is not looking to get out of Boston, Rajon Rondo was quick to kill talk of an extension when recently approached by Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge. It didn’t even get to the numbers stage. Rondo is looking forward to becoming an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career in the summer of 2015. It’s not that he’s dead set on leaving Boston, but he wants to keep his options open in terms of both winning and money. Ainge has to decide whether he wants to gamble on the possibility of re-signing Rondo or trade him around the 2014 draft or before next season’s trade deadline.

So what was Rajon Rondo’s response to the report today at practice? His response was telling:

Upon being asked about the report, Rondo responded with a blunt “Already?” to the question about his contract, but saying he had no response to the report.

Things got more interesting from there in the Q-and-A.

Reporter: Is free agency something that intrigues you?

Rondo: “It is.”

Reporter: Something you’ve thought about?

Rondo: “I haven’t thought about it. I’ve just thought about getting my leg as strong as possible, continue to shake off the rust this year and come back even better next.”

What about free agency intrigues you?

“It’s kind of like, I would say, maybe college recruiting. I’m pretty sure a lot more goes into it in the NBA. A lot more money is spent. I’ve heard stories, guys getting called right at midnight. It’s something that I haven’t experienced. I may want to go through it. I haven’t thought about it at all.”

Rondo exploring free agency makes plenty of sense for him. He won’t be signing an extension (barring another major injury) this year or next year, since he’d be costing himself additional money in a deal. The recruiting element though does add another layer of intrigue. Just like Danny Ainge is trying to re-tool this roster now for the future, Rondo is watching to see if he likes the weapons that may be playing alongside him for the rest of his career.

If another team makes a strong play for him though, and the Celtics have another tough season next year, watch out.

  • hax

    I don’t think we can let it wait until Free Agency. Like Perkins, offer him a contract in January 2015 and trade him if he rejects it.

  • grant

    It will be best for him to focus his thoughts on how to return to being a productive basketball player.

  • cos

    Its brussard doing and saying brussard type of things. Just wait, every third article or opportunity to speak until Rondo signs and extension (or gets traded (I hope not)) will be something about rondo and free agency.

    Thats all brussard does. mention players and free agency and trade rumors. I sometimes think he just makes up trade scenarios on the spot and throughs it out with a “sources say.”

    Also, sometimes it feels like he’s instigating players to move, dropping subtle remarks that sit in a players head. think back to all the stuff he said and reported a year before melo was traded. from a year out up until melo got traded it seemed like brussards comments were egging him to leave and/or were words straight from some other owners mouth.

    He really is bad news for any basketball fans health. don’t pay attention to a word he says and hope for the best on rondo.

    • hax

      He gets a lot of stories correct as well.

      • CelticsBIG3

        No he doesn’t, Chris Broussard is a feckin hack with a lazy eye.

      • KOD

        Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    • Al

      I totally agree- typically when Broussard reports something I just assume the opposite will happen.

  • abramstanker

    Rondo isnt worth overpaying…look at him right now. I know he’s not 100% or whatever but the Celtics really suck when he’s on the court. Rondo will be obsolete in a couple of seasons. Dude cant score worth a damn….he’s a competent ball handler and facilitator those really arent that hard to find. I mean Pressey is a damn good point guard as well in the NBA you just need someone to run the set to begin the offense other than that its in the hands of the scorers. pass on Rondo

  • hax

    Got a question. Can we offer him a 5 year deal in january 2015, or does it have to wait until his contract is up?

  • emg

    Normally Rondo shoots above average. True, he will never be the main scorer and he’s not heavily guarded when he shoots but this grandland article at least shows the facts.