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Woof Buzz, Your Basketball Team: Knicks 114, Celtics 88


Remember back in December when everything was nice, and the Celtics drop-kicked the Knicks with a massive 114-73 win? Those were good times.

Apparently, Carmelo Anthony remembered that game too. Here’s Melo on ESPN New York

“That game left a bitter taste in my mouth and everybody’s mouth,” Carmelo Anthony said. “It was unacceptable, that game. We remember that.”

Well, good work Carmelo. You got them back. It was like beating your 5-year-old at 1-on-1 after he accidentally beat you at H-O-R-S-E, but you did it. Well done, sir.

The Knicks decimated the Celtics 114-88, holding the Celtics to 39 percent shooting from the field and just 37 first half points before putting it on neutral in the second half and cruising the rest of the way. Celtics fans can take solace in the fact that their December beatdown was 15 points more advanced…but somehow, I doubt that will make many people feel much better.

There’s not a lot to smile about and a lot to grimace at, so let’s commence the wincing: Rajon Rondo’s jumper looked broken (he was 3-for-13), Jeff Green was 4-f0r-13 (although he did grab seven rebounds!), Jared Sullinger was invisible in 19 minutes with the exception of three offensive rebounds, and Carmelo Anthony dropped 24 points on 15 shots in 28 minutes.

The smiles: Chris Johnson was 4-for-7 and finished with 12 points (GIVE HIM THE MAX), Kris Humphries did a few things and Kelly Olynyk pulled down seven rebounds. Phil Pressey had some nice moments, but an unremarkable game.

The Knicks are better, and the Celtics are bad (or, possibly, tanking…it’s hard to tell at this point). Use this recap as a sounding board if you wish, but I’m not wasting any more words — at least not tonight — on that game.

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  • tbunny

    I started to feel bad for the Celtics. Look, the season is lost, several guys are probably going to get traded. In those circumstances, I think it’s really hard for a team to put any sort of consistent effort it. I felt bad for Stevens cause it’s like what can he do.

    But then I felt better when I realized that if the Knicks weren’t a garbage team they would have easily won this game by 50 points. But since they are garbage, they could only eke out a 26 point win.

  • Lewis

    Was at the game… It’s not just that they tried hard and played bad, the Cs were completely flat from the tip. No energy, no hustle, barely running back up the court, no box outs, no defensive rotations. Completely lifeless. Stevens seemed disengaged too. I guess this is good in the long run, but awful to watch.

  • CelticsBIG3


    Took me a second to get the title, lol

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